Kevin Federline’s ‘Father of the Year’ event attended by at least one hot chick

June 16th, 2008 // 43 Comments

Kevin Federline was dubbed “Father of the Year” yesterday at Club Prive in Las Vegas. Kevin reportedly showed up two hours late for the honor then requested the award ceremony be private so clubgoers couldn’t see it. (Having kids is nature’s own cockblock. Google it.) Us Magazine reports:

“I’m surprised,” Federline said when asked how it felt to win the title.
Federline, 30, hit up the club with a group of male pals — including divorce attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan — just before 1 a.m. Saturday morning.

Maxim model Tami Donaldson (above) also showed up for the festivities to provide the obligatory side boob: a staple of any good Fathers Day. Which is why every year I send my dad a stripper-gram. Sure, he’s got high blood pressure, and mom threatened to shoot the next one, but it’s one day out of the year when I can say “I love you, dad” the only way I know how. Is that so wrong? Or worth pressing charges?

UPDATE: I’m out of the will, and the stripper-gram company says I owe them a red-head before five. He got my letter! *sigh*

Photos: Splash News

  1. bill


  2. Fluffy Butt


  3. Ted from LA

    Fodder of the Year.

  4. Dave

    *violent whack off*

  5. Peter Griffin

    I want to glaze her face.

  6. Maxim Mantis

    The large-headed ones with the fake stingers in front always make me nervous.

  7. NY Ted

    Should that not have been…”Bum of the Year”…??? Hard to be a good father of any kids when you’ve never worked a day in your life…!!

  8. “Father of the year”? No way, now if he got an award for “Marrying a rich crazy bitch and now being paid a lot of money for just being a lucky douche bag” award – I’d believe it.

    Speaking of douche bags – #1 – you are it!

  9. sameshitdifferentyear

    This is the new currency.

    Hotties showing up to your event.

    If you can get 22-28 year old hot girls to show up to your event, you are worth money. Even if you are flat broke. It’s future money in the bank. People wonder why some useless entities still seems to be treated as ‘relevant’, that’s why.

    And this guy looks like more of a douche-bag than ever. The larger pictures really reveal a repugnant individual.

  10. veggi

    I’d do him. Supposedly he’s got a huge cock. That’s all I need to know…

  11. Randy

    If you believe this guy is father of the year my friend Donny Baker has a boat for sale with your name on it.

  12. Randal

    Late for the award?

    Well, Kevin was most likely required at home, being the Father of the Year to his children, which many will understand.

    Although Kevin has been in and out of the media spotlight, he still grabs attention from his parental skills and no one can doubt that. He’s been an above average Dad and is becoming a hot ticket once again.


  13. Sid

    Yeah really interesting story.

    So anyway, in the So Freaking Hot section, the rescaling of Kim’s picture isn’t particularly flattering. At a glance, yup, she’s SpongeKim SquareAss, like somebody said in that thread. I didn’t appreciate the overall proportions before, with the picture blown up and my pants down.

  14. I’d love to feel Kevin explode in my mouth as I slide a finger up his ass to put him over the top. Perhaps one of his darkies could bring a towel afterward, or maybe I’ll just lick the finger clean.

  15. What’s up with the new writer? Definitely not as funny as the real McCoy.

  16. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    She reminds me of that girl I went drinking and driving with. I never did get into her pants. The damn bridge got in the way. Or was it the river?

  17. That’s weird, Britney was in Vegas too, why didn’t he take her??

  18. Ted from LA

    If her chin were any weaker, she wouldn’t be able to put on a pillow case.

  19. Harvey Fierstein

    It’s true, she has a very weak chin.

    Pass the ‘glyde, Ted, sweetie…I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED, IS THAT SO WROOOOOONG?

  20. snarkymalarky

    She looks old and he’s father douche

  21. #10

    Bah…that’s what all you chicks say until you actually see it. Then you’re all like “I’m not putting that thing in me! I’ll never be the same!”

  22. Damn, she’s fine!

  23. I Stole This

    There’s only one “M” in Tami.

  24. Auntie Kryst

    @3 Well played sir.
    @12 Randal, almost jumped the shark on that one..

  25. Sport

    Nice Boss Hogg pinky ring.


  26. Harry Ballzack

    So freaking what !!
    Some asshat Vegas casino-hotel gives you their asshat of the year award
    That’s official …. Elmer Fudd is daddy of the year this year …. Vegas says so

  27. OMG

    Such a cuttie. His photos were seen at milllionaire persoanals site ******W e a l t h y R o m a n c e . c o m*****last week. It is said he is already in relationship with a young beautiful woman on that site now. ??????????????????????????????

  28. Dorito Man

    Just between you and me and the lightpost, he’s got asshole written all over him. Pinky ring, big earing…. merely punctuation for the asshole theme. Anyone who gets tangled up with this plonker deserves whatever he/she gets.


  29. wet newspaper

    # 28 – Don’t forget the wigger jeans hanging down to his ankles with 8 inches of visible underwear at the top. And the signature wifebeater. But you’re right – he’s a right plonker and no self-respecting woman would touch him with a wet newspaper. If the world were covered in piss and he lived up the only tree, I still wouldn’t go near him.

  30. Peanut Butter Kitchen

    She’s the spokes person for Black Velvet Whiskey.

  31. Ian Brooks

    alright another maxim model! so what do you tell your parents when your job is to look slutty and show up at shit? I mean like…say on a resume, what do you write? how do you explain it with a straight face?

  32. cookie monsta

    #29 with all respect, I would smash the fuck out of him with a wet newspaper if YOU don’t mind … I would REALLY like to know who the hell dreams up these awards, and do they decide the winner by the most unlikely candidate ???? father of the year?? even Brad Pitt is doin better than this guy …

  33. FACE

    Someone really needs to beat his ass

  34. Jack

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  35. Ok, which one of you crackpots is Randal? Is it the same one that’s Edna Brombeck? Or RichPort? Or Danielle? Or FRIST?

    I will vote K Fed here Fucker ofthe Year, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go.

  36. wet newspaper

    # 32… I think this award is the brainchild of either Tom Cruise or Tommy Lee. I guess Kevvie would be a marginally better father than either of those plonkers. I have a whole stack of rolled up wet newspapers in the garage…. Let’s Rock.

  37. Lou23

    She was dating Dave Navarro and was the Maxim Hometown hottie of the year. She’s about as smart as a stapler. I was at the event when she was announced and she couldn’t even recite her name in a sentence. Wow, she’s come a really long way. Next stop a drug addiction, rehab and a reality show.


  39. Paul

    She looks like a smokin’ hot version of Corky from Murphy Brown. Remember her? Corky was pretty hot. This chick, I don’t like her eyes, or fake smile, but the rest of her is hot. I’d just put a bag over her head, as usual.

  40. Tom

    Yeah, this chick is hot. I’d fuck her. But then again, who wouldn’t I fuck, really?

  41. Phil

    Hahaha, just saw the premiere of America’s Got Talent Season 3, great show by the way, and check out this Britney tranny that performed, she may look better than the real Britney, hahaha. good job getting out when you did Federline!

  42. I have started reading this book and love it so far! I just couldn’t wait for it to go in to paper back.

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