Kevin Federline makes more money than you

July 13th, 2006 // 65 Comments

In Touch Weekly reports Kevin Federline is trying to pull in some extra cash by charging $20,000 to appear at events. Additionally, Federline has reportedly made $700,000 in the last four months: $250,000 for endorsing Blue Marlin clothing, $25,000 per day to promote Virgin Mobile cell phones, and negotiating to sign a deal with Jive Records for $300,000 per album.

Who are the people that are paying this guy to show up to their events? Maybe the launch party for Hobo Living Weekly? Or the annual conference for White People Who Think They’re Black? If you really want Kevin Federline to show up to your event you can save a little money and just take a crap in the middle of the floor. Then introduce the pile of warm feces as Kevin Federline and your guests will never know the difference. They might even comment he’s looking more cleaned up than usual.


  1. HollyJ

    Someone’s finally released a photo of him as a young boy.

  2. Kevin Federline needs to be rendered sterile.

  3. clown

    #52 GREAT!!! hahahhahahhahah

    This guy is the ugliest and the most untalented “human being” on Earth. Summing up, he is a LOSER! And he also turned miss Britney into another moron as he is!

  4. Rossarooni

    I hope the bitch is saving his money–because he’s not going to coast through life on his talent or good looks.

  5. That’s the worst part. He’s nothing but a semiretarded starfucker who danced backup, but people keep giving him money and contracts.

    The force is strong with this one. It must be. Nobody can maintain that level of bullshit for that long otherwise.

  6. Yeah, this is stupid. I’m watching the Smurfs on TV.

  7. Corporate Slave

    #1 – you took the words right out of my mouth.

    This guy is a dried-out douche-bag.
    And married to a fag-hag.

  8. MeganNorrisHasselhoff

    Eminem is so much better.

  9. #41: Don’t worry. Europe and the rest of the world will eat him up. Every day it’s going to be more of “Popozao” on the airwaves, and only the portuguese and brazilians will be any the wiser.

  10. Parishilton_the2nd

    hope he dies…. him and britney. because she was so hot when she was skinny and blonde.. u know the “do something” video days…

  11. Parishilton_the2nd

    and now shes fat… but u know what the worst part is? #31 is right. and that makes me wanna punch britney out for being such a stupid bitch and giving all her money to that fagget. she couldve given it to me and i wouldve spent it on something REALLY good like a bentley gt continental….

  12. WouldntYouLikeToKnow

    For all the women around the world, who give us smart women a bad name by dating freakin’ nut sacs like K-FED, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Unintelligent types of women like Britney Spears who sit around thinking… “I’m a country bumpkin who can’t do nothing better than have some assholes babies” deserves to be with ass clowns like this. When these women were little girls did they actually sit around thinking about how much they’d love to make millions of dollars just to eventually represent themselves like trailer trash? And now we’ll have a whole new generation of little girls who will want to emulate Britney and marry a guy like K-Fed too. A guy who can’t seem to understand the meaning of the PROPHYLACTIC!!!!! Pathetic! Just pathetic!

  13. slinkhard

    If you’re gonna blame Britney for the girls that might want to emulate her, why not blame K-Fed for the little boys who might want to grow up just like him, 62?

  14. england06

    back in the day children wanted to be doctors or a ballerina when they were they wanna be..

    Britney:who is a fat whore with plasic tits, and should be reported to social services.

    K-fed: wigga, money grabbing ugly freak.

    why are these people allowed to mulitply. their son if fucking ugly.

    i think it all went to shit when kids dressed up as what spice girl they want to be.


  15. primaleyes

    People like Britney and Kevin should be banned from making money. It’s the only way society can feel justice being done!

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