Kevin Federline to make fun of himself in ad

January 17th, 2007 // 44 Comments

Kevin Federline is joining the ranks of MC Hammer and Fabio and will star in a Nationwide Insurance ad set to air during the Super Bowl with their slogan “Life Comes at You Fast.” If it’s anything like past commercials (and it will be), K-Fed will end up making fun of himself. A spokesperson says:

“The Life Comes at You Fast concept was created to remind people that they need to think about preparing for the future. No one has personified Life Comes at You Fast in the media better than Kevin Federline. Our partnership with Kevin shows the world that he has a great sense of humor. He’s poking fun at himself, and in the process gets to have the last word.”

All they really need to do is show a picture of Kevin Federline and then flash on the screen: “Buy our insurance or you’ll end up like this guy.” It’s like those anti-smoking commercials, only more effective because people would way rather have lung cancer than end up like K-Fed.


  1. mztry


  2. RichPort

    #1 – Did he fucking sneeze????

  3. Drusilla

    God bless him for giving us something to look at other than the three premo tramps.

  4. Hey, he may be a total douchenozzle, but does anyone else find it hilarious that Britney Spears can’t get anywhere NEAR the Superbowl, and he’s getting a prime commercial spot, however mocking it may be?

  5. Jenster

    lol he’s THISCLOSE to being casted on
    Surreal Life.
    You know what? he’s a total bum, but atleast he knows and owns his bum-ness.

  6. MyGosh!


  7. He’s still the man.

    Wonder who he’ll knock up next?

    He should get a job with Girls Gone Wild.

  8. Danner


  9. 86

    This guy is living the American dream.

  10. cruzin333

    #4, it is funny that the superbowl turns away whores, but accepts bums!

    But you gotta hand it to him for making himself known, no matter how infamous he is. His album will probably do better than Brit’s.

    And no one has personified this better than K-Fed? What the hell has our world come to? At least we can enjoy seeing someone make an ass of themself.

  11. PunjabPete

    Someone please tell me their next ad campaign will be “Death Comes At You Faster”….

  12. icyprincess2

    #7 If i saw him with a girls gone wild camera i would turn and run…

    It is pretty sad though that he is willing to do just about anything to get his 15 min of fame, i mean he is damn lucky that Brits gapping black hole of a cooch did not suck him in and send him to an alternate universe…

  13. Italian Stallion

    I’ll tell you what else “comes at you fast” K-Fag, my fucking car if I ever see your dumbass in the streets………..

  14. “Life comes at you fast… so make sure when you get ahold of a superstar, fuck it up like this guy. We sell insurance.”

  15. bigponie

    this guy is a great example of how our ancestral caveman use to behave.

  16. Does Britney understand how messed up she is when KFed is in the Super Bowl broadcast box and she is NOT?

  17. That commercial should be a shot of K-fed being kicked out of a mansion, having his Ferrari repo’ed and having all of his clothes set on fire, all at the same time. Yep, life comes at you fast asshat.

  18. ResidentX

    Poor Britney. FEDEX is about to go where Britney can’t. He’ll probably get custody kids. He’s a loser but he’s starting to work steady and he shows up without drama. Madison avenue likes that.

  19. cole007

    #14 – are you copywriting that ad?

    Because that’s pretty good.

    I can’t get over how, when I *look* at K-Fed, I think I can actually *Smell* him – and it’s like gym feet, cigarettes and Axe Body Spray… Whew! Nasty.

  20. NicotineEyePatch

    I thought he’d walk slowly down the road, all grimy with a bindle on the end of a stick, and Brit would drive past him in a hot sportscar and splash him with a puddle and throw her head back and laugh.
    The table – she turns.

  21. “The last word”? How is he getting the last word? Is he committing suicide, live, on the commercial? This isn’t over. haha

  22. ToiletDuck

    Does anyone remember Evan Marriott??

    Nuff said – enjoy this bullshit while it lasts Kevvy, cuz yer gonna land up back in that big ol’ trailer park on the outskirts of Podunk, where you can sit on the couch and fart all day and eat Cheetos with your fat ol’ hog of a girlfriend with a two-syllable first name…

  23. ponk

    i fail to see how portraying himself as an ass (the only thing he is capable of succeeding at) puts him a notch above Brit. I’m certain that Brit could do a Cheeto’s commercial for the superbowl if airtime is all this is about.
    The only superbowl commercial news that really matters is that had their 1st two commerical submissions rejected by the FCC this year.

  24. ToiletDuck

    They should do a remake of Lil Abner!! K-Fed would be perfect as “Tiny” Yokum and maybe Britney would help out and play the big fat chick who lays around in the mud with the hogs…

  25. The original ad had the voice over guy intone “Life comes at you fast… and so does K-Fag,” and we see Fed-Ex in some simulated sex with a Brit look-a-like (these days, Rosie O’Donnell in a blonde wig). After two quick pumps he is done, looking at the camera with his sideways turned baseball cap and shrugging with a smirk as the Brit stand-in struggles to get off the floor. His follow-up commercial will be as Hemorrhoid #2 for Preparation-H. It was a role he was born to play.

  26. Whammer Jammer

    Can someone tell me why these morons wear their hats three sizes too big?

  27. Lowlands

    Have everybody noticed?The Danish girl put K-Fart’s pics on because she’s feeling herself a bit guilty…

  28. If Nationwide was looking to try and capitalize during the Super Bowl, why not use a sports celebrity to play the role of hero to zero? I bet O.J. would sign on, he

  29. If Nationwide was looking to try and capitalize during the Super Bowl, why not use a sports celebrity to play the role of hero to zero? I bet O.J. would sign on, he

  30. ponk

    i swear to god if i saw him on my street looking like that i would be forced to beat the crap out of him for being so retarded…seriously.

  31. sol

    he’ll eventually go to prison for some reason (drugs, theft). then life will definitely come at him fast. because “Life” will be one of his no-parole prison mates, and there’s only so much time to skeet in your bitch’s face before the guards see you and break it up.

  32. Jeff Hui

    Alllegionoflegit, you’re an idiot for posting the same thing twice, but that was funny about OJ. Your site is full of some crazy sports smack.

  33. Lowlands

    (27)I wish i was there,so i could take advantage of her “guilty”feeling.

  34. ToiletDuck

    He could just jerk off – he probably comes in less than a minute anyway…

    “Yep, life comes at you fast…”

  35. ToiletDuck

    He could just jerk off – he probably comes in less than a minute anyway…

    “Yep, life comes at you fast…”

  36. kamihi

    Fed is an ass!!!

  37. Boogie Monster

    Im still waiting for this guy to crawl back under the rock he came from and shrivel up and die…

    He doesn’t need to make fun of himself. The whole world is doing it for him.

  38. Lowlands

    Hey people!How about making a commercial for digestion-pills with K-Fart?!!

  39. snot_rocket

    They’re big plan is actually to just lure K-Fed into the superbowl broadcast box as a ruse. He’ll actually just fall into a deep well where they’ll taunt him by throwing down bottles of lotion, sending down a basket on a pulley and forcing him to send them back up until he cries and pees his pants.

  40. aurealis

    Marketting geniuses. Now Subway needs to get rid of Jarod, and just threaten us with K-fed. Put K-fed in “the anti-drug” and “abstinence” PSA’s, and our kids will be safe.

  41. K’Fried has a small brain and most likely an even smaller penis. But the mere fact that his soon to be ex trollop/grease monkey/nail biter/vaajayjay exposer/tardo is banned from the Super Bowl fun and he’s going to be featured in a commercial for them, is, quite frankly priceless.

  42. pookiedoo

    God, I wish a truck was coming at him fast. Kill him before he impregnates another washed-up popstar!

    I say Jessica Simpson is next on his list.

  43. pookiedoo

    P.S. Does anyone else’s cooch shrivel up when you look at K-Fed?

  44. hey, i’m actually starting to like the guy

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