Kevin Federline still incredibly fat

February 7th, 2009 // 83 Comments

Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince were spotted in Vegas leaving the tables at the Venetian. God, I don’t think I could ever get sick of looking at fat Kevin Federline. He looks like a cartoon character. And I don’t know what it is, but it always looks like his shirt is on backwards. Or, like, his body is backwards. When I look at him from the neck down I’m not even sure I’m looking at human anatomy anymore.


  1. Delgo


  2. Large and in Charge

    Aww, he even has cankles.

  3. Let me fix that title for you: Kevin Federline still incredibly talentless and fat – less time playing games such as Raiden ( and more time on the exercise bike I think Kev!

  4. hidie

    Who cares he’s looking after his kids and thats what matters

  5. Lisa

    Well, that’s what happens when all you do is sit at home and live off your ex wife’s $$$.

  6. Dumb(o)

    hidie, if you dont care you’re on the wrong site.

  7. sabrina

    So basically
    Instead of taking alimony
    He just took all the food in Brit’s fridge?
    and then ate her unpublicized triplets?

    mmmm what a sexshay sexshay man

  8. Sauron

    Incredible,K-fed’ whole style is gone.It’s blown up lol.

  9. Goddess mimi

    He looks pretty fine to me, fat or not!

  10. Yeah, fat off of his huge monthly CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS…

    check out this hilarious video about Larry Flint’s PORNO BAILOUT:

  11. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Basic Black. So Slimming!

  12. authorego

    Why do him and the guy behing have matching yellow feathers? Is that a new Weightwatchers thing?

  13. .

    #9: You would think that.

  14. sarahsampson

    @ 10 – lol sweet vid dude!

  15. Pedro de Pacas

    Eating steak and prime rib every night on the ex’s dime will do that to you.

  16. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Trillion at a time

    This dork even worth of mention on this or any site?

  17. Matt

    You think with all that money he would be able to buy a sense of style too…his shoes dont match anything on his outfit and what the fuck is up with those socks? Not to mention that one half-way pulled down sleeve from his undershirt. What a fuckin dork.

  18. 10pound

    He looks like a shit I took this morning.

  19. celebritiesarefunny

    haha he’s like that retarded guy from it’s always sunny! “Your shirts on backwards”, “Oh snap!”

  20. TipTip

    who gives a fuck. He’s a dude.

  21. TipTip

    and celebritiesarefunny, they proved he wasn’t retarded in that episode when he burned sweet dee. KFed is a true american hero.

  22. Dude’s got George Bush’s walk and Billy Mays’s face. He’s like 3 douchebags rolled into one.

    Oughta be a mascot for biscuits.

  23. Fati

    I hate it when attractive people ger fat. I remember when they shaved off his idiotic beard and put him in a suit for some ad campaign a few years back. He was SO handsome. And now…MOOOOOOOOOO! That’s very unfortunate.

  24. mai-tai

    He’s preparing to become a linebacker. Great. Now he plans on exploiting the NFL.

  25. K-Fat is a disgusting, kept manboi

    He’s a nasty, filthy, disgusting piece of shit who lives off the child support money from Britney. What a punk-ass bitch he is.

    Fat K-fed should hook up with fat Ki Kardashian the nasty skank. Between them they weigh about 500 pounds.

    K-Fat seems to be well fed with Britney money. Nasty fat pig.

  26. emperor has no clothes

    Don’t insult linebackers! Linebackers must stay in shape and work out! K-Fat never works out! He’s a lazy, good-for-nothing who is taken care of by a woman!

  27. Vince Lombardi

    Anyone notice she wears the same boots as Brit?

    By the way, K-Overfed is OUTSTANDING! Wish I thought of it.

  28. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Maybehe can marry Jessica Simpson and they can live off the fat of the land!

    #12. I keep looking at that “feather thing” too. At first I thought he had a chunk of hair dyed day glo yellow. then I thought it might be a glare off his sunglasses. Now I dont know what the Hell it is! Funny as Hell though! Cant believe we’re the only two here to notice it.

  29. EuroNeckPain

    Gasp, I hate this style. It is bad enough to be obese, but it makes it much worse when one wears those ridiculous long shorts with a HUGE tee-shirt, it makes the man look like a giant walking belly with tiny legs. 10cm of legs and awful sports shoes for a sloppy guy who does not do sports. He should add a beseball cap to complete the outfit. But the sunglasses on top of the head like an italian bitch, that sucks almost as much as a baseball cap.
    (Big farting sound).

  30. Vince Lombardi

    @12 & 29 – Not a feather – it’s a photographic blur of a yellow reflection on his sunglasses (either some nearby neon or the color scheme of the casino, from the looks of it). Blow up the first photo and look at the slot machines in the background behind the Black guy. They are blurred as well.

  31. Alberto Lupe Montoya

    Wow, we’re looking at the white Suge Knight in those pics

  32. 11pound

    Is that chick latching on to mooch off Britney’s money too?

  33. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Hahahahahahahahahaaha! What about the black guy? Thats not a feather in his hat?? hahahahahahahah! Im so easly amused by these photos. Im like a squirel wih a piece of tin foil.Oooooh! Shiney shiney!

  34. devilsrain

    4. hidie

    ” Who cares he’s looking after his kids and thats what matters”

    Yea Hes doing a great Job hidie, looking after his kids where???? At the blackjack tables??? moron

  35. Carolyn

    Why the hell does he always wear those dumb ass shoes that are open at the top? Was that a style I missed years ago? What does he do all day besides smoke cigarettes? I guess that can eat up the hours.

  36. Carolyn

    Why the hell does he always wear those dumb ass shoes that are open at the top? Was that a style I missed years ago? What does he do all day besides smoke cigarettes? I guess that can eat up the hours.

  37. Fernando Narcos

    I’ve always had teh feeling this blog is written by a 5’5″ tall,310 lb.,middleaged man in his mom’s sewing room…

  38. Dan Montana

    who’s the bitch?

  39. Dan Montana

    who’s the bitch?

  40. justifiable

    Nothing looks more stooopid than a fat man wearing cutoff saggy pants. Yeah, tiny kiddy legs under a big blimp torso, that’s sooo hot. Oh, the humanity.

  41. chamillionairy

    @ 32 duz that mean hes gonna hang himself over the balcony?

    @10 hahaha

  42. Lisa

    Of course like most lazy fat rich men, he still expects his woman to be slim and sexy for him. I hate society!

  43. JLS

    Fat, disgusting, roly-poly, foul smelling, out of shape sleazy punk.

  44. !

    44 agreed.

  45. Danklin24

    How/why does this jackhole still have an entourage of angry black men?

    Oh wait…

    Britney $$$.


  46. Smatt584

    K-Fed?, More like K-Overfed!! Ooh, SNAP!

  47. Piglet

    Boy, Brittney must be laughing her head off, and thanking God that she dumped him before he became an obese, fat slob.

  48. His girl saw him naked?
    She is still there?
    ……………………………………….SHE MUST BE AN AMERICAN!!
    (they’re are used to these fat pieces of shit, folks)

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