Kevin Federline’s girlfriend slowly becoming ‘Mommy that doesn’t try to eat us’

Kevin Federline’s new girlfriend Victoria Prince has been spending some quality time with Jayden James and, get the fuck out, Sean? Didn’t see that coming. TMZ reports:

K-Fed and his new girlfriend, Victoria Prince, took Sean Preston and Jayden James out for lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Fresno this weekend — where Prince played the role of interim mom.

It’s always a delicate high-wire act when getting to know your significant other’s kids. Except in this case where Victoria could sell one of them on eBay and still look like Mary Poppins. Not that that’s an invitation to light Sean on fire, but he’ll probably politely thank you for the first bit of warmth since he was in the womb. (Read: Britney tried to put a grease fire out with her belly.)