Kevin Federline was told over text message

November 8th, 2006 // 60 Comments

Kevin Federline was told about the divorce over a text message while he was shooting an episode of Exposed. Much News has footage of him getting the text message, and he apparently removed his mic and was gone for 30 minutes before returning to finish shooting the episode. Which is slightly better than the reaction I would’ve expected: repeatedly yelling “Now I have to move back into the dumpster!” while sobbing uncontrollably.



  1. PunjabPete

    I would have gone with Sky Writing but text works too… Good one BS! Way to show how little you care…

  2. sonreesa

    ha! that tool was so far from home he didn’t even realize that his wife hated him and his son probably doesn’t even know what he looks like. he probably thinks the manny is his dad.

  3. combustion8

    I see can already see a great sidekick commerical in the works.

  4. Dave Barnes

    How 21st Century. “I DVRC U”

  5. combustion8

    I can already see a great sidekick commerical in the works.

  6. carrie bradshaw

    This just keeps getting better and better.

  7. jrzmommy

    Sky writing! HA!!!!! That’s beautiful.

    Is there footage of him shitting his pants when he got the text message?

  8. Sayonara

    ROFL!!! that’s low. but classic too. he deserves it. :P

  9. 1985_binion's_poker_champion

    HA-HA…. he sucks

  10. ch474

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You can see the actual point where his testicles get crushed!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Stop it, my ribs!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHA (stops to wipe a tear …)

    Dumb ass. 14-58, 14-59, buzzer goes off, that’s your 15 minutes of fame done. Thank you and please try again in another lifetime Feder-tard.

    This just in, your “Federarri” has be repo’d.

  11. sonreesa

    lol ok i just wrote my first comment without watching the vid…and wow…his face is priceless…it’s like someone just broke it to him that he’s not black.

    K-Fed = LOSER :)

    i still wear underoos

  13. Madrid Marriott

    COME ON FISH — HOW LONG BEFORE YOU REPORT THAT RUMSFELD RESIGNED??? This news is HOT, and pretty much every other gossip and entertainment site beat you to the punch. Get with the program.

    P.S. — Bush asked him to resign by text message. “rummy – pleez kwit 2day. thx”


    Oh man…the past years of insufferable media coverage on this gimp was worth it just for that footage of him getting the message…PRICELESS

  15. jrzmommy

    13–THAT is fucking hysterical. Hee hee!!! Nice job!!

  16. Funny, I thought she’d have written him a note in orange Cheetos dust.

  17. obelisk2290

    would have been priceless if the text came from ashton kutcher

  18. KimberWolf

    I just saw it. He looked like the whole gravy train just ran him over.

  19. no matter how you look at it,how embarrasing this gets for him.he’s still getting over.i’d gladly knock up britney spears and make a fool out of myself for a couple million.

  20. PapaHotNuts

    I had that same look when I went to “visit” this 13 year-old girl at her house, only to find Stone Phillips sitting in the kitchen with a film crew.

  21. RichPort

    #4 & 13 – HA!!!

    I have nothing to add except for: Earl, I plan on violating your low-titty hanging former wife, and having her bounce on me like a fucking pogo stick. I guess I did have something to add…

  22. no one you know


  23. DancingQueen

    Having “Federline” painted on the wheels of your new Ferrari – $20,000

    Getting your hair cornrowed to fit your perfect “thug” wigger image – $150

    Receiving a text message from your gravy train wife that your free ride is over… PRICELESS!!!!

  24. teenage-superbitch

    He had it coming.

  25. Italian Stallion

    This just in:

    Reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kevin Federline just got into a huge fight. This has nothing to do with the news of his divorce. The fight started over who was the real negger or not……………

  26. SonJaSpiCe

    Wait wait wait… did he say he “bought” (with her own money I assume) Britney a diamond, but is now wearing it himself?! That’s gold! What a sleeze bag.

    I also like how shocked he seems when he talks about Britney supporting him, not even he can believe he has a fan.

    ps. I like how it’s from MuchMusic! Yay Canada!

  27. jrzmommy

    And for the kill, all she has to do is say, AND HIS ALBUM SUCKS…and then we can kiss the abomination known as K-Fed sayanora!

  28. #10 – actually he exceeded his 15 minutes by 2:20 – the length of this video clip.

    Was it just me or did this “Sara Taylor” chick look like she was about to explode laughing as she was reading this story off of the teleprompter?

    #13 – I heard that the top brass in the military sent that text to John Kerry – since they are too unedumacated to be in college.

    #20, #25, and #27 – ROTFLMAO!

    Rich – you’ve got some low standards by willingly wanting to follow K-Earl into Brit’s gaping hole. Strap a 2×4 across your ass so that you don’t get permanently lost in there.

  29. @22 – That’s fuckin’ funny!

  30. PapaHotNuts

    @31- Thanks, but it’s not funny that I can’t be within 1000 yards of a school or day care.

  31. suge

    she’s a pop star, and he was just too real, too black for her. word.

  32. iheartgossip

    I’m in the library so I can’t watch the clip with audio, but who actually SENT the text message?

    I so hope it was BS’s lawyer…that would be such a burn! A text message…from her lawyer! Ouch.

    ROFL @ #4!!

  33. A friend of mine’s ex-husband was just like KFed in that he often took credit for her accomplishments and told everyone how great they were doing when they weren’t.

    Then after she filed for divorce, he continued to tell everyone what great friends they were and how they both had decided that they were better off as friends.

    The reality was that he had never accomplished anything, he was a man-child who milked her for all he could while she worked 15 hour days and he did nothing but talk about a book he had to write which 5 years later has never been published. She had put him through school for his Master Degree, only for him to this day never to use it for a job and after graduation, he had the audacity to say that he felt he had worked hard enough and it was her turn to work, when she was already working long days and taking care of their child practically by herself while he would go have wine with female classmates.

    She could not stand him in the end and the only reason she had anything to do with him after the device was to be civil regarding sharing custody of their son.

    Ahhh, to live in denial…

    I think KFed is so easy to dislike because most of us know someone just like him.

  34. bunnyhugger

    what makes this even better:
    did that particular text message send a penny to k-tard’s “charity”?
    ah, yes. “texting… when you care enough to send the very best!”

  35. commissioner

    Look you guys, it’s not funny to get a “Dear John” text message while you’re on camera. It’s mean spirited and chicken shit.

  36. DancingQueen

    DAYUM, I had no idea K-Fag actually read this stuff!! (see 37)

  37. bunnyhugger

    it’s also great fun for us! i’d be willing to bet that was the only way she could reach him. you know, because he’s such a huge star and all that.
    ; )

  38. RichPort

    #37 – What did you do with commissioner? Kindly untie her and release her keyboard!!

  39. RichPort

    #30 – She’ll tighten that cooter up, or I’ll bring a needle and thread and tighten that shit up myself. I am very fucking resourceful. And it seems you’re assuming that Earl had anything more than a #9 spaghetti sized cock. Don’t worry, I’ll sandblast the bitch first, fuck her so hard she’ll think she’s giving reverse birth, then scream “TOMA!!!!” as I introduce her to my Peter North impression. SPLOOOSH.

    I’ll still do the 2 x 4 thing… just to be safe. It saved me the last time I fucked Pam Rock… weddings can be so much fun…

  40. jrzmommy

    How did K-Fuck inform Shar he was moving on?

  41. wedgeone

    It has nothing to do with K-Earl’s wanker. but with the fact that two cantaloupes have emerged from her cavern in the last two years.
    After my older brother’s wife had his 2nd kid, he asked the doctor to give his wife a couple of extra stitches and the doctor told him that he would have to grow into it.
    Never was a man so humiliated. Don’t do it Rich!!
    At least make her bathe in anti-bacterial hand gel be4 doing your Pete North impersonation on her.

  42. BoognishRising

    If anyone offers him another record deal or TV appearance after this, I will officially lose my respect for the entertainment business (like I had much before). Begone, K-Fed. Hope this toilet flush will finally do it.

  43. Missallanpoe

    OMG I feel so bad for him…it was such a perfect relation- (mind explodes from all the lies) ouch…

    Ok back to me. ROTFLLMMFAOCOMGICTIIJSMFF. Text messaged…classic. Yeah, my beliefs on the situation is that he took her wallet and started squeezing BMWs and FUBU clothes out of them and when she took a look in the old piggy bank she saw kedderflys coming out and started laughing at her. Life is good…and like one famou -cough- person said “if this day got any better, i’d shit kittens” =D

  44. commissioner

    Rich- I can laugh in retrospect, but it wasn’t funny at the time. Especially since I was going to break up with him; AFTER the cameras and mics were OFF.

  45. Morticia

    I hate it when white boys talk black.

  46. frenchtoaststix

    This stupid asshole can read? And, like, did he say he bought his wife a diamond ring, I mean, right? Was that not, like, HER OWN money that was used to buy HER OWN engagement ring, yo? I mean, you know what I’m sayin? (insert imaginative ghetto hand gestures here)

  47. Grope For Luna

    Sarah Taylor is so fucking hot. I would eat her shit.

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