Kevin Federline’s girlfriend slowly becoming ‘Mommy that doesn’t try to eat us’

January 21st, 2009 // 28 Comments

Kevin Federline’s new girlfriend Victoria Prince has been spending some quality time with Jayden James and, get the fuck out, Sean? Didn’t see that coming. TMZ reports:

K-Fed and his new girlfriend, Victoria Prince, took Sean Preston and Jayden James out for lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Fresno this weekend — where Prince played the role of interim mom.

It’s always a delicate high-wire act when getting to know your significant other’s kids. Except in this case where Victoria could sell one of them on eBay and still look like Mary Poppins. Not that that’s an invitation to light Sean on fire, but he’ll probably politely thank you for the first bit of warmth since he was in the womb. (Read: Britney tried to put a grease fire out with her belly.)


  1. Beep beep


  2. mat damon


  3. Sheva


  4. Ouisa

    Who would date him? GROSS!

  5. That’s the biggest ball she’ll ever tough again.

  6. Max Planck

    Bowling and cigarettes, I didn’t know they had that much class.

  7. Confused

    She resembles a pretty girl. He resembles the Pillsbury dough boy. I knew he was once a dancer but he don’t have that body anymore. Is he really that interesting to talk too? This relationship is stranger than Spencer and Heidi (closet lesbian and homosexual teaming together to make it in a straight world).

  8. Delgo

    He gains weight in funny places.

  9. testing

    Why does everybody always use both names for those kids Sean Preston and Jayden James….is it a white trash thing? why dont ppl just say Sean and Jayden?

  10. p0nk

    @7 Some women like the money. Crazy, i know.

  11. flabergast

    Why did they name their kid ‘Jayden James’? You know thats a Hot Ass pornstar chick right?

    oh right.. this is federline… that explains it….
    and damn he got Fat! I mean he was a douche before… but being a fat douche, isn’t that worse?

  12. robertb59

    K-Fed? More like K-Fat or K-Overfed.

  13. the big kahuna


  14. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on K-Food’s obese penis and swallows his lazy spermatozoa

  15. Do FreeBird

    She’s a hot looking young babe, she likes to bowl, and there’s no doubt she’s gives killer head.

    I’d nail her

  16. g0d

    George W. Bush & Dick Cheney
    J-Lo & M. Antony
    FedWell and Ms. Prince

    Looks like I was right all along; douchebags and shitstains come in pairs.

    Next, the above mentioned douchebags and shitstains will start hanging out together.

    PS – #14 above is a shitstain too and they all prove that I’m not perfect after all.

  17. satan

    #16 you’re right

    barack obooga and his skank wife are the new shitstains dirtying up the white house

  18. Sport

    She looks cute, and fairly normal? I dont get it.

  19. I guess she never saw him naked.
    I’m convinced!!

  20. Insatiable Peter

    Damn, that was some funny shit. About time.

  21. K-Phatterloin

    This’ll show Britney…I’ll become McPhatass.

  22. comment

    Regarding the New K-Fed Blow Job Giver – this model should perform better and exhibit less bat shit craziness than BS but since K-Phat acquired all that new real estate in his gut, I’m wondering how she can find his penis under that great big fatty roll and how she can stand the fat guy music that plays constantly while she’s giving him head?

  23. mamamiasweepeaches

    I’d call her a “star fucker” but…well…you know…he doesn’t actually DO anything.

    How come his black kids never get to go anywhere???

  24. purplemonkeydishwasher

    Were does this fool shop at, the surplus store. OMG! K-chub are those the new dickies shorts. With his big ass moomoo shirt, looking like a tree. Go Home!!!

  25. Jamie Lynn

    There’s no dispute or controversy about it; K-fed is the stupidest thing Britney ever did. There’s a long list of stupid stunts, but this punk-ass leech is at the top of the list.

    “How come his black kids never get to go anywhere???”

    Because their mother doesn’t pay him spousal support, enabling him to lay around and get fat. Plus, their skin color is inconsistent with his agenda.

    K-fed is a well fed, well kept, golddigging, shitstain, douchebag wigger.

  26. OK look we’ve got put a stop to this. I mean look at her. She’s hot. Blonde hair, nice tight ass, breathing. Good enough to me.

    Kevin Federline is a menace. Look at Britney before K-Fed; look at Britney after K-Fed.

    Your Honor, the prosecution rests.

  27. ehehehe

    Exactly what #27 said.

  28. It's a hot looking young baby, he loves a dish, and no doubt it sucks murderer.

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