Kevin Federline’s credit cards are mostly worthless

December 8th, 2005 // 21 Comments

kevinfederlinepicture0tv2.jpgBritney Spears miscalculated two things. First, that she would be still be remotely attractive at the age of 24, and secondly that her lawyers would figure out a way to charge per ounce on the semen spilled due to her videos. Neither of these panned out. (I


  1. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    How is he going to live? He can’t even buy Cheeto’s and Beef Sticks… Where is he going to get Cigarettes? I feel so bad…

    I hear Mariah Carey’s looking…

  2. rivercmb

    He’s just going to have to be resourceful for once in his life and her sell things from around the house. They should start showing up on ebay in the next few days

  3. Georgia

    I used to think I hated Britney Spears, then she introduced K-Fed to the world. Both are using up valuable air every day they continue to exist.

    On another note, they prove that life is not fair. To have all of that money and still manage to live a life comparable to what is the norm in a trailer park is nothing less than amazing.

  4. pixel killya

    Kevin Federline’s credit cards are mostly worthless…Kevin Federline is mostly worthless…potato/potawto

  5. ebayfan414

    I heard that yesterday Kevin was a bad boy and Britney made him sit in the corner until he cried and said he was sorry.

  6. Juliette

    I bet Shar is loving this shit.

  7. Anu

    So where’s the baby in all this? Mommy and Daddy have definately forgotten about him in all their marital strife. Hope for his sake that Granny’s at least had the backbone to stand up for him.

  8. Swair

    *shock* *horror* *shock*

  9. Lynette Carrington

    Brit has cancelled K-Fed’s credit card? No. I think she’s just telling everyone that to cover up the fact that her greaseball hubby bled her dry of every last cent she has buying pot and lapdances. Don’t you just love a good trainwreck?

  10. alteaon

    I think it’s funny that one person can “re-group”, doesn’t a group comprise of more than one person…is there more to this, such as multiple personality disorder( sex crazed, snake wielding vixen/white trash baby makin’, bingo playin’, cheeze dust snortin’woman…you may have all the money in the world, but you can’t buy class…

    I thought she was doing okay, maybe growing up a little bit, but then K-Fed came along… I guess he came along and she got K-Fed up…soon he’ll be her K-Fed-Ex, shipping his ass out and grinning due to the prenup

  11. ~S.Starr~

    jesus christ people…stop making comments about shit you have absolutly no idea about.Make fun of Mariah and her drink holder…that you have proof of. But ya’ll don’t know shit about Britneys parenting skills…last time I checked none of you were living at her home…so stop talking shit about b/c it just makes you look ignorant. Make fun ofher moronic husband or her lack of singing talent…butlay off the shit you don’t know.

  12. Have they handed their baby over to the Kabalaists? Or what?

  13. BoredToTears

    What’s more worthless than his credit cards is him.

  14. sammygirl

    Geez S.Starr, take a chill pill. This is all in good fun. And give me a break. Britney is fair game. She’s the one who presents herself as a bad mother. You don’t see Jennifer Garner showing up at bars and clubs with the baby at home. So please.

  15. ~S.Starr~

    OMG she went to bar…you know…mothers are allowed to go out after having children. I am just getting sick of people making dumb comments about her as a mother. If you had children…or even an ounce of sympathy…you would know that the worse thing for a mother to be called is a bad parent.

    So make fun of something less personal. Leave her kid out of it…just because they are “celebrities” doesnt mean they should be up for public ridicule everyday.

    You said it yourself…this is all in good fun…I just don’t see how attacking her new born baby is in good fun…and if you do then you are a very pathetic person.

  16. BoredToTears

    Nobody is attacking the baby. To the contrary, I think everyone feels really sorry for the baby. She might be one of the worst parents around, or one of the best, but how do you know one way or another??? You’re talking like you know her personally. Maybe you should call up K-fed and hook up with one of his drug dealers…take something to help you CHILL OUT.

  17. BoredToTears

    One more thing, S.Starr, public ridicule comes along with being a celebrity. Like it or not, it’s a fact…I mean, why do you read this website and post comments??

  18. hafaball

    The same thing happened to me when I kept buying Korean shemale porn off of eBay. When my mom found out…she was pissed. I hope none of you think less of me, those were different times. :P

  19. BadGoat

    So sad. Why do these type of people procreate? I don’t feel bad for Britney, she’s a wealthy idiot, I feel bad for their innocent baby.

    Kevin will find another stupid, insecure woman after he’s done taking advantage of Britney. Unfortunately, there are plenty of those type of women around.

  20. RSchrim

    BadGoat says there’s plenty of these stupid, insecure (RICH YOUNG) women around. They usually follow that age old fact that girls do like the bad boy. That’s certainly true but I only have one question.
    Where are they? I can’t dance like K-Fed but if it takes getting one woman pregnant and then leaving her for another rich young and dumb one I can do it.
    Anyway Brittney don’t worry about it and gain all of that weight. There will be another sleazbag trailer trash guy attached to your entourage just waiting for his chance.

  21. I know none of you living at home … so stop talking shit b / c it is you look ignorant. Make fun husband Ofher weak or lack of talent … butlay sing out of the shit that you do not know.

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