Kevin Federline Racially Confused

January 19th, 2005 // 2 Comments

20050119federline.jpgReader Suzie writes in “Kevin [Federline] got tired of having a hairstyle that required shampooing so now he sports corn rows. Not only is it low maintenance, it’ll definitely fool people into thinking he’s black which will help him launch his new rap career.” Speaking of which, why hasn’t an actual black person murdered Kevin Federline yet?

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    kevin federline sucks so badly i cant put it in words. it is pathetic. im 14 and i rap better than he raps man im not even a rapper im a producer/dj but what ever hes not a rapper either its a joke.. popozao???wtf is that bitch bablin about? one rappin verse than just ohwaoh popozao the rest??? man he is so dumb n u cant blame it on his corn rows.. he just got em… tho he should just loose em’ too

  2. KFed has been seen so far suggests Taco Bell with his girlfriend Victoria Prince. The skinny bitch can probably eat anything. It is difficult to keep the monster chub far, so I'm not Hatin

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