Kevin Federline wants the kids

July 25th, 2007 // 85 Comments

After a string of erratic behavior, Kevin Federline reportedly wants sole custody of the kids and is refusing to sign a joint custody agreement with Britney Spears. The Scoop has a roundup of Britney’s recent lunacy:

Spears was recently spotted driving with her younger son Jayden facing forward in his car seat, not backward as federal guidelines require. And earlier this month, he was photographed grabbing his mother’s cigarettes. On July 18, she stripped to her skivvies on a beach in front of photographers and reports of bizarre behavior at an OK! magazine shoot have friends seriously worried about the Toxic singer. Spears wants K-Fed to sign a joint custody agreement, but he’s reportedly refused. “Kevin is convinced she’s not fit to raise the kids,” an insider told the mag. “He’s done tolerating her behavior and is gearing up to fight for full custody.”

I’m not even sure why Britney wants the kids. They seem like they’d just get in her way. Besides, even if she does get custody, sooner or later she’s just going to trade them in for some magic beans. Or regular beans. Or, let’s be serious for a moment, a ham sandwich.


  1. Christ on a Crotch

    #38 The Perfect Plan…..

    Strange but I predicted that same thing last week. She’ll be free as a birdie and only be stuck with them on the weekends. Wackjobs like BS have children because they can and because it “makes them look good” to hae children.

    What a cum-bubble!

  2. Hot playmate

    Hey Fish–you should post more rear shots for the insatiable horndogs so Victor’s huge schlong can have something to think about when he’s not with me at work! Victor do you want to “do” lunch?

  3. miss oblivious

    Personally I think Kfed is slime and just wants full custody of the kids so he can get a shit load of child support, etc, for 17 years. He was never a fool, but he was/is a greedy ass ho. All that being said, I can’t say at this point that he isn’t the better option for the kids (scary) because Brit is acting very irrational lately. And I do believe that Kfed does love his kids, but I think he is really rationalizing everything in his favor mainly so he can get a free ride as far as money is concerned. As far as Brit is concerned, I don’t get her; Either she’s:
    really selfish, in her own world and narcissistic
    on drugs and/or alcohol
    manic depressive, or some other psychiatric disorder
    methodical and calculating and all abt money and attention
    really screwed up from something we don’t know about
    or just really stupid….Or maybe a combo of all of thee above?
    Either way, poor, poor, kids!

  4. These people are in the news still… haven’t we upgraded to 90% Lohan by now?

  5. Victor

    Churchlady where or where are you at?

  6. Sniffy

    Forget Britney…
    Who is the fine blond?

  7. FirstTimeCaller

    Why do celeb chicks ETERNALLY have big ugly bags on them and then 18 things clutched in their hands??

  8. wedgeone

    #29 – Are you living on the same planet with the rest of us? Brit does enough on her own to humiliate herself. She doesn’t need K-Earl’s help.

    You all are way too bi-polar for me. Never in the same thread have I ever seen someone vilified, then put on a pedistal. Victor’s Little Dick AND Victor’s huge schlong???

    It’s as if schack and Wally have returned to pollute the site simultaneously. I’m out!

  9. Victor

    Well Wedge, if you haven’t snapped yet, “Victor” is me, the real Victor. Then “Victor’s little….” is that bipolar fuck of Jimbo. Then “Victor’s huge…….” is cowgirl up.

  10. wanks


  11. Big Mama

    I was going to make a comment, but this picture of Britney just reminded me that I need to go buy a new shit shovel for my horses. See you later…..

  12. FromOutOfNoWhere

    #50 He’s already getting 10,000 a month for each child. Can you imagine him getting more with full custody. Oh Judge, I have custody full time now. The boys gotta eat, so I’m asking for another 50,000 a month per child in child support. PLus the boys need clothes, I need another 20,000 a month per month. Yes your honor that is for each son. Your honor there will be medical checkups and trips to school plays and possible tutoring, and a nanny. Yes sir the nanny comes with excellant credentials from “Scores nudity bar.” Your honor she prefers to be pay iwith 100 dollar bills stuffed in her bikini. Yes your honor, we need an additional 20,000 a month for the nanny.

    A year later, a sad picture of the two boys looking like hill billies out of the mountains of North Carolina. Just were did all that child support go. BTW the nanny is pregnant, go figure.

  13. queenbuzz

    Does Britney have any fans left?

  14. Scott

    Did we ever think we would see they day when it has come to this?????
    When Kevin Federline is the voice of reason in all this?
    Brtiney get thee to a fat farm, you are still fuckable, but barely

  15. lickmybutt

    mmm. this made me want to eat flammin’ hot cheetos.

    fucking britney!!

    is that Ashlee Simpson she is hanging out with????

  16. Sauron

    K-fed and his lawyer are playing this game well.BS should get a better and meaner lawyer….. As usually i’m trying to be helpful again!

  17. Of course she’d trade them for a ham sandwich…then she’d make it her new agent.

  18. RJ Bladl

    First off, FEDERAL GUIDELINES DO NOT require a child to be facing to the rear when in a car seat. Federal Guidelines are just that, guide lines, suggestions and recommendations, you will not get a ticket or go to jail for this. Second, what the hell business is it of ours as to what she is doing as we all know she is screwing up her own life and unless K-Fed gets the children she will screw them up too.

  19. TRoller

    K-fed is going to get ZERO child support if Brit pisses away whatever money she MIGHT have left. And lets face it she doesn’t have the talent for a comeback. All she ever had was the sexy school girl image and she shot that wad sometime ago.

    Is anything better than picture #3? Brit with her ratty natural hair poking of of that heinous turban – the greasy samauri bun and oh that double-chin profile! Sweeter than honey!

  20. justifiable

    #69 Gaah – she looks like she’s taking fashion tips from Liz Taylor.

  21. Kick that white trash ass this way y’all, I’ll teach her a thing or 2. I’ll hit that ass ’till the break of dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. xman

    Sad world we live in. Brittney, Lindsey, Paris = Vick, Bonds and the Cinny Bengals. All 3 of those girls out of control and headed if no there for a dead end. What makes me laugh is none of them are good at what (what do they do) or good looking now or before. Britney crap music, Paris did not even no she existed before the sex tapes and Lindsey, wow doing the equivelent of brady bunch and save by the bell movies. Give me a hard working, honest , with very little make up girl anyday. What counts is inside and there insides are empty

  23. J Rocket

    I sometimes think about going out to LA, hunting her down, kidnapping her, taking her to the midwest somewhere and just make her look at art, see nature….listen to music….slowly get the insanity out of her. She just needs a break. A real break from her lifestyle. Why isn’t someone getting her out of LA and away from people following her everywhere?

  24. K=fed needz to get the kidz?
    It zhould be Brittneyz bad carma payback?
    For Zhar Jackzon to raize her kidz?
    Zince Zpearz ztole Zharz babyz daddy away?
    and izn’t it Ironic…don’t cha think???????

    P.S. A little note to Jimbo…Victor and Frist!!!
    U people make me fuckin laugh…guezz what
    bitchez? I waz playin with ya headz….fun, huh?
    poor little Victorz little dick*Jimbo*….

  25. Sutton Pierce

    #26–TEH Clown…I don’t think reporters are so much cataloging her old hits as much as trying to cling to the irony that while she used to sing “Toxic” she now actually is toxic. Just a (very obvious) thought.

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  27. MOLLY

    She’s a disgusting pig.

  28. Mr . Superfiscial:
    Wazn’t me…juzt buzting ballz:

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  30. Lexoka

    KFed better hurry up, cause at this rate I don’t think his kids will still be alive in a few weeks…

  31. Wiley

    Britney doesn’t want her kids. Every time they are in the process of coming to an agreement she runs out and does a bunch of crazy things so that she won’t get custody. That way she will be free from her kids and get lots of sympathy from her remaining fans when the mean K-fed takes them from her. She made it plain in the beginning that she just wanted to see what it was like to be married and have kids. Apparently she didn’t like it. She can’t even train or take care of a dog! The court will give custody to K-fed without doubt, especially when her own mother and friends take his side. They realize that she is not a fit mother.

  32. melizaberry

    I the dress… kinda spanish style.

    Shame about the over-exposed attention seeking simpleton wearing it.

  33. melizaberry

    *missing word* like

  34. Well it´s not settled anymore because apparently Kevin is refusing to sign the final documents, not because he wants more money, but because he wants an easier way to keep Britney from her kids if she continues to act like a mental patient.

  35. pacomartini

    …just want to thank thesuperficial for NOT doing stories on this idiot “gummie bear” that seems to fascinate writers…and pleasae don’t start. as for this latest in the bs saga…she is trash…has been trash…and will always be trash. “dang y’all…kevin’s trin’ to get the kids again. i offered to have a dance off for ‘em but he said no…[sob...sniff...giggle].”

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