Kevin Federline sets the record straight

*kevin_federline_thumb3.jpgKevin Federline has broken his silence. The dancer, appearing on Los Angeles radio host Ryan Seacrest’s show yesterday, told Seacrest that everything is “wonderful” between he and Britney Spears. He then punched Seacrest in the nuts and challenged him to a dance-off, calling him “Ryan Seabitch.” (note: just because I made that last part up doesn’t mean it never happened).

When Seacrest asked if he was kicked out of the home he shares with Spears, Federline replied, “No way,” and later laughed when Seacrest asked, “What about the divorce reports?” He also denied reports his Ferrari had been repossessed, saying it was simply being taken into a local garage for repairs. He also laughed off reports that he and his wife were planning to have a second baby. He said, “Nah, not right now, we’re gonna wait.”

Some questions I wish that Seacrest would have asked: “Kevin, why are you such a douchebag?” or “People often say to me ‘Ryan, that Kevin Federline is a total douchebag’. Can you explain that?” or “I was watching this documentary on douchebags the other day, and you were featured prominently. In fact, I believe it was called ‘Kevin Federline: profile of a douchebag’ – what’s that all about?”