Kevin Federline starts his own search engine

March 20th, 2007 // 76 Comments

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t get any classier.


  1. WILL EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP! I’m trying to google shit so I can win a trip to Sperminator’s birthday party. Which I assume will be me, Federline, his grandmother and a 17yr old. girl who will ironically give birth during Federline’s own birthday performance!

    POPOZAO, indeed!

  2. veggi

    I don’t understand…. but I do understand how much this guy’s attempted sexy pose pisses me off and creeps me out.

  3. PunjabPete

    Way to be timely Fish… This shit has only been out there for a year or so….

  4. imran karim

    poor kids

  5. Alayney

    Don’t forget, if you win the trip to his party, expenses are NOT paid. You’re on your own! HAHAHA God, he is SOOOOOOO GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  6. kristynn

    let’s all go there and search ‘why is kevin federline such a douche?’ over and over.

    the best part is that the superficial comes up as the ninth result.

    maybe one of us will be lucky enough to win an autographed 8×10.


    this is hilarious.

  7. Ramblebrook

    Big stacking it Kev?

    What’s he got like $4 in chips in front of him in that pic?

  8. Yo mamma

    LOL I searched K-Fed sucks dick to make a living on his stupid piece of crap search engine and I actually won an 8×10 autographed poster of his for free HAHA funny shit.

  9. PrettyBaby

    You guys are crazy – Kevin’s dreamy! I’d stick a finger up his ass right before I left for work, so I could smell it all day.

  10. whitegold

    #58 – You lie!!! Did you seriously actually win something? I want to win something just so I can enter my user name as something like “K-Fed Sucks Cock” so it’ll be posted on his stupid site. But alas, I’m too damn lazy and uninspired to bother trying.

  11. supafreak

    The real suckas are the ones actually using his search engine.

  12. Ithrowball,youleave

    It’s not too late for K-Fed’s mom to have a late-term abortion, is it?

  13. Zoey

    Powered by Zewg my arse.

  14. woodhorse

    I’m there.

  15. S.P.F.R.S.

    Ok so we can say “let me Google that” or I have even heard people say “let me Yahoo that” but what are we gonna say here? “Let me Federline that”?

  16. greeneyedcat

    This has been around for WEEKS….

  17. Matthew

    I like that he couldn’t even afford his own domain.

  18. cm

    ROFL, what a scream. Still trying to figure out how to score the big bucks now that his trainwreck wife dumped him (at least his reputation is better than hers, lol).

  19. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    Its worse than granny porn! My eyes! My Eyes! Oh! How they burn!!! Curse you K-Fed-Aid! May your berries rot and your twig catch fire!!!

  20. Lindsay

    … what the fuck? hey ya know what! Best of luck to kevin. he does have like what 6 kids to support right??

  21. foog

    Dear Kevin,

    Hire a proofreader.
    “Its” that simple.

  22. pana1718

    that search engine is worthless i couldnt find a damn thing. it only came up bullshit.

  23. j

    He reeks of white trash

  24. Yo mamma

    #60 I’m not lying and BTW his search engine sucks but I wasn’t surprised because everything he does sucks.

  25. I like…so beautiful and sexy,good!

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