Kevin Federline picks up kid

December 23rd, 2005 // 44 Comments

If there’s one good thing about sagging, it’s the way it makes you look like you have short little midget legs. At first I was horrified at the thought of Kevin Federline actually being responsible for another human being, but then I pictured him waddling around in his saggy jeans and started laughing. Because I bet he waddles just like a penguin. And that’s funny.


  1. Lynette Carrington

    Does Kevin just own ONE shirt? I mean really, would it kill him to go to Goodwill and buy a used Taco Bell “Employee of the Month” shirt?

  2. punkcrash

    look at the expression on the kid’s face!!
    look at my pimpdaddy!!!

  3. Manderoni

    Ya know, this picture only reminds me how unfair and cruel life is…how is it that a low life, tweeker looking, sack of shit like this guy has to do nothing and gets to live the life of luxury when there are so many people in this world that work their asses off everyday and still don’t have jack???? It’s just wrong, wrong I tell you….

  4. sedation

    Yeah, life is unfair – you really can’t say otherwise with a stright face. Makes me wonder what a time traveller from the past would think if he/she saw what makes people celebrities today. Culturally speaking, its worse than an apocalypse so this person would probably go back to their own time and blow up the planet to save the future from this wrongness.

  5. curiousone

    he is simply gross and how can b.s.pears can’t tell that he’s just free loading off of her.

  6. Captain Awesome

    Wife beater and shoes with yellow laces.


  7. hafaball

    It’s tough to tell in the pictures, but I don’t think the kid has down syndrome or anything which is good. I’m just guessing the help, maids, britney, her mom, his mom, the dog, and the peacock were all too busy, which is the only reason why he’s even touching the kid.

  8. T-Bag

    What a STOOL !

  9. Bookboi

    This guy’s in his late 20′s right? He’s still dressing like a high school ghetto wannabee.

  10. MortyFishbein

    This is what women apparently are into today: shiftless men of dubious charcter and taste. There’s many more just like him all over Hollywood.

  11. drowningfool

    Right on Manderoni. You took the words right out of my mouth. The scary thing is…go to any club, grocery store or any local venue near you, and scope out the hottest girl. If that girl has a boyfriend, I guarantee you that the boyfriend will look like K-Fed. And have the same “I don’t give a shit” personality. It’s what girls want. I’m telling you, me and my friend have studied it for years.

  12. Rach-tastic

    Last time I checked, I’d sooner slit the throat of my goldfish than fall into the misguided grouping of girls that have some inner desires for the Fed, drowningfool. But then again, I suppose I should admit that nothing gets me off like chopped up goldfish, so.

  13. Nurse Kellie

    OH please this was just a photo-op to show he’s a “daddy”. All the bad press and he shows up holding a kid.

  14. j'

    im still waiting for the day him and britney split, and he ends up hooking up with paris hilton. MARK MY WORDS. (12/23/05)

  15. Stylin

    Heee heee heee… He’s got man-boobs.. he needs a manzier… what a sack of shit..

  16. bitchymcbitch19

    That’s not Britney’s kid…it must be some random kid KFed picked up off the street, since he can’t remember what his kid looks like (any of them). Good going, douchebag, you should get arrested. Not necessarily for kidnapping…you know, just because…

  17. SpiderMomma

    I do not get women who fall for pieces of shit like this greaseball. Seriously, are my fellow sisters that naive or does having sex with these pigs lower their IQ’s?

  18. Buster Hyman

    Who you hang with sez tons about you…..guess you can’t expect Stephen Hawking to be seen with B.S., although three hours with her, Paris Hilton, a case of urinal cakes, 5 gallons of canola oil, and a pound of peanut butter might make him rise out of the wheel chair

  19. celeb_hater

    I never had much respect for Britney Spears. She’s not a good singer and was fortunate to have a good marketing team. But it’s just fun to watch the train wreck that’s about to happen to her with her huge miscalculation of marrying this bafoon.

  20. Tai!

    Thank gosh the baby got cute. When he was first born he didn’t look so nice. I think he loves his kids, I just don’t think they get the pictures of it

  21. Kimbo

    Okay, does anybody else think that Britney Spears’ baby looks nothing like her or K-Fed?
    It looks quite Hispanic,does it not?
    Last time I checked, Spears is a pure Southerner (hail Louisiana) and K-Fed is a pure wigger, so there is no chance he is Hispanic, that would give him a little(VERY LITTLE) street cred…
    But seriously, anyone else notice this, or is it just me?

  22. drowningfool

    Well one thing’s for sure…that kid definately DOES NOT look like Britney Spears…hmmm….I think K-fed has such a big dick it caught an egg from another woman on it, after which he had sex with Britney and implanted the other females egg in her uterus. That is the power of a K-fed…

  23. Hoosfoos

    Pull up your pants for Christ’s sake….loser.

  24. Lynette Carrington

    Nah, that looks to be one of his kids with Whiteney Houst….er, Jasmine Guy…er, Tito Jacks….er OH! Shar Jackson. That baby he’s holding is probably a year+ old. Kevin and Brit’s baby was NOT hit with an ugly stick and looks like a little Brit (Thank God for small miracles).

  25. Yeah, exactly what I was thinking Kimbo. Me thinks Britney’s been having some on the side. Dump that asshole!

  26. Sweet_cheeks

    oh my lord,t hat kid is UGLYYY ( and i’m talking about the actual 2 year old )

    shar jackson is such a Ghetto ho, she needs her pussy sewn shut so she can stop reproducing such horrific looking kids.

  27. mmmmm

    Uh, yeah, that kid K-Fed is holding is the one that Shar Jackson was pregnant with when he left her for Britney. Remember? Oh yeah, that guy’s a winner. Did you guys really think that was Britney’s kid? I mean, come on, he’s obviously half black and like a year older. Anyway, any woman who gets together with a guy who currently has a pregnant gf, and a slew of other kids is just asking for trouble, and any woman who dates a guy that looks/acts like that has serious self-esteem issues. What a fucking trainwreck.

  28. tess

    “I’m sorry Miss Jackson, I am for real
    Never meant to make your daughter cry….”
    Seems like this Outkast song was made for Kevin.
    I pity all his kids. This one looks so pissed off in the picure. I guess he realizes his horrible fate: being raised by a loser, having to cope with a crazy stepmother etc….

  29. MacMac

    And with the facial expression in that first photo, you know it’s going something like this…

    “Sheeit, why I gotta carry this kid ’round? I ain’t had to pick up a DAMN thing since I knocked up Brit, yo. My pants, my kid, a check…”

  30. derekd

    Dude. If your gonna be sportin’ a wife beater have a body to match. Do some push ups you bad body motherfucker. If I had all do to fuck off I’d be at the gym for sure ESPECIALLY if my wardrobe consisted of 50% wife beaters. Fuckin’ clown.

  31. There must be some sort of perverse law of nature which allows trash with PPGP (piss poor gene pools)to procreate easily while many educated, harworking people have fertility problems.

  32. mloret

    K-Fed is a piece. But there is some good news here. Is there any other nation on earth where a miserable bottom-feeder waste of skin like K-Fed could have as much money and fame? No. So lets take a moment to be proud of America. It’s amazing that places like China and India haven’t vaporized us out of our misery yet.

  33. Mermaid

    Love the manboobs. My guess is he wears the baggy pants to hide his mangina.

  34. Sheva

    A trainwreck is the least of Britneys’ worries. This guy has scumbag written all over him. He looks like he’s on his way to do a deal with a guy for some coke, smack and a hit on his wife for the life insurance.

    The kid, yeah just one of the leftovers from his sad sack shit of a life.

    A total piece of garbage.

  35. MattyBones

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about! I think that he Kevin is an incredible guy. He’s handsome, supportive of his wife and children, and despite the nasty rumors, I think that he will be releasing some really creative work in the next year. You should all show a little more respect, and try to hold back on the jealousy, ya think?!?

  36. Dee

    Come on. Leave the little guy alone. Most kids aren’t cute at that age anyway. Didn’t your mom teach you not to say a baby is ugly? You’ll be cursed with the Seinfeld baby….

  37. sedation

    MattyBones, this site is not really about respect.

  38. Michael1

    I think that KFed suits Britney perfectly. Nuff said.

  39. maiira

    I have to say, K-Fed and Brit make me cackle in wicked glee, and the fact that their marriage is currently on the rocks makes me even happier. I like to think of this as their well-deserved comeuppance.

    I feel sorry for the kid, though.

  40. Jeremy1Esq

    Plain and people and white people should not have kids with each other. For every one that turns into some Supermodel or actress like Halle Berry, there are a million kids that look like offspring of KFed and Shar Jackson who will spend the rest of their lives being ridiculed and constantly trying to figure out which race card to play.

  41. MattyBones

    Jeremy1Esq. I think that you are an incredibly insightful person. “Confusion with what race card to play.” That is fucking brilliant. I have a question for you: Which card do you play? The retarded shit eating trailer trash race, or the gun-wielding pickup driving Lord of the Rings-believing wife-beater? I am intrigued!

  42. APINK

    You’d think with having access to Britney’s money, he’d dress a little classier. But it goes to show it costs a lot of money to look that cheap!!!

  43. thatoneguy2

    hee-hee. penguins are funny. like in that one movie. kevin’s a penguin.

  44. WouldntYouLikeToKnow

    I seem to be at an almost complete loss of words every time I see this guy. What a real piece of shit.

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