Kevin Federline starts his own search engine

March 20th, 2007 // 76 Comments

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t get any classier.


  1. JuniorLeaguer


  2. TashaVin`

    So hilarious

  3. jager2ways

    He must be a great poker player with all those chips stacked. And by all, i mean four. Four chips. He has four measly chips. Not counting, of course, the one on his shoulder.

  4. Nsomniac

    I wonder if his search engine could help him find some talent, class, or even help him determine that his heritage is of the caucasian persuasion.

  5. blpressure

    What a nob jockey!

  6. Nsomniac

    I wonder if his search engine could help him find some talent, class, or even determine that his heritage is of the caucasian persuasion.


  7. Nsomniac

    WTF? I didn’t approve that first one. Maybe I can do a second take on reality like Paris.

  8. Seriously? So, instead of “Google it”, are we going to hear people say “K-Fed it”?

  9. dtoadie

    Top 5 searches:

    1) Douche bag
    2) Redneck Jokes
    3) Britney pics nude
    4) Gay-FED
    5) Donkey balls

  10. whitegold

    So very confused…this is the absolute strangest thing ever, and simply begs the question “Why”? What on earth makes this fool think he needs to have his own search engine? On the plus side, I did just use his search engine to find The Superficial, and it actually did give me the correct link. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’m gonna win that K-Fed b-day party sweepstakes. How awesome would that be, the opportunity to attend K-Feds b-day party. I can’t wait until me, K-Fed, and his other friend get to tear things up in the McDonald’s party room. It’s gonna be off the hook!!!

  11. jrzmommy

    Ok, I’ll admit it – he looks pretty hot here.

  12. whitegold

    #8 – no, I think the term for the k-fed searches would be “dump it”, or “trash it”.

    #11 – crazy? or just drunk at the moment?

  13. dumbphuck

    who the fuck is this guy?

  14. sid

    sigh…apparently the new Fishdoode needs our help to write a real blurb for this post. Any takers?

  15. PrettyBaby

    He’s cleaned his act up, he’s taking care of the kids, let’s give Earl a little credit here. And yes, he’s got a smoldering-sexy look going on now…he can bust a nut on my face any day.

  16. pookiedoo

    #13, this is the “man” who is hell-bent on impregnating the entire female population with his evil demon spawn. The search engine is just a cover, it’s really a screening site for potential baby mommas.

  17. pookiedoo

    Careful, Pretty, rumor has it that sperm can impregnate you if it touches any part of your body.

  18. pookiedoo

    “His sperm” that is; is it wrong to be hungover at work on a Tuesday morning?

  19. mrs.t

    I’d let him search my panties. Very thoroughly.

  20. Lobo

    It’s high time Kevin gets the respect he deserves.

    C’mon, it’ll only take a second.

  21. serial snarkalec

    What’s the prize you get from ole K-Fed for searching? Crabs? STD? Career-wrecking bun(s) in the oven? Postpartum pussy flashing that lands you in detox? That’s kinda like getting a free beach umbrella with your lung cancer from Virginia Slims.

  22. BarbadoSlim

    What’s the addy for this?

  23. lambman

    my brain hurts

  24. Zanna

    I’m imagining a small puddle of his semen on the small of my back.

  25. ponk

    #24 – me too!

  26. danielle

    Everytime you seacr the web you stand a chance of winning a prize from Kevin Federline.

    It’s that simple.


    No, really? Are you serious? Am I being p’unked?

  27. DrPhowstus

    Everytime I entered POPOZAO, I got What the fuck kind of servers are they using? Are they powered by hamsters hopped up on meth running furiously in little wheels?

    Seacr? Is that an abbr of Seacrest?

  28. crazyotto

    I’m sure Al Gore never envisioned this when he created the internet…..

  29. danielle


    I bet 2 minutes but you did it in 4.

  30. DrPhowstus

    @29 – Lemme guess (ahem, I need to clear my throat and do my best DDanielle), is that what you crackhead dickshit daddy said to your mom casper?

    Do you hear that…yea no one’s laughing.

    Assface. Move on.

    How was that?

  31. #18, No, the important thing is that you showed up!

  32. danielle


    Dickshit? Who uses that term? Oh right, I did. Nice recycling habits my dear.

    And what’s this? Casper? You’re just a regular common term snatcher, aren’t ya?

    Do you hear this…….

    Oh right, you can’t HEAR through a computer, dumbass.

    (laughing)..assface? I thought asshat was funny but…you just took it a step further.

    I’ll tell ya how it was. It was pa-th-e-tic. All 4 syllable’s.


  33. almostfamous

    T. McPheeters from IL is the luckiest of them all (at least within the last hour). While K. Bridgewater and D. Wolstromer have won the B-Day Party Sweepstakes Entry, this person won an 8×10 Kevin Federline Autograph. Seriously. WON it. Didn’t even have to pay anything for it. Well, except for the shipping and handling probably, which means that T. McPheeters is actually losing money.

  34. FRIST!!!

    Look, he’s searching for himself!!!

  35. almostfamous

    p.s. why are y’all always fighting on here? it’s weird.

  36. #33 hehe!!
    I just did a google search for popozao and found
    “It’s Peanut Butter Federline!”

  37. DrPhowstus

    @32 — Thanks homie (that’s the proper term, no?) I was trying to build my street cred. I think I’m ready for a drive by now, I just have to figure out how to shoot accuratelt with my gun tilted to the side.

    In other news, I just used Ear’s search engine again, heretoforth known as ESE (for my people in La Raza) and I typed in DDanielle, hoping to get some gems based on her past scintillating commentary. All I kept getting were oinking sounds. What the fuck could that possibly mean?

  38. This search engine scam of his is so dickweedish, that it tells the joke for itself… I am out of a job commenting on this.

  39. Hecubus

    Wow all the dumb broads on here commenting on how ‘hot’ this loser is just reminded me why I’m a rapist.

  40. Italian Stallion

    When you search for “white rapper” only Eminem shows up………weird

  41. Do Freebird

    In the small insert picture, he’s wearing a shirt and a tie. In the main picture, he’s wearing a jacket, but the shirtr and tie are gone.

    The dopey bastard actually lost his shirt playing cards.

  42. FRIST!!!

    #37, maybe if you search for danielle instead of DDanielle?
    Is there a new post yet? I’m bored.

  43. DrPhowstus

    I just won Earl’s dignity! WOOO HOOOOOOO!!! Apparently his self-esteem and Canal Street Rolex had already been taken.

  44. jrzmommy

    12–option C–trolled.

  45. jrzmommy

    Not you DanYELL….you get no prizes.

  46. ponk

    trolled two days in a row. damn i AM special!

  47. jrzmommy

    Yes, Real Ponk, you are special, but not in the DanYELL kinda way.

  48. VeronicaRedux

    Are we sure it isn’t suppose to read Kevin Federline starts his own engine?

  49. guymorgan

    I dont see how on earth you could troll the superfish (unless you are the f-chan guys)

    I mean sure people think, ‘I know I will pretend to stick up for any celebrity’ but their posts are so weak, people just ignore them.

  50. meee

    he’s so desperate (and failing) that it makes me feel uncomfortable.

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