Kevin Federline scraps reality show

Apparently Kevin Federline was in talks to star in his own reality show about being a single dad but recently decided to scrap the plans, according to E! News:

“His plans are on hold because of the Britney situation,” a source close to Federline exclusively told E! News. “He had planned to do it, but not now.”
A rep for the Playing with Fire purveyor had no comment on the situation, but the source from K-Fed’s camp said he had been in talks with the show’s would-be producers for months.

I totally would’ve watched this show. Mostly for the episode where Britney comes crashing through Kevin’s living room window while wearing rocket skates. Think of her as Wile E. Coyote to Kevin’s Roadrunner. It’ll be hilarious. At least until Britney gets a hold of some dynamite and realizes much too late it’s not a microwave burrito. Gotta remember to TiVo that one.

Photo: Splash News