Kevin Federline to star on “One Tree Hill”

August 21st, 2007 // 53 Comments

Kevin Federline is actually capable of working. He landed a role on the CW’s One Tree Hill. According to TMZ:

Our source said that while Fed-Ex was extremely excited to star on the show, he would only agree to filming if his shooting schedule coincided with his custody arrangements. We’re told that he made it quite clear that if shooting interfered with seeing his kids, he would not be available.

Don’t you think that’s laying it on a little thick? The shooting schedule could require his kids to be locked in a cage with a python for 24 hours and it would still be an improvement on their current situation. At this stage in the game, Kevin could take his kids with him on weekend trips to Vegas, pump them full of Cuban cigars and use them as poker chips. People will look at him with tears in their eyes and say, “Bless you, Kevin Federline, you delivered these children from the depths of crazy. Now put Jayden on black.”

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  1. Malffy Hernandes


  2. jrzmommy

    Get ready for some horrendous acting.

  3. justsomebastard

    I’ve got to start dressing more like this guy.

  4. Old news, Fish.

  5. Malffy Hernandes

    I heard about this story already, people are dumb as hell.

  6. Actually he is a fantastic actor. He acted like he gave a crap about Britney for a couple minutes, remember?

  7. 6, I think I do remember something like that. He also acts like he gives a crap about his children.

  8. Malffy Hernandes

    Really? and that’s a bad thing…

  9. jrzmommy

    His character’s name is “Wigger Wiggums”

  10. Tim

    Good for him! He’s going to end up a bigger star, a bigger celeb than his ever-spiralling-downward ex-wife. He’ll need it, too. He has like 50 kids or something.

  11. Uh-huh Nivarna's cool

    Well, he’s a single dad raising 4 kids, the fucker BETTER get a job.

    BTW love the “white-mans overbite” picture. (Silly boy)

  12. Mike


  13. FromOutOfNoWhere

    How is this landing a job. Hell a monkey could have interview for that show and gotten a part. Does anyone even watch One Tree Hill?

  14. maxsolomon

    this man is the parent of FOUR CHILDREN.

    exhibit A for “what’s wrong with the american male”.

  15. What’s One Tree Hill?

  16. Eagle Chick

    He’s laughing at me cuz I’m not FIRST!

  17. Sam Hain

    Wasn’t that the poor hill across from Golgotha?

  18. Pathetic dumb Brit…man he played her like fiddle but only better!!! Not only did he use her to become, er, I don’t want to say a star or celebrity, I’ll just say, “well known”…but the bastard took her down while at it!!! Nobody could tell that spoiled brat ANYTHING while she was w him. SHE knew better than anyone!!! All the profesionals and older and wiser people. HER CAREER? DESTROYED. HER BODY? DESTROYED. HER ROLE AS MOTHER? DESTROYED. HER RELATIONSHIP W HER MOTHER? DESTROYED. HER COOCHIE? DESTROYED. (YOU KNOW K-FED PACKIN DOWN THERE FOR A BLACK WOMAN TO STAY AROUND AS LONG AS SHAR HAS) HER FUTURE? DESTROYED. HER LOOKS? DESTROYED. Sheees, this guy left nothing to chance! I SAY LET K-FED GO AFTER OSAMA BIN LADEN AND DO TO HIM WHAT HE’S DONE TO BRITNEY. THE WORLD WILL BE A BETTER PLACE!!!

    Her career, destroyed. Her body, destroyed. Her role as mother, destroyed. Her relationship w her mother and family? Destroyed.

  19. Annie Rexia

    Wasn’t that show canceled? I honestly don’t know anyone that watches it. That and “Men In Trees”.

  20. lambman

    “he made it quite clear that if shooting interfered with seeing his kids, he would not be available”

    Just so we’re clear, he means the 2 kids who’s mother is worth tens of millions of dollars and not the other two kids, right?

  21. Annie Rexia

    He is getting way too old for that wigger shit. Look at his face.

  22. Becca

    who in their right minds would give HIM a job on a tv show?????????? granted, one tree hill is probably one of the stupidest soap operas aimed at teens & preteens, so maybe the producers were like “hey lets get some famous people to be on our show to promote it & keep it from going down the toilet!!!” & the cast & crew were like “wow, what a great idea. lindsay lohan would be perfect!! oh wait, she’s busy doing her other coke whore obligations elsewhere… well what about brittney spears? or paris hilton?” & the list goes on & on until they got to k-fed… who is literally the reason why dumb-asses shouldnt be allowed to reproduce (& unrelated, but still important: what type of dumb-ass would actually have sex w/ that monkey?????!!!!!)

  23. meg

    umm…..I’m pretty sure that One Tree Hill is cancalled…. didn’t they have a “Series Finale” already

  24. nina

    Anyone who watches that show is STUPID!!!

  25. Don't care

    he is sick hot !!!

  26. K-Fed is whack….

  27. lidiya

    See kids? Even those with reptile-faces can succeed! U-S-A! U-S-A!

  28. sevenandaswitchblade

    Love the first pic. To me it says…

    “Yes, you too can be a rich, no talent douchebag with my three step program.

    Step 1: Be born to parents who didn’t want you

    Step 2: Marry someone stupid/crazy and rich

    Step 3: Have super sperm

    Apply my system and soon the cheetos eating cow you’ve married will be shitting out tomorrow’s money bundles. If you call today, as an added bonus you’ll be able to broker societies need to slake the thirst of its car crash rubbernecking mentality from the lives of its self created “celebrity” class that you’ll be able to score with the community college dropout who’s working as an Abercrombie and Fitch checkout girl!”

  29. justsomebastard

    Is One Tree Hill anything like Happy Tree Friends? If it is, and tragic things in the name of comedy are going to happen to K-fed, I’ll definitely watch.

  30. lmao @28! Best one all day!

  31. mrs.t

    I will never understand “sagging”. Coupled with the giant t-shirt, the effect is dwarfi-sh. Loooooong torso and little stumpy legs.

    And could someone decipher his tattoos? I’m betting there’s at least one “fire” reference, some stupid shit about “running with the big dogs” and maybe his kid’s names. Oh, and “fuck a wife”.

  32. BubbaTheKid

    K-Fed is the smartest man in the world. Followed closely by Brad Pitt. Then Einstein. Face it all. He played that moneyed two dollar whore like a Atari 2600 and got paid. Will get paid. And is likely getting paid right now. No way any of you Haters can do what K-Fed did.

  33. Fritzie

    That’s right bubba the kid .. He is HOT and smart ..

  34. molly

    Ahhhh, the karmic seesaw goes up for Kevin and down for Brit Brit.

  35. Ever notice how on all those “Nanny” shows that the kids that have the most pent up hostility and aggression have crew cuts?…I’m just sayin’….

  36. BlaaaahBlaaaaah

    Why does he have to “act black” does he not know just how uncool it is – on black people but even more so on a white man, and the pinkie ring?? He’s got the class of Jenna Jameson.

  37. woodhorse

    Fish is smokin hawt today! I already said KFed masterminded the Trifecta of all meal tickets – let’s see what he does on his own….

  38. BaldAsBritney

    I don’t know what this show is about or wether or not it has Jumped the Shark yet, but it’s certainly about to.

  39. Kristen Dei from LA (Louisiana that is)

    It has come time for everyone to realize that Kevin Federline is actually a better role model for his two children with Britney Spears than she is…sad, sad, sad but true! I think that she is pretty much getting a little taste of karma for stealing him away from a pregnant woman. And him~he’s going to have to claim that he was once married to the big fat washed up whale that she will be in the near future!!! Like my good friend Justin Timberlake once professed, “What goes around comes around” Ah yeah son!

  40. frunken

    I swear i thought one tree hill ended years ago, i dont even remember the last time i saw a commercial for it or heard anyone mention it.

  41. @6 i’m laughing, shitting and cuming at the same time

  42. Anonymous 1981

    Come on commenters, we all have to give him a little credit. At least he’s trying to earn his own money and look like a parent who cares (yes yes, I know he’s not that up tight about the kids he has with Shar, but maybe that’s because Shar is a somewhat good mother and he knows the older kids aren’t in danger). We can’t beat homeboy down on everything. At first it was “why doesn’t the scrub have a job? What a mooch!” Now it’s “Ugh, why is he trying to be a productive member of society and not a total leech?” We can’t have it both ways. I applaud KFed for trying to get his life together and be successful on his own. If he does a good job on this, he deserves his kudos. And to everyone who says that he ruined Britney Spears: he couldn’t do any more than she let him, he just outed her for the trash that she is. The personal hell she’s going through right now can be summed up in one sweet word: karma.

  43. Riotboy

    Well at least he’s not rapping.

    /for reals

  44. Frick!

    Thanks for the laughs superfish; those poker chip comments were fricken great!

  45. nagger please

    I hate wiggers.. They’re goal is to be useless, stupid, and goofy looking.

  46. sporky

    In that first picture, I can see him snickering and telling the photographer to pull his finger…

  47. cookie monsta

    good for him, he might be stupid, but he’s nowhere in the league with his psycho, party girl, badly dressed, rehab dodging, ex wife with the horrendous hair. even if he got her wasted on that home movie where she was on the rave. even if he can’t sing , rap or act. he’s still the better parent option. right?

  48. robinthia

    All he cares about is looking like the better parent, so some other dumb chick will want to breed with him. Please, somebody kidnap this dude and give him a vasectomy pronto!

  49. frenchie

    He looks dingy

  50. Faggot

    The best thing about the Front Pic is you can picture him saying anything that starts with an F

    Just picture K-Fed saying

    “I farted on your ass!”

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