Kevin Federline scraps reality show

February 6th, 2008 // 35 Comments

Apparently Kevin Federline was in talks to star in his own reality show about being a single dad but recently decided to scrap the plans, according to E! News:

“His plans are on hold because of the Britney situation,” a source close to Federline exclusively told E! News. “He had planned to do it, but not now.”
A rep for the Playing with Fire purveyor had no comment on the situation, but the source from K-Fed’s camp said he had been in talks with the show’s would-be producers for months.

I totally would’ve watched this show. Mostly for the episode where Britney comes crashing through Kevin’s living room window while wearing rocket skates. Think of her as Wile E. Coyote to Kevin’s Roadrunner. It’ll be hilarious. At least until Britney gets a hold of some dynamite and realizes much too late it’s not a microwave burrito. Gotta remember to TiVo that one.

Photo: Splash News

  1. Texas Tranny


  2. mim


  3. Clever

    Good one mim…..

  4. I was told she has a profile on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named ( I believe it’s totally a rumor since he has been busy with his daily stuff for so long. But who knows the truth?

  5. I was told he has a profile on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named ( I believe it’s totally a rumor since he has been busy with his daily stuff for so long. But who knows the truth?

  6. dude on a wire

    Good career move. Less is more.

    - In other words it was testing like such a train wreck the Britney card was played for an out. I bet it would have been just a hell-on-wheels delight though – him pouring milk on cereal etc.

  7. Hollys-a-Swaying

    Fish, are you really comparing them to two of the greatest cartoon characters ever!?!

    hope a anvil drops on your head, you no talent hack.

  8. wait a minute

    Doesn’t K-Fed have a child or two with his women before brit? He’s not a single dad he is a multiple mama man.

  9. Sarah

    You know, whether or not you like Britney, you have to think that this guy is taking advantage of all the horrible things that are happening to her. He latched onto her, drained her of her damn sanity, and left.

    You have to wonder if even once he stopped her and said–”Hey, let me help you.” It’s too bad. I’m not really a Britney fan, but she’s gone through enough crap to last a lifetime.

    I hope she gets better and makes some kind of a comeback. Not necessarily singing, just sanity.

  10. That’s probably because My Name Is Earl was already taken.

  11. Who wants a blowjob?
    I love the taste of jiz and can’t get enough.

    Free blowjobs for everybody.

  12. Captain Fucktard

    It would be fun to watch her come over with a shaved head and beat the shit out of things with and umbrella. Maybe the cops could come by and the whole thing could turn into a Run Ronnie Run situation. Kevin could take the kids all around the country, while Britney and Lufti could follow close behind with hillbilly chase banjo music playing. Lufti could dose Britney with crazy pills until she acts so ape shit nutz the police have to be called yet again. Meanwhile Lufti could be filmed making extremely agitated faces while threatening to piss on this grave, and that grave, and definitely your grave. Then before and after commercial breaks, Britney’s mother and father could be interviewed talking about how much they love Britney, and they don’t want her money they just want to be in control of it. Then say things like maybe I will use it to buy extravagant gifts for myself, but my childhood star daughter didn’t prostitute herself into this position of fame and wealth, that was all me baby, and now I deserve to be rewarded.

  13. missywissy

    Rush Limbaugh is the Tom Cruise of Republicans.

  14. misery bunny

    when they said brit might get monitored visitation, i guess they literally meant visitation through a monitor.

    although i bet brit would tivo that shit and then never watch it. bet it’s tough to change the channel in a straightjacket.

  15. #9, Re-read. You missed the point of this article completely. HE SCRAPPED IT..

  16. The Office Whore

    I don’t care what anybody says – I’d love to rub my pussy all over his sexy face.

    (go ahead, give me your best shot)

  17. Anonymous


    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Federline is not a SHE. You dumb fucking cunt.

  18. The Office Whore

    16- bravo dipshit..

  19. gert

    i hate this guy ……………. go make more kids u prick

  20. Greedo the Dead

    Hey #4

    I heard they both have a sight on

    Or maybe it’s .net.

  21. #9:

    > you have to think that this guy is taking advantage of all the horrible things that
    > are happening to her. He latched onto her, drained her of her damn sanity, and
    > left.

    I don’t HAVE to think anything but this move of KFedz was the classiest thing he has done in his life. He is broke, and turning down easy money in light of the pathetic mess she is is just cool.

    #17: you are a fag. And I mean that in a bad way Who the hell turns down free blowjobs for everyone? No such thing as a bad blowjob.

    I’m up, who wants to blow me?

  22. Auntie Kryst

    @9 “she’s gone through enough crap to last a lifetime.” By that I hope you mean fast food drive throughs. If that is what you mean, I agree. Otherwise if you think she’s had it tough *sniffle* you’re the one that needs help. She had it really easy, and selfishly pissed it all away. No one should give a shit about her.

  23. D. Richards (Ejaculate.)


    ‘Okay, Kevin, in this episode, you’re going to go to the Mercedes dealership and purchase a brand new car. This is the catch: while speaking like a negro and wearing a backwards ballcap. Think you can do that? Great! Remember to use words like, ‘wack’, ‘fosho’; remember to say the word ‘shit’ consistently. Huh? Consistently — no, it is a word. Kevin, consistantly is a word and it means to do something the same way more than once, repeatedly. Repeatedly, yes (…) it’s a word as well, and it means.. Look, just use the word ‘shit’ a lot, Kevin.’

  24. pretty

    I think she is being ironic…. poor girl, her life must be imbalanced

  25. ack

    scrapped? thank god.

  26. woodhorse

    You know those magnet “drawings” that were done with metal shavings enclosed in a box? No matter what I did, the guy always looked like that photo of KFed. Does he have a special razor or does he hide out for a day until he gets the shadow? Does he know razor burn is very unsexy?

  27. D. Richards (Flashdancer.)

    #26. Razor burn is unsexy — you would hate my testicles.

  28. kitty_kat

    Well, what more proof do you need? The fact that he was going to have his own reality show shows that he is taking these kids for the money and notoriety it is gonna give him.

  29. misery bunny

    # 28, I’d like to believe there’s something worse that could happen to these children, but considering that genetically speaking, they’re playing chess with less than a half set and a broken board already, kfed might as well open a circus and make a spectacle of them. ain’t nothing gunna make their lives better.

  30. yeah, “sissy”, go take that jiz that you love so much and drown yourself in it. if you have nothing nasty and rude to say about K-Fed then go stick your spamming someplace creative.

  31. Willravel

    And here I thought he turned it down because it was stupid, incapable of entertaining outside of being laughed at, and untalented.

  32. Salesman Terry

    I can hardly stand to call this person a man. He should’ve been a better husband to Britney. If he’d truly loved her, he would’ve taken care of her and protected her, and she wouldn’t be having so many problems. Shame on you, Kevin, for using Britney and walking away from her. You had a great woman and you threw her away.

  33. I hate to say it, but I kind of feel bad for the douchebag…

  34. jason

    he is so cool. but i just found out his secret that he have joined an
    online club SugarMommaMatch.c, by which he is seeking a sexy girl or rich women
    dating cute men.. ..i am not sure if it is ture, but it is horrible.

  35. gawdno

    Only because of Britney’s condition?
    What about, uh, the dignity of the children? They’ve had enough media coverage already to traumatize them for decades to come, they don’t have to star in a reality show with their white trash golddigger daddy for further embarrassment..

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