Kevin Federline reveals all

May 3rd, 2006 // 111 Comments

Kevin Federline had a

the other day, and in it talks about wanting a threesome with Jessica Alba, choosing to save Sean Preston over Britney Spears if they were both drowning in the ocean, and thinking Britney Spears is better in bed than Shar Jackson. None of that has to do with Kevin Federline standing proudly on top of a Maserati, I just felt you’d need a visual reminder as to who the ass clown speaking was. Listen to the , and then do something to get rid of the mental image of Shar Jackson and Kevin Federline having sex. I recommend dousing your face in bleach.

Thanks to TK for the pic.



  1. diedl

    He’s such a loser. (first?!)

  2. Great, first Brit, now K-Fuck. Give me a break. God, please, if you can hear me, kill K-Fed.

  3. Trotter

    Did he mention how he’s renting Brit’s vagina to Tom Cruise as a placenta factory? Next best thing to Krispy Kreme as he puts it.

  4. Pearly

    Hate this douche, I’m sure he would save himself before his kid or his wife.

  5. Sodomy_is_for_Girls

    Fuck the whole signing in world!

  6. Hey Brit, save the announcement. K-Fed beat you to it, but we already knew how much of a fucktard he was. So really, nothing new.

  7. PapaHotNuts

    This guy is a pure, thugged-out, gangsta ballin’ out of control. 145 lbs. of solid Compton, comin’ at you with his 9mm blazin’.

    A 12 year-old could beat this guy’s ass. I’m serious about that, I think he could.

  8. Argh, this pic makes me so mad. I want to kick his parents asses. He is a load that should have been swallowed by Tom Cruise.

  9. Tatamo

    HE IS A FUCKIN GRUNGY, WHITE TRASH, SMELLY, WHITE BOY…who thinks hes the shit…and someone clearly lied to him…HE is A GOLD DIGGER…cant truly hate on that part, because he just did what half of the females do that marry rich stars for their money..then pop out a few kids…and BAM instantly set for life on child support…i hate him though..i really do…

  10. staticbumblebee

    I hear K-Fed loves Tom Cruise’s cock.

  11. Boomstick

    that poor poor car…what a waste

  12. Sweetsens8tion

    Thank God she made him sign a pre-nup..I read somewhere that she was going to, (dumb bitch) but her Mom made he gets $300,000. for each year they were married should they divorce. Which to us is booka bucks but for someone who’s been livin in the lap of luxury its squat.

  13. I dunno #12, does Britney even have that much money left? I thought she pissed it all (and then some) away on her house.

    P.S. I want a Mouserati.
    I knew I should’ve got with Britney.

  14. Italian Stallion

    Oh snap, it’s Malibu’s Most Wanted…….

    His dicks so small when he takes a piss he pisses on his balls…….

  15. Sweetsens8tion

    She made the top 100 on Forbes List this year. They have her listed as being worth just over 101 million. So she has plenty of loot..

  16. eva86

    The term is bouquet bucks….not booka bucks. The term
    is from the french bouquet…as in an “array” of money.

    So her mom wanted her to sign a pre-nup and she wanted to but she did or didn’t??????? In any case, we make mistakes in our youth…gawd fa dami na mal…are thre any Swiss out there…?
    Yes we all make mistakes, hopefully she can recover from her “Kevin Federline” mistake

  17. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Well, what do you expect when you give purebred trailer trash money and a microphone?

  18. illkarate

    Why must every wigger have two or three token black dudes in promo pics?? What K-Fed needs to do is get a big black dildo, stuff it in his pants, and start posing with that around town…

  19. Sweetsens8tion

    Thanks Ms Eva for pointing out my errors. She DIDNT want to sign a pre-nup, her Mom WANTED her too.. hope that is clear now. Sorry if I caused a confused moment for you Eva. Will try to spell check prior to posting.

  20. Stacyy

    u guys u guys..i know i know i shouldnt be feeling this strange feeling because his brain is like a turd wrapped in turd hair. but pleasse he is so hot. like. hot. and britney is fat.

  21. Stacyy

    wait did i just say turd wrapped in Turd hair? i meant turd wrapped in bird hair. although i dont see it making a big difference or sounding any more intelligent.

  22. I’ve never felt so strongly the primal urge to kill as I do with anything Federline. If I ever came across him in person I would snap his neck as naturally as one would wipe their ass, it would be pure instinct with no compuncture of thought. Look at him, standing atop a Maserati. In a just world he wouldn’t get within a 100 feet of that car, unless it was to wash it. And you know he knows. He knows he’s a no talent fuck deep down, the only reason why he poses in pictures like this and releases ear defecations like “Popozao” is a big fuck you to all of us. Well, fuck you K-Fag. “Federline” is about to enter Webster’s New College Dictionary. It’s definition is as follows: Federline – 1) a good for nothing, hanger-on. 2) The Wigger King. 3) A half-fag, slob who has no decency or self-respect. A cock whore.

  23. jimmycracks

    It’s not “bouquet bucks” it’s “bookoo” there is no French origin to that phrase.

  24. BarbadoSlim

    The Maserati brothers must be rolling in their graves, to imagine that this walking cumstain is violating this fine vehicle. You realize that he just devalued this car by a factor of 200% by just standing near it.

  25. Iambananas

    K-Fed is K-Annoying.

  26. It must be tough being the black guys that K-Fed hires to give him street cred…

  27. lolalick

    I was standing over a Maserati once…
    …of course I was half-naked and flamenco dancing with Gary Coleman…
    No…wait!!…that’s what runs through my mind when I’m at the gyno…well, they’re both people I wouldn’t want near my ‘gina’…makes sense!!

  28. Italian Stallion

    Does anyone know where I can get a “HOLLA AT YA BOY!” shirt, cuz dat shit is DOPE!!!!!

  29. buckinggrimace

    Sad that my first post is to correct crappy translations but the term is “beaucoup”. It means “lots” – losers. I don’t even speak friggin French.

    Umm, 25th?

  30. eva86

    @ 19 no problem. I find myself a bit “confused” nowadays. Must be the good Italien red. Been drinking too much lately.

  31. Sweetsens8tion

    jimmy now that sounds like the right version..sorry for slaughtering it..and Ms Eva if your looking for some Swiss Dudes maybe you should start with a Swiss website?? just a suggestion..

  32. eva86

    @23 how do you know…anything?

  33. Italian Stallion

    @22 hilarious, you speak how we all feel….well not all but you know what i’m saying…..

  34. Iambananas

    What is he doing on that car? Pretending to be wacko jacko?

  35. Iambananas

    lol, like he saved the baby from falling off the high chair?

  36. Italian Stallion

    @30 I am hoping you meant that to be funny cause of everyone busting out the dictionary…..Italian Red, right?

  37. Iambananas

    And… what’s a wigger??? (I don’t spreckin the lingidy.)

  38. jimmycracks

    Oh, beaucoup would make sense. Now I am sorry

  39. Iambananas

    In French beaucoup does mean “A Lot”… I don’t speak French and I know that… it’s obvious… Je vous aime beauboup… that means “I Love You a Lot”… it’s a song :)

  40. Iambananas

    jimmycracks… that’s awesome you said sorry… most people on this site are too immiture to say that… you’re one notch up in my book (that puts you at notch 2)

  41. Rustler

    7 out of 10 terrorists surveyed stated K-Fed is the main reason for anti American sentiment

  42. suzy

    nice to see britney has nice taste in cars, seeing how she was the one who paid for it..

    kevin needs to get a fucking job..

  43. radio4play


  44. suzy

    Italian Stallion–

    There’s the link for the “holl atchur boy” tshirts… they’re on ebay

    but i didn’t know if you were being serious or sarcastic, but either way.. there’s the link

  45. eva86

    @31 thanks for the suggestion. my emotions just got the better of me. already got a swiss dude.

  46. Get the fuck off that car. He doesn’t deserve to breathe its exhaust fumes. Unless they killed him.

  47. eva86

    @36 okay, Italian Red or Vino Rosso

  48. radio4play

    are we in the moan and groan stage

  49. eva86

    getting back to the topic, i vote moan…as in gawd please
    stop i’ve had enough of kfed

  50. Fa Cube Itches

    Good to see his “posse” throwin’ some mad respek to the “West-sieeeeeeeeeeeede!”

    Hopefully some Graveyard Crips from Rose St. will see this and come bang on them.

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