Kevin Federline won’t sign


Kevin Federline is refusing to sign his divorce papers because he’s concerned about Britney Spears’ recent behavior, and wants proof Britney is able to handle joint custody of their children. A source tells People:

“Britney’s attorneys are anxious to see Kevin sign off on a divorce. But Kevin and his lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan are dragging their heels out of concern over reports of Britney’s post-rehab partying. [Federline] wants to make sure that the divorce document makes it simple enough for Kevin to downsize Britney’s access to her kids the next time her behavior troubles him.”

You know you’re in a bad place when Kevin Federline is concerned about your parenting skills. If you went to Britney Spears’ house you’d probably find one of the kids tucked under a table leg to keep it from wobbling.