Kevin Federline’s new girlfriend has money problems (Dear Irony, I love you.)

January 7th, 2009 // 134 Comments

Kevin Feder – holy shit! Ladies and gentleman, I’ve solved the mystery of where Kevin’s children from Shar Jackson went. Moving on. Kevin’s new girlfriend Victoria Prince apparently has some money problems and could be looking to get her hands on some sweet Britney money. TMZ reports:

Sources tell TMZ Victoria Prince was booted from her Beverly Hills home back in September after she allegedly didn’t pay rent for six months. We’re told she struck a deal with her landlord to pay him back in installments, but she never made any of the payments.
Now, the landlord is suing Prince for $7500, but there’s a catch — nobody knows where to find her!
We’re told her landlord tried to serve her where she works, but security wouldn’t let the process server in.

Look, I’m not about to insinuate this Victoria person is planning to use her vagina as an ATM by pumping out some K-Babies. However, I did see her install a security camera and one of those trash cans for receipts, so make of that what you will.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Jammy

    Based on the getup I thought it was a 12 year old wigger.

  2. Jackme Sideways

    Where are all of the Kevin FATerline jokes?

  3. Érico Calixto

    That’s one fat motherfucker.

  4. K-Fed's Volleyball Goddess

    Whoa, K-Fed is the old Mickey Rourke!

    That girl is grade A prime choice, though.

    I would love to bounce that around.

  5. ambidextrous handjob

    #64/73 The only thing more pathetic than a conspiracy theorist on a gossip website bitching about that site’s publishing gossip instead of 9/11 “inside job” posts is someone who praises their own idiotic conspiracy posts. Do you really think we don’t know Knee Ya Ha Ha is you, Binky (aka Frank from whatever the fuck floor it is?) The only way you can get attention is to bump your own stupid shit – pretty lame.
    Your ravings aren’t even borderline coherent and they sure as fuck aren’t funny. Take your meds like a good boy and fuck off out of here. Now YOU deal with that.

  6. lp

    can you, i don’t know, maybe get news outside of tmz for a while because this is all old and boring and you’re slacking, champ.

  7. Boonie

    Why is that pig wearing a K-Fed mask?

  8. Ted from Binkyville

    Binky would kick your ass. As would Frank and Knee Ha Ha.

  9. Cancerous Lesion

    I thought smoking made you skinny?

  10. feces

    Hey ambidextrous handjob, if someone writes something you don’t like, just ignore it. It’s really that easy darlin’. As for me, I understand where the man is coming from. We as a nation were warned years ago about what had been going down. And it’s going down alright, waaaaay the fuck down.

    But hey, just because the minority of elite ruling fucks decide what the rest of the world’s population will do and not do and who gets invaded for lying reasons and who gets to live and die certainly doesn’t imply a conspiracy now does it?

    Of course 911 wasn’t bullshit. You saw how our Pres. lept into action the second he was told we were under attack! HUH? He just sat there reading a book to little kids? REALLY????!!!!!!!!!

    Never mind.

  11. Stiles

    So is he hiding all that Britney divorce money under his shirt?

  12. ambidextrous handob

    #110 Babe, Bush being an incompetant blithering idiot is something entirely different – Binky is actually convinced that the same admin that couldn’t get out of its own way and was completely blind to all warnings, an admin that cherrypicked intell and depended on its “inside” info from a man who hadn’t been in Iraq since about 1957 (look up Chalabi if you have free time) is also capable of masterminding an inside job on 9/11. “My Pet Goat” will definitely be in the Bush Library, next to 3 books Dubya hadn’t finished coloring yet and the Halliburton ATM card that was used to loot the US Treasury.

    Binky needs to find a good conspiracy site, list it as a favorite and go there – not bump his own shit and then bitch here about topics on a site that’s created specifically for them – Ova Fed’s ass being large enough to have its own zip code was pretty fuckin’ funny, but I guess his only topic of conversation couldn’t compete, so he’s complaining about it and wanting attention. He’s tiresome and he’s become a one-note symphony. I just pity his coworkers – assuming he gets out of mum’s basement long enough to even hold down some sort of job

  13. gigi

    damn…. so sad… and he looks so uncomfortable… also it’s very weird that his head is still kinda the same size compared to the new huge body, maybe it’ll catch up… I can’t even laugh… it’s just sad

  14. gnipgnop

    That fat fuckin pelican must rest his huge belly on her head while she frantically tries to gorp his shrunken knob all the while not being able to breathe cause his fat sac is suffocating her.

  15. Jenna

    Kevin looks fucking pregnant in that picture.

  16. washington

    Wigga needs to hire his lazy ass a trainer. DAYYMN.

  17. Trixie

    OMG he is fat, fat, fat. Haha.

  18. Micky Mc


  19. boxofwine

    Hey SW, The Sirius XM radio show, Opie and Anthony, gave a shout out to this post today on air. you are the shiiiiiizzzzzzzzzz nit.

  20. Harl

    His increasing size is almost fascinating, in a morbid sort of way. How big will he be next week? I guess we’ll find out…

  21. Narcissist

    K-Fat could get his own special on The Learning Channel. “Half-Ton Talentless Gold-Digging Bastard Making Machine”.

    Well, then again he’s with her and she can’t pay rent, although that might be because no one else will talk to him.

  22. Jake

    He needs to quit dressing like a negro and act like a White man. Have some dignity.

  23. DAYUM

    ..and to think.

    He actually joked about Britney being a “Fat Ass”.

    Kevin “Porky-Pig” Federline needs to layoff the IN & OUT Drive Thru..and HIT the Gym.

    He gives new meaning to the words..Fat Slob.

  24. Reyce

    I bet Brit just looks at this shit and laughs. Seriously, could kevin get ANY FATTER!? hahaha

  25. margaret

    he’s whitetrash who looks like he’s just rolled out of a trailerpark or a dairy queen. are you sure that chick is not david beckham with a blonde wig?

  26. Dorian

    Come on Folks!


    Kevin-well-fed – Federline should never have to work another day in his fat life.

  27. How in the hell does the guy continue to get attractive women?

  28. Erica

    Wow!!! K-fed sure has packed on the Lbs. What happened?

  29. Erica

    Wow!!! K-fed sure has packed on the Lbs. What happened?

  30. Crakka

    Shaved Head…….CHECK

    Any day now he will be caught DUI with a kid on his lap while screwing some pap and drinking a latte.

  31. eek!

    Wow he looks like a mattress.

  32. Jessica

    Is that a pink lighter?

  33. Federline is a tank. Look at his size. Sure he still does not fit in his Ferrari. Britney’s uterus before the raid and now he ‘is eating Pez chasers ….. Snickers with a waste of air. Typical, White Trash American, tub of shit, the consumer. I wish that some draino or down a car battery acid will eat. A favor …… All

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