Kevin Federline sports mystery woman

February 22nd, 2006 // 149 Comments

kfed-mystery.jpgKevin Federline has been spotted with his arm around a woman that isn’t Britney Spears. I have no idea who the woman might be, but I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s his sister. And that he’s cheating on Britney Spears with her. Because if jumping to conclusions has taught me anything, it’s that whenever you see a guy with his arm around a girl it’s safe to assume they’re also having sex and probably related. That’s a scientific fact, my friends. I read it in a magazine.


  1. Sheva

    Look he just loves the memory of Britney before she lost the tight look of a young lady and become a bloated hag.

    And this girl is his way of honoring her.

  2. Devil Is Chrome

    Popozao! Popozao!




  3. kroft

    Well let’s be real. When you’re a handsome, debonaire, successful musical artist like K-Fed, you can’t be expected to limit yourself to just one woman. That wouldn’t be fair, either to K-Fed or to lovelorn women the world over.

  4. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    Kinda looks like Jamie-Lynn, the younger sister, she looks like Britney back in the day when she started out…

  5. playahater101

    I really hope he isn’t dumb enough to walk around with his arm around another woman in public. Then again, I’m talking about the guy who hired an escort in Vegas and brought her to strip club after strip club while Brit was pregnant. Anyone else remember that? The paparazzi were following them all night long. What a loser.

  6. Manderoni

    #3…exactly. And Britney is in Hawaii right now by herself. So I think it’s safe to say he is bangin’ this broad…he must be, he’s got his arm around her, right?

  7. gossipmonger

    Another one bites the dust? Brit has been replaced by… wait for it… Jamie Spears!

  8. playahater101

    How can anyone resist a guy who has zero cash of his own and mooches off his wife’s career? And who wrote the tantilizing lyrics to Popozao? Such talent!!

  9. Danno

    That new blonde girl is a lot hotter than that other girl he is with, too. . .

    New blonde girl isn’t pretty. . .

  10. gossipmonger

    “I love K-fed’s Corn Rolls “, didnt read your post first before my post above…. Yeah, totally agree, looks like he just traded her in for her little sister… (and thank god for Sean being a boy, or in 15 years I’d be worried about KFed hittin’ on that one too… keepin’ it in the family, and all, ya know?)

  11. .shiny.

    well, what makes you so sure he won’t hit on him either way..?

  12. krahe

    I have a theory. He’s trying to become America’s Genghis Khan. Since he’s already left a string of children in his wake, it seems to me that he’s going to impregnate whoever this is, too, and then head off into the sunset (or into Sunset Bvd., as the case may be) on his shaggy Mongol pony… and his next conquest.

    Needless to say, this must be stopped.

  13. jimmythefish

    Everyone keeps saying how stupid Kevin Federline is. Marry Britney Spears despite no looks, money, skills or talent. Idiotic.

  14. andrewthezeppo

    That’s clearly Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney’s little sister.

    Unfortunately it looks like lately she’s gotten into her sisters bleach, and her cheetos

  15. playahater101

    #13, she’s an idiot for marrying a guy she slept with the first night she met him. And for taking on a guy with a pregnant girlfriend, a little girl, and zero money. Him and Shar were struggling to make the rent before Brit came along. She made him famous just by marrying him. She looks the other way when he is seen with other women, so she gets what she deserves. You’re right, he’s not the idiot here. He’s pretty smart to have landed a moron like her.

  16. LaydeeBug

    Could it be Britney’s little sister, a H.I.T?
    Ho in training

  17. frangly

    #12, I agree. Someone must let loose some radiation on the Federline testicles before he mates again.

  18. drowningfool

    If he nails Britney’s sister, and gets her pregnant as well, K-Fed will be elevated to Eternal God status. That’s right. His Game will have become so on point that no human male will ever be able to touch it, and no human female able to resist it. God I love this man.

  19. DuckBoy

    um if he was going to cheat on Britney Spears, don’t you think he’d do it with someone hotter than this girl?

    I mean his wife is BRITNEY SPEARS

  20. DuckBoy

    also, last time I checked, when you are cheating on your wife you don’t walk around in public with your arm around your girlfriend…

    especially not if you’re Kevin Federline and you have paparazzi on you 24/7

  21. em167

    Okay, so it DOES look like it could be Jami Lynn, but, still, I wouldn’t let MY sister’s husband walk around with his arm around me, that’s just creepy and skanky. Then again, we are talking about K-Fed. Creepy and skanky’s kind of his thing, right?

  22. ribbit25

    Isn’t that the chick who just married Dr jason Diamond on Dr. 90210?

  23. Vichus Smith

    I think that not only is K-Fed (YECH) banging his own sister and cheating on Britney, but he’s also cheating on his sister with his cousin.

    I hate fucking Federline, and not because he’s a wannabe Eminem with his hat turned sideways and a tendency to dump his seed in chicks and run. I just hate him because he thinks he’s talented and that people are playing his song because it’s hip and interesting.

  24. LaydeeBug

    Jamie Lynn needs to learn how to dye her hair professionally, it looks like pooped-on straw.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t just a teeny-weeny bit of rivalry between the Spears Sisters.

  25. ~S.Starr~

    That is not jamie lynne…It doesn’t even remotly look like her. JL is really tan (this girl is pale ass white), JL’s hair has darker blonde contrast(this girl has what looks like a really bad at home bleach job), JL isn’t that skinny, and the noses are totally different (this chick looks like she has a pointy wiches nose…ew.

    Not eve close to the same girl…

  26. Caught Dead In That Dress

    How old actually is KFed? He looks about 50…

  27. sammygirl

    I read on a different website that this woman is a French “actress” who is vacationing in L.A. She’s described by someone who supposedly knows her as being a “star fucker” and having a “horrendous coke problem”. Interesting.

  28. LaydeeBug

    Which website SAMMYGIRL?

  29. Tracy

    I’m trying to rationalize the Jamie-Lynn thing by asking myself, “Would it be natural for one of my sisters’ hubands to put his arm around me like that EVER? Uh, no.


  30. #12 – this means K-Fed could be my dad!

  31. Jacq

    Ok, Kevin Federline married (past tense) Britney Spears. The woman that he is now married to could eat old Brit for a pre-lunch snack. Did anyone else see the pic of her from AOL Celebrity? She had on an old Hollywood glam hat and CUTOFF JEAN SHORTS! Who wears cutoffs over your bathing suit in the water in HAWAII?! Fat chicks, that’s who. I know that you can take the girl out of Louisiana, but when you’re handed to K-Fed even Louisiana doesn’t even want you back.

  32. HughJorganthethird

    This post would be so much more interesting if it was “K-Fed Sports Mystery Lesions” or “K-Fed Spontaneously Combusts while Maturbating”

    Guess I’ll have to wait for those.

  33. Maeve97

    That does look a lot like Jamie Lynn. However, as Tracy said, it’s really weird for him to have his arm around her like that. Also, I can’t imagine anyone in Brit’s family actually liking K-Fed and permitting him to touch them in an affectionate way.

  34. Grphdesi23

    Oops…he did it again.

  35. Grphdesi23

    Britney to Kevin: Who is this bitch? Seriously.

  36. ESQ

    K-Douche was out clubbin’ one night without Britney (surprise) and he put a roofie in this girls drink and made her think she is Britney.

  37. mcnama

    He’s on a mission….to make another perfectly presentable young lady lower her standards and inhibitions and make her believe it is ok to be that way…

  38. gogoboots

    Probably some bag lady he picked up, she looks like Mary Kate Olsen! Gasp an affair for shame!

    I wouldn’t put it past him, K-Fed is the devil incarnate and is gonna suck Britney dry.

  39. mcnama

    He’s on a mission….to make another perfectly presentable young lady lower her standards and inhibitions and make her believe it is ok to be that way…

  40. Tania

    Hmm, I smell a separation.

    Brit vacationing alone with the baby in Hawaii? Since when does Kevin turn down free vacations? Or free anything for that matter.

    And I totally agree w/ S.Starr (# 25). That is definitely NOT Jamie-Lynn. I know we all want it to be her for the sake of drama, but it’s not.

  41. ProtonMan

    If it is the little sister of his wife, I wonder if he is trying to convince her to join him and Brit in the marital cot…mmmm, it is some blokes fantasy.

  42. Zanna

    I think it kind of looks like Lindsay Lohan when she was blonde (is she still blonde..I don’t know..)

  43. playahater101

    Yeah, SAMMYGIRL, post that link if you can. I wanna read it, too.

  44. sammygirl

    LaydeeBug, go to to read more about who this chick might be. Who knows if it’s true, but she sounds like a complete zero, so I can see KFed liking her.

  45. playahater101

    I just saw that pic on of Brit in Hawaii. It says that she’s looking to rent a house there for 3 months while she finishes her new album. I seriously hope it is way more successful than her loser hubby’s. And then she dumps him and goes back to being cute.

    Thanks for the link SAMMYGIRL!

  46. Craig & "em"

    I’m disappointed that we’re not giving “The Greatest Rapper of All Times” (we call him Special K in da hood) his proper respect. I mean…all he does is put out hit after hit and gets arguably the “HOTTEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD” pregnant, and all we want to do is gossip about him having possible oral sex (it wasn’t oral) with his sister. Let’s focus on the positive things (like his music) that both enrich and improve our lives on a daily basis.

    (This comment was in no way written jointly by me Kevin Federline, and my wife Britney Spears)

  47. God I yearn for the day when we can all say

    “Remember that guy who married that singer…you know who I’m talking about…real douchebag, always wore cornrows? What the hell was his name?”

    Ahhhhh, Please make that day come soon.

  48. BarbadoSlim

    when is this guy gonna get arrested and turned into a prison cum rag by the muslim broherhood WHEN?

  49. LaydeeBug

    #43, oooh, pfft, another ugly bitch.

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