Kevin Federline should use his Britney-money on a gym membership

December 6th, 2008 // 95 Comments

Kevin Federline took a mystery woman out last night, and look, I don’t want to say he’s gotten fat. But I do want to say “Run, bitch, RUN! Holy shit, can’t you tell he ate the last one!? Free shoes are not worth your life, lady! RUN!”

That said, do you think Britney’s jealous? Not because Kevin’s dating or anything, but because he can let himself go without his dad, manager, record label and the state of California locking him in the garage with a sprig of celery for five days. No, seriously, who does she have to kill for a pudding pie around here?

Photos: Flynet

  1. Friend

    Maybe he just ate all Britany’s money…

  2. Master of The Obvious

    Sorry to rain on your parade #35, but technically, you posted after the word Me in your post, so I hate to be so blatant about this, but you mostly certainly do win the top award for the person who posted after Me…so I guess if you want to be literal about it, you are the one who sucks the most since you were the first post, so therefore you qualify beautifully as the most suckiest one of all those who suck according to your definition. Just an observation.

  3. max

    Superdouche Federline has been face down in the bologna and cheese pizzas celebrating the largest income he’s ever had in milking Brits money.

    What a skanky weakling punk.

  4. DAMN! Thats three stones pass chubby-poo… He must be packing some serious Mandingo size pene – cuz really…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  5. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Delayed allergic reaction to Britney’s toxic pussy???

  6. No problem at all, folks.

  7. Shep

    Kankles, hahahhaahahahha.. There’s no such thing as a fat successful white rapper Kevin. Just ask Bubba Sparxxx

  8. jokera

    Thats your brain on junk food kids.

  9. jaq

    Here you have it folks…proof that skin color is no longer a factor (requirement) for earning the title”nigger”.

    K-Fed, the fat ass douchebag deluxe, is a NIGGER!

  10. Bob

    DOes Shar Jackson and her kids live with K-Fed. Because I wonder if he has to pay for their tuition and other stuff like with Brits kids. No one has really explored that story. Does Shar also have a nanny like K-fed

  11. sandy

    My Grandpa, a veteran, is in better shape than that rolly-poly, illiterate, kept, no-talent, gold-digging, poor hygiene, living off of child support douchebag.

  12. graham

    What a punk!!!

  13. jojo

    wow – he is fat!! what heppened there? isn’t he supposed to be a playboy??

  14. jul

    fat pregnant ass

  15. superflous

    That chick carrying shoes is quite hot.

  16. Cinderella

    I guess that just shows you that Brit was really the prettier one after all.

  17. Jahaha That guy has breasts!!!!!!!!!

  18. sunshine

    Has he called Jenny yet?

  19. Steve Lawrence

    Why the fuck don’t you figure out how to single back click after viewing photos, fuckhead

  20. Amandafoster

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  21. michelle

    in his defense, he does take care of the boys 24/7. maybe once brit gets her stuff in gear, he’ll have time to get to the gym regular.

  22. I can’t believe the difference in him. You’d think with looking after the children would keep him fit and active.

  23. I agree about thinking running around after the kids would help keep his weight in check.

  24. missywissy

    He’s got to get a reputation for being fat so he can get fame doing Nutri-System commercials. Got to get back in the game somehow.

  25. dsfdsfd

    Those of you sayin he has no skills are dead wrong.. Kevin is an extremely talented dancer. The reason why he’s getting fat is prolly cuz now he’s still eating like when he was still dancing, but now lounging around countin Britney’s money.

  26. joey joejoe

    hahaha, you fat cunt.

    the britney diet doesn’t work fool, no matter how much money she pays you.

    when you chowing down on her pooch you need to make sure she hasn’t packed a KFC family feast down her pants. it tastes like chicken cause it is chicken and the crusty bit aren’t crabs, thats 11 secret herbs and spices bitch.

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  28. MJ

    Gross, now he just has to go bald too :s too bad, he looked good back in the days (ugh, I have to go wash myself now)

  29. It’s not like he has to work…

  30. urfavbrunette

    wow…he is HUGE. and that girl is ALMOST as big as he is!

    AND….did anyone else notice that she is walking around BAREFOOT?!??!! uh….can we say gross. BARF.

  31. #80 – Never been to the airport I see… just an FYI… those are NOT big silver birds zooming by in the sky, and the sun is NOT dragged across the sky by Apollo in a flaming chariot…

    I’m here to help.

  32. ToeSniffer

    #80 – She isn’t barefoot, she’s wearing flip flops. Besides there is nothing wrong with chicks walking around barefoot, it’s sexy when they do that.

  33. Dozer

    OMFG this is how the neighborhood redneck grandpa looked 5 years ago?!

  34. Kankles Fatterline

    fuck you yall
    i gots lotsa green and lotsa pussy

    ya bitches!

  35. Kankles Fatterline

    fuck you yall
    i gots lotsa cash and pussy

    ya bitches!

  36. Kankles Fatterline

    and mo pussy

    ya bitches!

  37. clubber

    Is that a dude or a chick hes with? Very manly blonde. No?

  38. Gabriel

    I’d still blow him

  39. shannon

    that’s what happens when you stop smoking meth

  40. Brianne

    Kevin FATerline!!

  41. Brianne

    Kevin FATerline!!

  42. joanna

    that was lovely


  44. joe m

    If Kevin is really so bad and if Britney is so good,
    then why did she marry him?
    Are you jealous losers saying that she’s stupid?
    He was a great dad when she was not a good mom.
    They are both trying their best.

  45. snow white

    Why wouldn’t he be fat, he doesn’t work, nanny’s take care of the kids and he lives of Brittney’s money…Hello anyone see something wrong with this picture he is a party boy and always will be.

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