Kevin Federline wants the kids


After a string of erratic behavior, Kevin Federline reportedly wants sole custody of the kids and is refusing to sign a joint custody agreement with Britney Spears. The Scoop has a roundup of Britney’s recent lunacy:

Spears was recently spotted driving with her younger son Jayden facing forward in his car seat, not backward as federal guidelines require. And earlier this month, he was photographed grabbing his mother’s cigarettes. On July 18, she stripped to her skivvies on a beach in front of photographers and reports of bizarre behavior at an OK! magazine shoot have friends seriously worried about the Toxic singer. Spears wants K-Fed to sign a joint custody agreement, but he’s reportedly refused. “Kevin is convinced she’s not fit to raise the kids,” an insider told the mag. “He’s done tolerating her behavior and is gearing up to fight for full custody.”

I’m not even sure why Britney wants the kids. They seem like they’d just get in her way. Besides, even if she does get custody, sooner or later she’s just going to trade them in for some magic beans. Or regular beans. Or, let’s be serious for a moment, a ham sandwich.