Kevin Federline reveals all

May 3rd, 2006 // 111 Comments

Kevin Federline had a

the other day, and in it talks about wanting a threesome with Jessica Alba, choosing to save Sean Preston over Britney Spears if they were both drowning in the ocean, and thinking Britney Spears is better in bed than Shar Jackson. None of that has to do with Kevin Federline standing proudly on top of a Maserati, I just felt you’d need a visual reminder as to who the ass clown speaking was. Listen to the , and then do something to get rid of the mental image of Shar Jackson and Kevin Federline having sex. I recommend dousing your face in bleach.

Thanks to TK for the pic.



  1. Fa Cube Itches

    23: boocoo is a Vietnam era corruption of “beaucoup”, which is a Froggie word.

  2. Who is k-fed’s consultant? Vanilla Ice?

  3. Fuck, you’re all killing me, beau coup is two words. It means ‘good blow’. It refers to all the asshats that get posts here.

    Tom Cruise – likes to give good blow (jobs).
    Kate Moss – likes good blow (coke).
    Lindsay Lohan – see both of the above.

  4. Trotter

    @40. “Posted by Iambananas on May 3, 2006 06:33 PM
    jimmycracks… that’s awesome you said sorry… most people on this site are too immiture to say that… you’re one notch up in my book (that puts you at notch 2)”

    That is beautiful.

  5. radio4play

    was up w/ all this shit about beaucoup..which is one word by the way bloody bastards

    sheesh tcltc

  6. I forgot to mention. I will gut K-Fag with a spork if he ever mentions the Alba again.

  7. eva86

    @51 I am a military brat, vietnam war era…that’s what I meant. time for me to get off my “fucking high horse”….yes not bouquet but beaucoup.

  8. auh2o

    Beaucoup is one word, dumbfuck. And it doesn’t mean “good blow,” it means “a lot”. You’re taking the literal meaning of the individual words in a compound word a little too, well, literally.

  9. Pearly

    Jessica Alba probably needed 2 or 3 showers after hearing that. I would.

  10. Jolima7

    Alright, I listened to the entire interview, and I am wondering if I am the only person who DID NOT HEAR HIM MENTION JESSICA ALBA’S NAME ONCE? I heard him talk about Halle Berry, and each of the other things written above, but I did not here any question or comment made by anyone during the interview that made any reference to Jessica Alba.

  11. eva86

    WTF does jessica alba have to do with K-Fed and this maserati?

  12. megana

    my bet is that within one year, we’ll be seeing this sour piece of trailer detritus on COPS, sniveling at the foot of some police officer, swearing up and down that he didn’t MEAN to do all that truck-stop meth and drown his wife and child in a tub filled with beer.

  13. radio4play

    #60 OH no the universe is out of whack now..first what possessed you to listen to F-fag’s interview…second who cares who he did or didn’t mention

    does no care that tcltc..well tcltc

  14. Sweetsens8tion

    #60 the first ? asked to K-fag was…if you could have a threesome, yourself & Britany, along with one other person who would it be…his answer was JESSICA ALBA

  15. saltpeanuts

    Look, he’s a hood ornament. Which differs only slightly from his status as Britney Spear’s dildo and baby-maker.

  16. radio4play

    he IS a dildo one that sucks…money that is out of his wife

  17. radio4play

    he IS a dildo one that sucks…money that is out of his wife

  18. auh2o, no shit it’s one word. My post was a crack on these fucking twats that we are discussing. Get a life, and this time, get one with the sense of humor accessory. On second thought, don’t get a life. Just forfeit the one you have now. Douche.

  19. Italian Stallion

    @44 I already have a blue shirt that says Italion Stallion and never had a woman disagree……..yet anyway

  20. lylah785

    just in case any of you out there even kinda thought he might just maybe just a little even wasnt a totaly wast of perfectly good space.. this should be enough to tell you other wise. what a what a leach!

  21. Italian Stallion

    @44 I wasn’t being serious, but thank you Suzy anyways…….

  22. Color me stoked

    Oh god.. K-fed.
    Does anyone else see this picture as a sign that the end of the world is near?

    ps. “Holla at ya boy!”
    I really DO want one of those shirts.

  23. TreacleTart

    #60, I listened to the interview too :=(
    He actually said, “that chick from Sin City” and the interviewers answered Jessica Alba.
    I feel like I have to justify listening to the interview now.
    I live in England. We fortunately don’t have to see/hear/put up with Federline much. I had never heard him speak before. I just wanted to see if he had anything interesting to say and if I would despise him less.
    He didn’t, I don’t.
    Oh well, that’s 8 MINUTES I’ll never get back.
    It’s my own fault.

  24. CruisingForCock

    How does he not have enough money to buy something other than 3 pack wife beaters (which should be only be worn by darkies)

  25. MasterofMuppets

    ‘I will gut K-Fag with a spork if he ever mentions the Alba again.’

    What, that pig dude from ‘Animal Crossing’? That’s harsh, dude. Way harsh.

  26. WTF

    why is he still living? no really…..why?????

  27. TrannyGranny

    Check it out, he violated Britney when she was hot, now she’s a fucking living, breathing pork rind. He is violating a supreme car, give it 3 weeks, I bet it transforms into the short-bus.

  28. prettierthanmeganharris

    @69 yummy

  29. CHUD

    I wish I had thought of standing on a car.

  30. turd ferguson

    whoever owns that car should have capped his ass. or been capped for letting him near it.

  31. sweetcheeks

    I’m pretty sure that lambananas is the retarded girl at Kroger who used to bag my groceries… she liked pulling the stickers off the chiquita bananas and putting them on her little blue vest. And she regularly soiled herself and called all of her co-workers “immiture.” It all just fits.

  32. What a dumb ass. I’m serial.

  33. Jedi Kevin

    I find it hilarious that Google’s context-senticive ads saw “Kevin Federline” and then displayed an ad for the “Amazing New Tool.” So true.

  34. Jedi Kevin

    Sure wish I could spell “sensitive.” Now who’s the tool? :)

  35. gogoboots

    I don’t even want to hear it, he’s such a retard.

  36. dirt chicken

    What a fag.

  37. how can one want to make children with a similar kid??

  38. krisdylee

    I have a hot ass, I’m serial.

  39. Zegna

    I am seriously mad when I see people like these be in close vicinity of a Maser.

  40. saltpeanuts

    Following his divorce from Britney Spears and subsequent bankruptcy, K-Fed is seen here in still picture from his audition tape for the Icy Hot Stuntaz. Holla.

  41. auh2o

    Gerry, baby, don’t be like that! You certainly got me good and put me right in my place. I stand corrected; I was unable to completely understand the subtleties and intricacies of your scalding wit. You should post more.

    Is that your Illiterate website that your name links to, or just your favorite? It’s awesome. It has a high school sophmore’s command of language and politics.

  42. Evangelia

    this booka/boocoo/bouquet/beaucoup debate is mighty entertaining. please keep it up.
    for my part, when i read “booka” on comment #12, i didn’t even connect it with beaucoup. i thought it was a hot new slang word, perhaps the new “hella”.

  43. CancerNipples


  44. masterofpuppies

    What interviewer in their right mind would ask a married man who he wants to have a threesome with? Isn’t that a little disrespectful?

    Oh wait, we’re dealing with K-Fed and Brit here. Never mind. Perhaps the real question should be: who in their right mind would interview K-Fed?

  45. MissAppropriated

    Oh Big Jim, Mamacita, Oshkosh, Jacq and Papa – wherefore art thou?

  46. MissAppropriated

    Oh well, at least Trotter’s here, and he’s a funny fucker. All is not yet lost.

  47. CancerNipples

    I think you take this shit too seriously, missappropriated. Try going outside and talking to real people if this site is such a disappointment to you, loser.

  48. JP

    Kevin Federline is so bad that when the Boogeyman goes to bed, he checks HIS closet for K-Fed.

  49. tess

    K Fag represents the “male prostitute” version of the American Dream. You go man whore!!!

  50. djyuckfou

    hahah and who thought the whole rap scene could get anymore shiteous!!!
    - hopefully this is the final nail in its coffin!!


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