Kevin Federline makes his acting debut

October 9th, 2006 // 65 Comments

I’ve seen some pretty moving performances before, but Kevin Federline portraying ‘Angry Onlooker #2′ has just topped the list. His delivery of “You bitches haven’t caught them cats yet?” in the upcoming CSI touches the soul. In the hands of an amateur it could’ve been a disaster, but K-Fed’s masterful grasp of the craft really makes it work. I almost shudder to think how somebody like Tom Hanks would’ve butchered it. He’d probably just trip and wet his pants with a line that difficult.


  1. ApacheRose

    I want that CSI guy more than ever, now.

  2. Ms. Sass


  3. slantingthroughdarkness

    Kick some ass K-Fed. Show all those haters, dog.


    I wish I were nick stokes today! punching k-fag must’ve been great…no stunt doubles.

  5. Ms. Sass

    You’re quick apacherose. Nick was always my hero on CSI. He’s now at God status. Why does hollywood keep giving KFed opportunities like this. Either producers are truely retarded, or they think it’s really fun to pick on KFed.

  6. The burning in my eyes…Make it stop!

  7. badkarma6

    All I can think of is when Johny Drama yells “Victory!!!!!!!!”

  8. That is quite classic acting, I am really floored at the performance.

    Literally, I am having to climb up off the floor from laughing so hard. Oh lord, I can hardly see to type… the tears are just pouring from the laughter. It is all too much. I must go rest now. Thank you!

  9. I’m not a wigger, I just play one on TV!

  10. RichPort

    I hope that punch wasn’t scripted. I like when actors improvise.

  11. hellup

    oh, god yes. seeing someone punch k-fed in the gut after he had the gall to call someone other than himself a joke just made my soul feel that much more complete, even if it was acting.

  12. ScarletDove

    I’ve always been annoyed by the acting on CSI… now I have really good reason to be!

  13. watching k-fed get punched gave me 15 boners!

    hipster doofus skivvies –>

  14. Cy

    Every time I hear K-Fed speak, I think of the lines from Disco the Kid’s song about him:

    “You’re a backup dancer, not a hardcore gangsta … please Hammer don’t hurt me …”

  15. Jenna

    Yes K-Fed, somebody did get that on tape, to the amusement and delight of all.

    It is nice to see him doing something other than making shitty music and impregnating his wife though.

  16. Italian Stallion

    “Did someone get that on film?”

    Yes, dumbass, everyone from the CSI crew…..

    What the fuck, did he forget where he was?

    It would have been a better scene if it was his wife while she was pregnant……..

    P.S. I know that was part of the script…….

  17. BriBri

    Haha…George Eads is my hero….and I want him on me.

  18. ApacheRose


    On you or IN you? I’d go for option 2.

    Yeehaaa, and he’s from Ft. Worth, too. What a fabulous coincidence…

    Hi, Brain!

  19. BriBri

    @18 On and in please!

    Yup, Texas Tech alum and all….I wonder if he has a house here in TX…

  20. scamps

    Seeing him get slugged made me so hard. And I’m female.

  21. Lauren

    K-Fed got punched! It made me a little happy. I think his type has been cast. Most hated man in america, indeed :)

  22. LL

    I still think Kev’s the brains of the Federline household. Remember Britney’s latest TV appearances? Uh-huh… It was nice to see someone clock him, though I wish it was Hot Black Dude on CSI instead of Hot White Dude. But you take what you can get.

  23. jrzmommy

    I just……nevermind.

  24. Astriastar

    Yes! I smell Emmy!!! Nick Stokes’ fist deserves a medal!

  25. DeeDee67

    You know, he did a good job. If it were anyone else in that episode, no one would have batted an eyelash. Give the guy a break – he’s trying to make it and he’s doing the best he can. He was immediately pre-judged because he married Britney. I bet there are tons of guys out there who would love to be in his shoes, so judge the guy on his merit, not for who he’s married to.

  26. jrzmommy

    *ignoring #27….practicing skills learned at anger management session……ignoring #27….practicing skills learned at anger management session……ignoring #27….practicing skills learned at anger management session……ignoring #27….practicing skills learned at anger management session……*

  27. RichPort

    #27 – posts #1-#26 are judging him on his merit. He sounds like a bigger blonkey than that kid from Prison Break. He makes Aaron Carter look like Dr Dre. He makes Justin Timberlake sound like Jay Z. I could do this all day…

  28. Stuey75

    and the award for biggest douche nozzle goes to….K-FEDDDDDDDD

  29. Stuey75

    oh i had to add this. remember scary movie, when brenda says she sees her friend in a hot tub with a backup dancer and she says, “a backup danca?? she dont love herself.” hahaha

  30. abatardi

    Acting Debut? Wasn’t he ‘shitty dancer #12′ in ‘You Got Served’?

  31. frenchtoaststix

    Oh, this is absolutely Emmy-award caliber thespianship. K-Fed shows true dedication to his craft. It’s obvious he has studied with the best, and honed his Stanislawky method to a fine point. The Barrymores, Bernhardt, Duse, DeNiro, et al., will be wiped from memory by Sir Federline’s brilliant characterization of a “street gangsta.”

    Actually, it is enough to turn any woman “thespian” after seeing Mr. Federline’s continual wife beater/baggy shorts/backward hat shitstyle.

  32. beifiori

    wow…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………I’m jealous……think he’ll open an acting school an’ i can atten’?

  33. @29 RichPort – For those who are new here or just plain forgot, a BLONKEY is a more PC way of saying WIGGER.

    WIGGER means White-Nigger

    BLONKEY means Black-Honkey

    Say Black Honkey a couple of timesto yourself, it’ll will make you smile.

    PS I hyphenated in honor of Angry Ferret who would like to be with us , but his company changed the settings on WebSense to include everything non-viewable except sites about butterflies.

    METS in six in the World Series

  34. beifiori

    for some reason the “i’m” got cut off there, although I guess someone else coooould be jealous as well

  35. beifiori

    sorry #27, I think you’re gonna be seriously disappointed for a very long time if you worry about what people have to say about good ol’ K-fed, for some people, it’s impossible to scrub loser off of themselves, and kfed happens to fall into that category. Now, britney had her pick of many a good man, and she chose him for some reason, who knows, maybe the pheromones left clinging to him from Shar made him smell so loverly and attractivating to her that he was irresitable to the nubile young bimbette, who knows? but I seriously and highly doubt that the man will ever be taken for anything more than the loser who lucked out with brit brit and went on to produce a tater tot and little fry.

  36. Betty Nuggs

    There is a little bit of irony in Kevin Federline saying the line ” You’re a Joke.”

  37. HELLpenis

    anyone who watches CSI is honestly a bigger fag than K-Fed

    Word is born

  38. ElatedPornStar

    What a fucking waste of time. I can’t believe I watched it. I actually dying on the inside from the mediocrity oozing out of it. Really, I am.

  39. …it wasn’t that bad. At least he didn’t rap.

  40. bond

    wow, that’s one minute of my life i’ll never get back. my personal favorite part was when that “tough” guy says “there’s about to be an ass whooping on this block.” i knew there was a reason i didn’t watch csi.

  41. bond

    actually, it’s two minutes i’ll never get back. for some stupid reason, i watched it twice.

  42. RichPort

    Word is born? What is this, 199fucking5? Yes, I can hear Redman playing in the background as we speak…

  43. tiina

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease punch him again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. pookiedoo

    K-Fed is an ugly motherfucker to begin with, but you put him next to George Eads’ fine ass and he really looks like shit….

  45. Watts

    He should have hit him harder. White trash trying to be gansta… good god.

  46. beifiori

    You can say that again pookiedoo…he is fuuu-uuugly! I don’t get it…what? does he have a colossal penis or something? what makes that man so attractive that women would let him sperminate them????????

  47. Samuel L. Jackson

    mmmmMMMMM bitch!!

  48. Celetina

    This becomes much better when you imagine it’s unscripted and that a professional actor got so pissed with K-Fed he broke character to punch him in the face.

  49. Nuke L.A.

    If this isn’t proof that all wiggas should be shot on sight then I have no fuckin’ clue what is.

  50. chanel_bear

    i like the part where he got punched in the stomach…

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