Kevin Federline named ‘Father of the Year’

At long last Kevin Federline is being recognized as the Daddy of all Daddies. A Las Vegas club will honor K-Fed’s dedication to his children, and his unwavering efforts to protect them from their mother’s vagina. People reports:

Just in time for Father’s Day, Prive Las Vegas will award the proud papa of four his “father of the year” status at a party he is slated to host there June 13.
Sources tell PEOPLE he will be awarded the title during a presentation at the club.

Of course, when your ex-wife is Britney Spears, it’s pretty easy to look like an awesome parent in comparison. Kevin could’ve dropped Jayden in the lion’s den at the zoo and still came out ahead. People would be patting him on the back saying “Oh, don’t worry about it. Kids’ arms grow back all the time.” Then Kevin would ask “Really?” And they’d say “No, not really. Jesus, someone should sterilize you before you reproduce again.”