Kevin Federline wants to reveal secrets

December 13th, 2006 // 80 Comments

Kevin Federline is trying to write a book that would reveal “shocking details” about Britney Spears, including her “wild drinking, alleged drug use, her sexual attraction towards other women – as well as her supposed belief in time-travel.” A source says:

“Kevin is either hoping a publisher will pay him big money for the book or that Britney will cough up more cash than what’s in their prenup [an estimated $360,000 in spousal support plus $7 million from the sale of their Malibu, Calif., home] to keep him from spilling the beans.”

Federline wants sole custody of their two children as well as a settlement of at least $20 million, reports Star, and is alleging that he can “prove that Britney is an unfit mother” by revealing her partying ways both while she was pregnant and when their babies were born.

As part of his evidence against Spears, Federline is reportedly prepared to use a video he shot – which has appeared on YouTube – in which Spears babbles incoherently.

“Kevin says he filmed it just a week before Brit filed for divorce,” a source told the Star. “He told me, ‘I want the world to see that Britney is an unfit parent and that she’s not in her right mind.’”

The book would basically be a huge compilation of things everybody already knows. Although I would like to see Kevin Federline attempt it. It’d end up as 200 blank pages and on the first page written in crayon would be: “I spel gude.”


  1. Courtney

    I knew she loved pussy.

  2. amaritimer

    what? all of that cooch flashing isn’t normal? *goes to buy undies*

  3. griffmills

    What 2 pieces of worthless trailer park trash

  4. Laura

    how can that have been shot a week before she filed for divorce, it’s been online forever?

  5. Jenster

    smoking pot and eating mass quantities of
    cheetos isn’t anything new, K-Fag. wtf?
    he’s getting 7 million dollars? shit,
    I’d go down south on her nasty c-section scar
    filled cooch for half that and a nice bottle
    of chainti.

  6. Sugarplumsonline

    Come on…give Earl some credit. He can spell the “F” word, at least he thinks so. So it would be more like 200 blank pages, with “I spel [fuking] gude.”


    From Sugarplumsonline

  7. Boodlelicious

    I love how stars have their “public” voices and then their “at liesure” voices. She sounds like such a hillbilly in this video. I wonder if she and Paris practice their public voices together….

  8. RichPort

    I wonder wht the chapter entitled Earl and the Pool Boy will be like…

  9. I used to have respect for you, Britney. All the crotch-flashing, coke-whoring hot lesbian action and STDs in the world would never change that. But time travel? TIME TRAVEL!?



  10. BarbadoSlim

    Gee I don’t know Earl, once your ex’s meat wallet has been seen by millions while she was being fondled by a known HIV carrier your “revelations” just don’t have the same impact.

  11. remember when he said he was an artist? well he is – a scam artist!

  12. Pointandlaugh

    yeah. Nothing he can “reveal” hasn’t already been in all the tabloids a hundred times.


    I can’t believe those terms of the prenup.

    If I was Britney, the prenup would’ve read: “if our marriage ends, for whatever reason, the only thing K-DUD gets is what he brought to this relationship: his skidmarked tighty-whiteys and a coloring book.”

  13. PrettyBaby

    Maybe we’ll finally get pictures of that giant schlong everybody keeps talking about

  14. heisthejuan

    K Fed model of the New American Dream:

    “to achieve wealth and recognition without having the burden of intelligence, talent, sacrifice, or human values that are universal.”

    -Tom Robbins

  15. PapaHotNuts

    Kevin Federline wants to reveal secrets:

    He has an IQ of -54
    He lost on Jeopardy to a dead retard and a squirrel
    You can’t snort pork rinds
    Urine is a fairly decent mouthwash
    You can’t inject butter easily
    Britney’s pussy tastes like rotten okra
    Windex is a good substitute for tequila
    Geoorge Bush doesn’t care about white people who pretend to be black people
    Unlike a cat, Sean Preston doesn’t land on his feet everytime you throw him
    He was voted “most likely to fuck up an unbelievable opportunity to never have to lift a fucking finger for the rest of his life” by his high school

  16. guest1234567

    #11 – actually relativity allows for the concept.

    From a PBS/Nova page:

    “Albert Einstein showed that space is curved, time is relative, and time travel is theoretically possible. Here, do a simple thought experiment and learn to think like the century’s greatest scientist. “

  17. 86

    He is trash. All he wanted was her money from the start. I can’t believe he would have the nerve to ask for sole custody — he just wants the child support check. His lawyers told him that was the easiest way to get money from her and that he probably wouldn’t see much money otherwise, and that he would have to call her an unfit mother. We all know the public already thinks that based on her actions (that were blown out of proportion) but he is selling alot of crap to the media. I can’t believe he would try to take those kids away from their mother for money.

  18. BarbadoSlim

    @20 NERD!


  19. guest1234567

    #22 – Got my pocket protector on too!

  20. Scoop needs to read The Fish. This video has been on here for months. FedEx’s book won’t have anything we haven’t already seen or heard (and already tried to forget).

  21. Dcrew220

    “wild drinking, alleged drug use, her sexual attraction towards other women – as well as her supposed belief in time-travel”
    - The only one that troubles me is time travel. Britney, you can marry me for a mere 3 million …

    1000′s of hints and cheats for Xbox360, PS3, PSP and Wii

  22. techclerk

    Brit scares me in that video. Kfed looks like the better parent to me. I’m not joking. I seriously scared for those children now.

  23. jrzmommy

    I hope K-Fag gets a stocking full of Anthrax spores and razor blades for Christmas.

  24. fame is funny

    From the video:

    ‘I think some people are uh-head of uhhhussss’

    Yes. Yes they so are.

  25. Dude, this video was up on this very site some months back.

  26. So is this book going to be like the sex tape and never happen?

  27. kaerbear

    Bad taste in music is not a victimless crime. To think that this redneck dipshit’s career could have been prevented if you people hadn’t all bought her shitty music.

  28. chicketieboo

    24 – totally, I’ve seen this video before. Lying isn’t always the best way to prove your a fit and responsible person.

  29. Xanthia

    Okay, Now come on.

    We all knew when she chose that nim-rod K-F*ked, that she was obviously a complete waste of oxygen so none of this is in the least surprising.

    However, at least she can afford a nanny to care for the kids and they won

  30. PrettyBaby

    #17 Rrrright.

    I think Kev sounds like a fucking freak filming her here. It looks like he trying to make her talk more and sound like an idiot. Hey- K-Fag, the world knows she’s an idiot. Nothing here is a suprise. Now- show your schlong, like the troller says!

  31. So this douche isnt happy with almost 7 1/2
    million dollars? wtf? i was so happy to see such a leech attach themselves to someone who obviously doesnt deserve their money but what an asshole.

  32. 86

    She’s wearing a trucker hat. Either this is really old or she has no sense of style. Yep its a toss up.

  33. Edeniade

    Dude, that video can’t possibly have been filmed a week before they divorced. I watched that vid MONTHS ago! So unless K-Fed believes in time travel too (zomg SEKRITS!), I think he’s been snorting waaaaaay too many Cheetos and crack.

  34. That actually is very liberating. Sweet, it works!

  35. suzy

    i love how this article states that he said that video of her all stoned and stuff was released after the press found out they were getting a divorce, when this tape was probablly made before she even had Sean Preston..

    so he’s a dick and trying to make Britney look bad…

    he needs stop being an asshole.

  36. ashleighnicole

    britney acts like a fucking two year old in this video

  37. justme

    I’m tired of blonde bimbos and wiggers.

  38. ANTi

    Dude, this is the second time I have submitted info to you and not been given credit, this time it was a matter of minutes!

  39. libtard

    I am so tired of you all hatin’ on poor Kevin. He gave up a lucrative career as a backup dancer to enhance the destruction of her career and all he gets in return is millions of dollars??? Where is your heart, people?

    As far as Britney liking chicks, get with it Earl…. it’s 2006. Nobody’s going to be surprised and half the population’s going to like her more.

    Oh, and Kevvy…. I just want to take a moment to remind you that those few years you spent with Britney……those were the best of your life. You’re never going to live that life of pampered luxury again. You might be able to find another sugar momma, but you’ll NEVER find one as rich and gullible as Brit. Not only are you a user, you’re a BAD user. If you’re going to sponge off of someone you need to give them some value for their money. But, your innate selfishness wouldn’t let you, would it, Earl? You ignored your millionaire wife to go hang out with the guys while she was pregnant…. You ignored the children you fathered…..and once you saw the handwriting on the wall, you grasped at your last chance to ride on her coattails by subjecting us all to your silly (and yes, Kevin….the idea of you as a musician is silly. Neither you nor your music is “fire”) “music”. You even got Brit to promise to have a party with whoever sold the most of your horrible, horrible music. You know what that reminds me of, K-Dawg? It reminds me of all that shit that school kids try to foist on unsuspecting neighbors every year for some sort of dubious prize. You are no better than the $8 bucket of cookie dough my kid is hawking right now.

    You lost it ALL, Kevin. And you will never, never, (did I mention NEVER?) get it back. You will die in obscurity b/c you failed to satisfy one dimwitted hillbilly. You won’t get the kids. You won’t get the money other than your prenup. You have no access to the lawyers that Britney does, and you have no means of your own. You will blow the piddling settlement that she will give you to get rid of your dumb ass and then you’ll spend it all….. ruining your second chance at a better life than the rest of us stiffs will ever have a chance to see.

    In short (too late), you lost the best opportunity you’ll ever have and you are a retard for throwing it away.

    If there are any sugar daddies willing to take me on, I’m willing to divorce. And I even shower on a regular basis.

  40. Boogie Monster

    He is such a dick head. As for the custody of their offspring I don

  41. frenchtoaststix

    Chapter 2 of Earl’s book: “Aksidently bounzed a Pooh check. (Well, Tigger was on their too)”

    I wish time travel was a realization. Then Shitney’s mom and Earl’s mom could get in the Delorean and travel back to a time before they conceived these hillbilly fuck-ups and use some birth control to prevent it.

    That would save valuable Superficial space for more interesting train wrecks, like Hohan, Anna Nicole, and whatever the fuck is going on with Beyonce’s right boob.

  42. renee

    I hate to say it but K-Fag might be right about the unfit parenting thing. Oh well, what ever happens we’ll still get to watch him make a complete doushbag out of himself on the WWE

  43. Meritocrat

    Props to K-Fed, the dude is smarter than any of us thought. Britney is so screwed! I’d read that book. (If it were free.)

  44. twzzlrgirl

    O.k., first, this video has been out for months (I know others have said that too).

    Second, Britney, an unfit mother? Puhlease. I figured she was up for the mother of the year award.

    Third, Britney, a whore that likes to f__k women? Honestly, I’ve been out with women that look like Paris Hilton and I always forget my underwear, exchange fishnet stockings with them, and hold hands. Doesn’t make me a carpet muncher.

    You guys makes such a big deal out of nothing on this site.

  45. MizScarlett

    I’d say call the book, “Fertileloins – The Autobiography of Kevin Federline,” but he’d probably think it was about cars.

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