Kevin Federline’s Nationwide Insurance commercial

January 29th, 2007 // 109 Comments

Kevin Federline’s Nationwide Insurance commercial has been released and it’s actually pretty good. Not the rapping. Oh, no, not the rapping. But the commercial itself made me chuckle, and you gotta give K-Fed props for being able to laugh at himself. It’s gotta be a pretty nice break from his usual sobbing. Plus I like how they spliced in footage from his documentary at the end.

Thanks to everybody who sent this in.


  1. pat

    kfed is now barely perceptibly less maximally loserish than brit.

  2. i liked it!!!! he looks so yummy lol

  3. Tracy

    He’s laughing, but I bet he doesn’t get the joke.

  4. i liked it!!!! he looks so yummy lol

  5. Chantelle83

    fourth bitches

  6. Chantelle83


  7. oops i meant uhh….kefed is H-O-T ?????

    when he doesnt regularly look like white trash…which is one day in a billion

  8. AreYouSerious?!?!

    Wow… I think I’m in love…

  9. If anything, I think that makes me NOT want to by Nationwide Insurance…everyone hates that guy, wtf are those morons thinking?

  10. PrettyBaby

    Actually he IS kind of hot here. And you know he’s got that giant cock…

  11. @#10- By giant cock I sincerely hope you mean that he is, in fact, a walking cock.

  12. does he really have a huge penis??

    hahaha so sexy.

  13. pookiedoo

    Is he smart enough to work in the fast-food service? Well, at least they kept it somewhat realistic by not putting him on the register, although it would have been funny to see him take his shoes off to count past ten.

  14. Pretty classy, at least compared to anything his ex has been doing lately…

  15. who cares, hes sexy and a bit of an asshole…<3

  16. pookiedoo

    @14… AnyTHING, or anyone???

  17. bigponie

    that fast food restaurant should add “dick in a box” in there menu, it’s gonna happen whether they like it or not.

  18. sexybitch

    He’s the perfect guy for some hot filthy self-hating sex, where ATM is just foreplay. The girls know what I’m talking about.

  19. pookiedoo

    I can see that. “Hi, can I get a large dick in a box with special sauce?”

  20. GwenRyan

    “Pookiedoo” take note: your not funny, just innoying, and only a idiot would comment on the same thread three times before the first twenty opsts. in short, get a life

  21. BarbadoSlim

    He’s a class act, Clitney lost the best man she was ever gonna have…

  22. Based on all the women’s comments here…….he’s weaving his magic again.

    He wants maximum TV exposure so he can lure another women to fill with his seed.

    And you’re all falling for it. No wonder women are the dumber sex.

  23. Check out KFEDS rock a bit clearer…

  24. MissDior17

    K-fed is just.. k-fed to me.

  25. whitegold

    K-Fed’s a loser. But don’t for one second think he’s able to laugh at himself. He’s laughing cuz suckers keep giving him more and more money. He didn’t deserve to live the high life off BS’s money and he doesn’t deserve to be getting paid more money for this commercial. The guys a bum with no real talent other than being able to identify a sucker and take advantage of the situation (actually, I guess that is a pretty useful talent).

  26. As much as I think the guy is an idiot, that’s a damn good commercial. And if I were him, I would continue to have that sense of humor. I would go far.

  27. …well, further than I would as a SERIOUS Kevin Federline.

  28. bigponie

    Nationwide Insurance is gonna go backrupt, it’s never a good sign when you’ve got a convicted gold digger as a spokesperson.

  29. combustion8

    funny stuff… I lol’d.

  30. ToiletDuck

    Yeah he’s cute all right…in a douchebaggy sort of way…

  31. combustion8

    he looks right at home flipping those fries.

  32. leewhee

    15 minutes of fame extended to 16. Inflation, I guess.

  33. PrettyBaby

    #22 you sound bitter – micropene syndrome, maybe? Hell, I’d suck KFed’s big dick a bunch of times. But every time, right before he cums, I’d pull my head off, just to piss him off. I think that was what they were getting at when Lucy kept pulling the football away right when Charlie Brown was going to kick it. No wonder men are the dumber sex.

  34. Italian Stallion

    Manager: “Federline!! Put down some fries!”

    K-Fag: “What?”

    Manager: “NO, you stupid blonkie, I didn’t say eat them I said put them in the fryer!!”

    K-Fag: “What? Yo, what’s a fryer?”

    Manager: “Nevermind fucktard, I’ll do it myself, where’s the black angus in between two white buns I asked you for 5 minutes ago?”

    K-Fag: “Yo, I can get the 2 white buns, but I’m not actually black, I pretend.”

    Manager: “I’m talking about the sandwich special, you fucking idiot.”

    K-Fag: “What?”

  35. tinbird_01

    Oh geezers kids. I met him at a club in ATL not too long ago, and I must say he is a wanker at best. He is entirely short (maybe 5’7 on a good day) – I’m 5’8 and I was towering it seemed. He is nice in his defense, but he was surrounded by 30-40 yr old guys and at least two of them had mullets. He is not the “sexy thang” you all think. I have pictures if you are so inclined to see them.

  36. CourtneyJade

    hahaha, well i don’t think he’s hot or desirable (ok, #18, maybe in the self-hating dirty sex way) but i do think it’s cool that he understands that the only way for him to continue to live in the public eye is to make fun of himself. he knows he’a a joke!

    and BS has fallen completely off. he seems to be the slightly cleaner one of those two now.

  37. Jim Treacher

    The timing on that last “What?” is perfect, so I assume they fixed it in the editing room.

  38. sexybitch

    #36 CourtneyJade, that wasn’t me, trolls abound on this thread. That “joke” is still gonna have a very short shelf life…

  39. I would say that he’s cool for making fun of himself except that he did it for the $$$.

    And at this point, K-Fed would sell his left lung for $75, then immediately run to the nearest Check Cashing store, wheezing and holding the open hole in his chest cavity.

  40. Depraved22

    I liked it. I also like him better than that skanky ex-wife of his.

  41. wedgeone

    #10 and 33: PB – Please tell me that you’re being trolled, and that you aren’t attracted to K-Earl & his wife-beater tanks. Otherwise, I’ve lost all respect for you, and have to put you into the same category as Britney. Remember, K-Earl CAN get you pregnant through your esophagus. He’s learned how. Either that or you’re up for a Strawberry Shortcake.

    #20 – GwenRyan, take note:
    - only an idiot would post to this site using their name.
    - only an idiot would call someone else an idiot, misusing the grammar that is taught in grade school: “your not funny” should be “you’re”, “innoying” should be “annoying”, and “opsts” – OK, that’s a typo. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt there.
    In short, get an edumacation you “annoying” slab of turtle shit. You and DamYell must sit together during lunch period or something like that. You both post the same way.

  42. kickservebt

    Is K-fed secretly posting on here as PrettyBaby?

  43. shitty personality aside, and gold digging aside.

    he looks super cute in the video. and the fact that he was making fun of himself is so awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    <3 yay for kevin!

  44. and #41, i’m just attracted to him in this video only. we all know hes a real prick and a douchebag as far as personality goes. the difference between me and britney is that i woudlnt get pregnant by this trailer trash.

  45. lol@super cute. if you only could get a look at my taint – ruggedly handsome

  46. willers

    at least he appears to have a sense of humor about himself

  47. eastcoastgirl

    Hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing.

  48. dk

    dude, this is actually pretty funny! i think i’m starting to like k-fed more than britney! *gasp*

  49. thesarahficial

    i laughed…i cried. this is the only reason k-fed should be allowed on tv-to show the world that they can prevent becoming a waste of a human, like him. bravo.

    on another note: are you all on crack? what’s with all these kids saying he’s “hot” and such…..where’d this come from? has the world gone mad!?!?!!!

  50. im twenty…no kid here

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