Kevin Federline still incredibly fat

February 7th, 2009 // 83 Comments

Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince were spotted in Vegas leaving the tables at the Venetian. God, I don’t think I could ever get sick of looking at fat Kevin Federline. He looks like a cartoon character. And I don’t know what it is, but it always looks like his shirt is on backwards. Or, like, his body is backwards. When I look at him from the neck down I’m not even sure I’m looking at human anatomy anymore.


  1. c

    this picture just made my day. i haven’t giggled like that in ages. kevin federline is literally the biggest d-bag shaking the earth’s core with his overweight running trunks.

  2. c

    this picture just made my day. i haven’t giggled like that in ages. kevin federline is literally the biggest d-bag shaking the earth’s core with his overweight running trunks.

  3. s

    omfg i CANT BELIEVE anyone would find this piece of shit attractive in any way
    i guess you have to be a piece of nasty ass shit yourself and then the force of gravity pulls you together


    LMAO k-fat and k-overfed
    thats funnyy!!

    basically he’s a first class NO TALENT whatsofuckingever eminem-never-in-a million-years-will-be – wannabe who raided brit’s fridge got fucking fat and..wait why the hell are we even discussing this bullshit?
    hmm..him and jessica fatass simpson should try going on a date..

  4. I can’t believe he is massive

  5. Cartman

    K- WellFed is my fucking hero.

    Wigga found a sugarmomma to let him get fat as he wants.

    Everybody who doesn’t see that greatness is a hater.

  6. LookAtYou

    K-Fed’s girlfriend must be a chubby chaser.

  7. wet newspaper


  8. mimi

    Whatever haters he’ll still fine as Hell! Look at yourselves most men have a beer belly so get real. At least he was smart enough to marry the right girl so now he leads life the way he wants so who’s laughing?

  9. GirlNextDoor

    he looks like black pete from mickey mouse … the only thing missing is the cigarette

  10. AMLT

    Does his dick do magic tricks? How does he get with a woman like that?o

  11. OMG..Kevin is getting HUGE!

    One word…

    ===> SLACKER!

  12. Sheva

    Fatboy douchebag. He looks like just another fat guy on the Jersey Shore.

  13. Richard Roma

    Now known as K-FAT. w0rd.

  14. Richard Roma

    Now known as K-FAT. w0rd.

  15. Ehh, I think its totally cool of him to be a male gold-digger. He deserves everything he gets because he gave britney her 2 kids…

  16. Order of the Golden Shovel

    Women have been gold digging for ages. It must really suck for you whores to see what you have been doing to us for so long. Men (who make the REAL money) tire of the same ole nasty pussy and like to play a bit with other sluts. And so because of our ingrainded NEEDS we are penalized by and unjsut judicial system that gives half of what we earned to our used up skanks who deserve nothing and in fact should be charged for all the dick we were good enough to give them.

    Well whores, this is what it looks like when we wear YOUR shoes. hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaah YEAH BABY!!!!

  17. Lea

    oh poor n°66 she dumped you didn’t she ?! well good for her she must have found out what an asshole you are !

  18. He´s the most fattest….ex-husband…ever!!! Gosh…

  19. Smatt584

    I guess we know where all of Britney’s fat went…

  20. beep beep

    “Ingrainded?” LOL
    Do you even have an eighth-grade education? No wonder your girl dumped you.

  21. Lisa

    66, Maybe you shouldn’t date gold-digging skanks then, huh? It’s not like you honestly can’t spot them from a mile away. Hint: It’s that 18-year-old too-good-too-be-true blond piece of ass hitting on you when you’re a balding 40-year-old.

  22. Jibbly Biggins


    Somewhere in the word, Britney Spears is laughing her ass off at these pics. Revenge is sweet.

  23. auntmarie

    Hes so sexy! I want to sex him really!!

  24. mollie

    I think he must be fishing for a Jenny Craig sponsorship or something…it’s gotta be a fat suit. How else could his face stay exactly the same? He has no puffiness or double chin, it seems. I think it’s some sort of trick or something.

  25. I’d like to knock a couple of his teeth out and smash a worn CAT hat on his head, to complete the look.

  26. redsonja1313


  27. Leigh-Ann

    Do some of you women actually think he is sexy? Or are you just joking? Surely you’re joking. Even when he was skinny, he still wasn’t sexy. Ugh!! He’s just gross looking! He always has been!

  28. weity

    when did kevin smith shave his beard?
    and who knew his jorts collection included a pair of shants?

  29. Lisalou

    Kevin Burgerline

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  31. Fat K-Fed would turn ugly fat Kim Kardashian Stans. Sometimes weighing about 500 pounds.

  32. taz
    Commented on this photo:

    If he is so rich why is he wearing what looks like clothes from wal-mart?

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