Kevin Federline still loves Britney

March 31st, 2008 // 34 Comments

Kevin Federline still has feelings for his vagina-flashing ex-wife Britney Spears. Could there be a reunion in the works? And, God help us all, another offspring down the line? Showbiz Spy reports:

“I still love Britney. She’s the mother of my children,” Federline, 30, said.
And Jamie Spears — Britney’s dad — is even reportedly encouraging the pair to reunite.

Ack! Britney’s dad is trying to make this happen?! WTGDF?! Seriously, if these two get back together you know she’s popping out another kid then going off the deep end. And I was really starting to like how things are now. You know, where I hardly ever see her face anymore. Do you know how hard it is to constantly type Frappucino? I had to hire midgets to move my fingers. True story.


  1. Fat Tabby

    Suure ya do, Kevvy-poo.

  2. alex

    i gotta be honest, i think they should get back together

  3. Die, Die, Die both of you two sickos

    I think they should both fall off the end of the planet.

  4. Heriony

    F-r-a-p-p-i-cccccccccc…….oh fuck it.

  5. luna

    wow they post need to get fixed then put in a zoo

  6. Muffy

    Her hair looks like it’s made out of stuffed animal fur. I bet she is a Furvert and probably humps all of her kids stuffed animals to have orgasms.

  7. Corderoy


    The fabric of time/space would turn into a gigantic piece of frayed lint.
    Someone must stop this insanity before the planet morphs into giant trailor park.

    I want off!

  8. Yeah, and I want my Ex back too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. KEVIN

    I couldn’t care less !!!!

  10. Lets get that love train back on the tracks Buckos! … So it derail in a blaze of awful glory again! C’mon K-Fed, work you beguiling charms you silver-tongued BOCE.

  11. BarelyStearn


  12. BarelyStearn

    No…Seriously: Bacon!!!

  13. Lalalalalala

    Jamie just wants Kevin to have to deal with Britney, he’s sick of it!

  14. I want my ex back too… but only because my wife refuses to do ass to mouth. Bitch…

  15. How in God’s hell can they have such a vicious separation – they claim he is in love with her because she is the mother of his kids.

    They REALLY do not know what love is about.

    Maybe it is her image and fame that is addictive

  16. Thufir

    Check out the gunt on that!

  17. grunion

    If you love a gunt, set it free

    if it comes back to you, it’s yours

    If it doesn’t that gunt was never yours anyway

  18. toolboy

    Yeah, these 2 getting back together, sweeet. Sweet for the seventh sign of the apocalypse!! Why in the hell would you want the Gatekeeper and the Key Master in the same room, much less married again?

  19. antoine

    K-Fed must be running out of money already.

  20. CS

    OK, so does WTGDF mean what I think it means? WTF with GD thrown in there? Huh?

  21. The Laughing God

    @23: yes

    Hopefully, they’ll get back together… and kill each other, or make duet albums… either or.

  22. Harry Ballzack

    Can’t there be a murder-suicide pact between these two worthless puddles of anal ooze ?

    Why should these two NOT get back together? They’re just out there in public looking to ruin two other lives

  23. Trover

    Shar won’t give K-Fed any more babies. Maybe Brit will. He ain’t no dummy. More coin baby!! Bet he and Brit get busy really soon!

  24. alex

    kevin also has 2 kids with shar jackson!!! does he not love her for being the mother of his kids, and why doesnt he spend as much time with them! cuz shar isnt loaded???

  25. ughhh

    why are you so mean?
    she’s looking really good lately and definitely getting better and it shows.
    maybe she will make her comeback and you all jealous people will get so raging jealous she’ll make you want to kill youselves. give the girl a break, don’t be a nasty cruel mothefucker and feed people’s nasty cruel motherfucker side. I hope you don’t need help at some point like she does, you know, you are never free of that, and it’s incredibly pathetic to try to make fun of someone just because they’re going through a hard time in their life.

  26. i bet her pussy smells like funyons

    what kevin mean is :

    “i still love that britney. she’s the mother of my meal tickets”

  27. Randal

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!

    Of course Kevin still loves her and shame for anyone who thought otherwise. Kfed has been nothing but the iron support for this broken family, supporting the children and being around when they need a father the most.

    That’s not to say Britney is a bad parent and mother, a lot has happened to her over the course of her career and is slowly turning herself around. Once she’s on the full road to recovery, both physically and mentally, Kevin and her children will welcome her back with open arms.

    The best to them both.


  28. This money grubbing bastard..just wants some more money!

    He didn’t want her..when she was down..He only wants her because she is UP, and feeling good about herself! She should tell her dad to shove it up his ass..if he think that she would give that sorry sonofabitch another chance! FUCKER

  29. jstunnah


    we need a spederline reunion!

  30. NY Ted

    Love my ass…love has nothing to do with it. It is called “The gravy train is running out of money”…K-Fed the biggest bum on earth who has never worked a day in his life…except in the bedroom….needs CASH! And lots of it!

  31. Stephanie

    That’s not a good reason at all. What about Shar Jackson, the mother of his other two children?

  32. Anonymous


    Pick up gun.

    Place gun in mouth.

    Pull trigger.

    Please, do all of the above. The sooner, the better.

  33. Jackie

    Good for them!

  34. jackiee

    listen shut up and start thinking bout ur life yhxx kwelll

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