Kevin Federline’s girlfriend reveals the trouble with Britney

October 29th, 2007 // 85 Comments

Kevin Federline has remained quiet about the details of his divorce with Britney Spears. But he has opened up to his girlfriend Nicole Narain. Like a caring significant other Nicole shared the details of Kevin’s personal life with News of the World – along with a few glamour shots and the name of her agent. This is kind of a long one, but what do you have to do? Work? You make me laugh. Dig in:

On Britney’s mental state:
“Her mood swings are now so wild that I live in fear of getting a call telling me that she has killed herself. I can’t allow her to have custody because I seriously believe she could harm our sons. I’ve shared her life and I know she’s capable of anything with pills and a few drinks inside her.”

On Britney’s drinking:
“I’d see her walking around the house guzzling vodka and Coke and looking very tipsy. Then a few moments later, I saw her pick up Jayden and start breast-feeding him. That sent me up the wall. I yelled at her, ‘If you really wanna drink then make sure the baby gets bottled milk, not yours.’”

On what led to the divorce:
“I only found out when I heard it as a news item on the radio. I felt she was just trying to teach me a lesson for telling her off about the breast-feeding incident. But when I called she kicked off another row and screamed, ‘You’re nothing without me’.”

On Britney’s parenting:
“During the last few months I’d started picking her up on her parenting skills. She’d leave the kids near the pool unsupervised or drive around without belting them in. She always insisted what she was doing was right. There was no getting through to her.”

On Britney’s bi-curious pass at Nicole:
“I was doing my make-up and I could feel someone staring at me. It was Britney, in a green dress and looking a bit spaced-out. She looked at me in a provocative way… I thought she was hoping to get me closer to her. When I told Kevin he nodded and said, ‘Knowing her, she probably was’.”

I don’t think there’s anything Britney Spears could do at this point that would faze me. She could give her children a bath in a volcano, and I’d be like, yeah, so, kids get dirty. She was probably using Sean as a rag to wash the car. Granted, Jayden is younger and gives the BMW a nice shine, the little scamp was probably stuck in the pool filter – again. Ha, kids.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Joseph

    FIRST! Ha the first time I ever posted too.

    Fuck the bullhit


    yeah baby

  3. larry

    Damn it. I want to be first. My life will never be complete now.



  5. Riotboy

    Not surprised.

  6. veggi

    Who drinks vodka and coke? fucking amatures.

  7. hmm

    i could believe this, but i don’t trust this person either.

  8. hausfrau

    Top 10-OMG!!!!

  9. nicole who?

    i don’t believe britney breast fed!
    i don’t trust black chicks.

  10. Googolygoo

    #6 Vodka and Coke is called a Black Bitch, a midwestern and southern fave for folks with no class.
    Is this a British girlfriend/publication? Because I don’t see K-Fed using the word “row” or the phrase “belting them in”. especially without tossing a “yo” in here somewhere.

  11. Briana

    Stop posting about Britney Spears. Everyone knows she’s an ugly trainwreck, but it’s annoying seeing post after post of this stupid whore. I hate seeing her face, it makes me want to puke. She just keeps getting worse and worse, it’s not shocking anymore. The day this bitch is dead, now that is something worth posting.

  12. Joseph

    My life is complete now.

    This may be just alot of bullshit like I said in my FIRST post but no one is surprised if this hog wash is true.

    We all have problems. More than others. And on a larger stage.

    Who’s taking the bets on her life?

  13. Jimbo

    First baby

  14. MMB

    so true about me not working…i am so reading gossip sites all day…i love it…k-fed likes the dark meat tho, eh?

  15. veggi

    @10- well, thank you. Still, it sounds terrible. And I am a southerner with no taste even! But I prefer moonade. Moonshine and lemonade. yum!


    Kevin knew this shit when he married her ! GOLD DIGGING BITCH !

  17. mrs.t

    Dear Britney,

    You have expired. As a product, a parent, and a human being, you are out of date and rotten to the core.

    Move back to Louisiana where you can pund Black Bitches all the livelong day and smack your kids across the room iffin they sass you….wait, scratch that last part, the kids are a bit irrelevant at this late date.

    Hire your inbred, chromosome-lacking cousins to sit on the porch with shotguns to keep the paps at bay. And, speaking of paps, for god’s sake, wash your snatch.


    mrs. t

  18. In britney’s defense this is coming from a girl who tried to sell her sex tape with colin farrell when he was no longer relevant.. Top that off it takes place when he wasin that movie with ben affleck and had no hair.

    She is also dating kevin federline, a man with 4 kids and 2 moms and not 30 years old yet. She was a playboy playmate to top it off.

    Britney wanted a kid the “proper way” as in married and she married the first person who said she loved her ignore her personal life listen to her music.

  19. Nude pics of Kim K are here……………………

  20. ack

    i don’t get who was giving the interview–k-fed or the new gf? sometimes it seemed like both. unless the new girl really does consider the children “hers.” creepy.

  21. shallow

    she is horrible, most likely.
    if she lost 15 pounds it would make it easier for me to pretend everything bad that is said about her is a lie.

  22. Get Better Brit!

    I’m no Britney fan, and she has no one to blame but herself. But this Britney crap is not funny anymore, nor is it funny to comment on her spiral downwards. Enough already. It’s obvious even without this article that she will eventually kill herself. The poor thing needs help and there doesn’t seem to be anyone stepping up, nor will there be. How low does she have to go before she get’s a break from the public?

    How many of you superficial bastards will cheer the day she finally offs herself? I’ve been particularly bad on this site pillorying some celebs (especially the brown skinned ones), but I know when the karma police come knocking the day Brit finally does it, I won’t have to answer the door.

    Get better Brit, we’d all be worse off if you were dead- No joke.

    -A dude who watched you grow down (not up) in the 90′s

  23. breezy

    k-fed’s new chick is fugly

  24. veggi

    @17- Mrs. T: Hire your inbred, chromosome-lacking cousins to sit on the porch with shotguns to keep the paps at bay.

    ahahahaha!!!!! Ah, I love the south!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t leave this insane fucking crazy land EVER!

  25. Bubba the Kid

    May I remind you all that K-Fed is, in fact, a real genius. If any guy could work himself into K-Fed’s situation he would. I banged alot of chronically drunk ass trailer bait and cross bred ho’s and I loved every second of that crazy ass pussy; but to get payed consistently for it…. seemslike I am still paying for my play.

  26. veggi

    @22- “I’ve been particularly bad on this site pillorying some celebs (especially the brown skinned ones)”

    oh, you’re going to hell! hahaha! You think you are better??? ha! YOU LOSE dipshit!!!! racist fucktwat.

    Brit, you can come live with me….. we can drink our faces off!!

  27. Fred Durst

    Just out of curiousity, what would all your first reactions be if you heard that Britney had just killed herself?

  28. Duffy; the diseased slut-whore slayer

    #18. Sashathanks for sharing but nothing valid can EVER follow the words “in Britney’s defense” just ask her lawyer.

    Now I know all this stuff is true baceause it’s Britney and anything bad said about Britney is true because she’s just that worthless.

    As for Nicole Narrain and her taste in men or intelligence both of which she has abslolutely none of I still commend her for sharing her Britney stories because maybe someday someone will actually pay attention and give an honest fuck and take those kids away permanently instead of giving chance after chance to a braindead, crack whore, alchoholic Mom who clearly doesn’t even want to be a Mom in the first place.

    On a final note, my massive detectiving skill (using google) tells me that Kevin never really liked Briney cuz the boy clearly only enjoys dark chocolate and only pretends to like white chocolate.

  29. K-fed is a manipulative bitch who preyed on Britney like a weasel on a blind chicken, Come to Russia to meet your perfect caucasian bride.

  30. Britney lost her mind because I banged her in the pooper.

    Sleeping with me is a life-changing experience……and some chicks just can’t handle it.

  31. It's Britney Bitch

    I do not think Britney will commit suicide, on purpose. She may run off the side of a canyon while drinking her iced coffee though

  32. Harry

    Her album will go #1 and that will give her license to do whatever she damn well pleases for another 4 years. Its just how the world works, folks.

  33. schack

    she’s just a baby herself.

  34. Dick Richards

    Yes. More! I need more of Britney’s self-destruction to function. This sorrid fairy tale keeps getting better, and better, and better. I can’t wait for the ultimate mistake. I’m torn between wanting for the suicide, and needing her to continue fucking-up. I guess it’ll be bitter-sweet when she goes. Maybe her death with be really wicked or something. You know, maybe she’ll set herself on fire. Or kill a couple of her handlers, and then blow her goddamn brains out on live television. Then, then the end might not be so bad.

    Then again. Day upon day of more and more insane bullshit celebrity meltdown. People telling their Britney story in hopes of cashing in; or making a name of themself. Why can’t Britney kill herself, and continue to be America’s Number-one schizophrenic? Wait! Legacy! Yes.

  35. D. Richards

    I take it all back. I want Britney to live. I want her to become obsessed with plastic surgery. Fuck, that’ll be grand when it happens. I want Spears to become like that cat lady. Complete with whiskers. Oh, even better, I want spears to start taking testosterone and grow a beard. And a clit-dick. No, you’re right. Nothin’s better than the cat-leopard retard woman.

  36. Opal


    Ok, that was my comment for the day. Good night, folks.

  37. PunkA

    If true, she sounds pathetically desperate. Like insecure as hell, see my fake tits I look nice desperate. Too bad you can’t buy a brain in a bottle or at Dr. 90210′s place. I can just see Brit now sipping her brain and Coke. In a green dress. Staring at Playmates.

  38. Joseph

    @19 – Thank you. You made my day better.

  39. PunkA

    Isn’t Nicole Narain the chick that did a sex tape with Collin Ferrell, then tried to extort money from him to keep it quiet? Wow, looks like K-Fed found himself a gold digger. Imagine the chances that they found each other in LA.

  40. lola

    this b*tch should be minding her own business…that has nothing to do with her! She is f*cking the x husband and her place is not to run her big ass mouth about k-feds situation with his kids. Regardless if its true its still not her place. I hear jealously in her words anyway. Briney should bitch slap that beyotch in the face!!!!!

  41. pawelo

    she has drafts sorrow to face the facts

  42. nutmilk

    I like how Kevin suddenly uses british terms like “row” and “belted in”

  43. NoAnalWithBrit

    Porn Stars starve themselves before anal sex for at least a day. They also clean their poopers withan enema. That’s why you never see brown. Britney would never do either of those activities. Doing Brit in the poop chute will make you die before she dies. Just thought I’d mention that.

  44. Fuck Man

    man how come I can never meet a rich slut like Britney. I would love the money just as much as the sex !

  45. Dick Richards

    Look, #43. I applaud you for caring about the readers. I really do. You don’t want any of us to get all fecesed-up and that’s very thoughtful of you. That being said, what’s the point-of butt-sex without a little bit of shit? What’s a little shit between friends; or a rapist and the victim? Nothing. Perfectly natural. Ladies? It’s perfectly natural. Jesus was in to anal. No shit (pun). Big Jesus was a fucking anal freak. So was his mother. How do you think Mary remained a virgin? Right!

  46. D. Richards

    Look, Jesus was not a fag. He didn’t fuck the boys that fucked him. Jesus only took the load. He didn’t give. Difference.

    In the first part of Corinthinans it says that: “Jesus bent himself over his own work bench, to shed his light-anus on to the, male disciples. Jesus said, bring me your dong. ATM. I shall swallow thy load. Gulp.” And with that, Jesus winked his gaping pooper.

  47. normanbates

    My mommy was the same way and I turned out o.k.

  48. Soy

    & this is suppose to be shocking?

  49. PunkA

    I miss LiLo. When will she turn up again and totally go to hell? Or who will take her place. Fish needs to find new celebrity talent with issues for my entertainment purposes.

  50. Ript1&0

    Sigh… I’ve been reading about Brit and commenting for awhile, and now I feel the need to explain something to you guys (which I’m sure will fall on deaf ears, but what the hell). You see, I live in CA now, but I’m originally from Louisiana, so I understand Britney completely. And I want you to as well:

    Southerners DON’T GIVE A FUCK. About anything. She doesn’t care about what people think of her. Not one bit.

    Now, some would call this “trashy”, and perhaps you’re correct. But I’M not trashy and I still do what I please. I just make different choices than her. And I also don’t give a fuck. And I’m educated. And no one in my family has married their cousin. So go figure that one out.

    So…. the next time you find yourself asking “Why the boots?” “Why the drinking?” “Why the bad parenting?” Just remind yourself – She doesn’t give a fuck.

    I still don’t see what the problem is here… Let the girl get fucked up!! Damn!!

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