Kevin Federline’s sperm has struck again

Here’s a surprise twist, guess who turned out to be the pregnant one in Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince’s relationship. (Hint: Don’t go by stomachs.) Via Celebuzz:

Prince has been accompanying Kevin as he follows ex-wife Britney Spears all over the globe on her recent tour. Apparently, the couple had a pregnancy false alarm earlier this year, but this time things are serious!
A source says, “The test was positive. She told Kevin that she was pregnant, but he didn’t seem happy to hear the news.

Wasn’t happy about the news? Jesus. He know he’s Kevin Federline, right? By now he should realize any relationship he enters into is inevitably going to end in pregnancy. Whether it be romantic or getting a membership card at Blockbuster.

BRITNEY: How did this happen?
KEVIN: I dunno! I mean, I didn’t let her eat Cheetos like I did with you. I just ejaculated directly into her vagina a lot while she wasn’t using birth control. It just doesn’t make any sense…
BRITNEY: That is weird, y’all. Like one of them miracles or something.
KEVIN: Seriously.

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