Kevin Federline still trash

federline_prostitute.jpgIf ever there was a source of news more reliable than The National Enquirer I’ve yet to find it. That said, they’re reporting that Kevin Federline hooked up with a protistute and stripper in Vegas while Britney was at home. Not bad, Kevin, but it still doesn’t top the night I hooked up with four Korean porn stars and a koala bear. Man, that koala bear was so hot. You don’t even know, man.

Hooker Daniele Coakley, 20, told The National Enquirer how she partied with Kevin and ended up passing out on a hotel bed after becoming sick on booze and the dance drug Ecstasy. And Vanessa Hulihan, 30, revealed that she spent nights talking to Kevin and had an intimate tryst with the married danceer in the bathroom of his suite.