Kevin Federline really making sure he wins custody battle


While Britney Spears demonstrated to the entire world how screwed her career is, guess what Kevin Federline was doing on Sunday. Partying in Vegas? Nope. Hitting up a strip club? Sorry. Having some beers at a local bar? Not even close. Kevin Federline was throwing a pool party for his son’s birthdays. People reports:

Personal assistants were seen picking up banners, balloons and an ice cream cake, all in the theme of the animated movie Cars, for Jayden James, who turns 1 on Wednesday, and Sean Preston, who turns two on Friday.

It gets even better.

Spears’s parents, Jamie and Lynne, stopped by for the party at Federline’s San Fernando Valley home, joining about 20 guests. They had also visited their grandchildren the day before, while their daughter was hitting the club scene in Vegas.

Kevin, dude, you won. You have this thing in the bag. Go do something crazy. Treat yourself. Solicit a prostitute. Get a DUI. Hell, is someone really pissing you off lately? Murder them. Sometimes you need to relax and let your cornrows down a little. Don’t even worry about what your lawyers say. You don’t need them. Just hire that kid who makes the tacos at Taco Bell. He doesn’t speak English? Even better. That might finally add some challenge. Maybe. But probably not.