Kevin Federline lies to children

June 20th, 2006 // 50 Comments

In typical Kevin Federline fashion, he’s broken his promise that he’d visit a children’s charity during every leg of his promotional tour for his upcoming album “Playing With Fire.” His PR rep announced his intentions in March, but he spent the past weekend in Miami promoting his album by hanging out with Britney and Sean Preston, playing at the beach, driving around a golf cart, Jet Skiing, watching the NBA Finals, and hosting a party at club Mansion.

According to a Lowdown spy, the Federlines stayed at Aqua, a heavily guarded condominium development, and ordered in most of their meals. Friday night at Mansion, Kevin


  1. waterranger

    Kevin, that “nigga” is OBVIOUSLY a racist. He was drinking Crystal, that racist bastard!

    i don’t drink dark pop because i am racist.

  2. trulymadlydeeplytori

    i am truly shocked at this.

  3. LeadingLadybug

    And this surprises … who?

  4. waterranger

    sorry, “cristal” out of the bottle, cause he’s classy like that.

  5. Bad_kitty_cat

    Die K-Fed… just die… that’s all humanity asks from you

    Oh and TCLTC!

  6. gossipmonger

    He shouldn’t even be allowed to be around his own kids, let alone a children’s charity…

  7. jane's eyre

    Wow, Kevin didn’t keep a promise? For reals? I’m stunned.

  8. BarbadoSlim

    Doesn’t anyone find it funny how this shitbag is always hangin’ out with ten or fifteen large men. Drinkin’ “Crystal” out of bottles, rubbing each other down, fellating each other.

  9. jane's eyre

    What a pansy. Wearing a life preserver. He would do well to not wear one next time he goes out on the water, fall off, and drown.

  10. endometriorama

    haha, that’s a MUCH more descriptive picture. good one. now get to the PETA people lying to beyonce.

  11. pinky_nip

    This dipshit should concentrate on taking care of his OWN children and not worrying about stranger’s kids.

    BTW, wouldn’t most kids be like, who’s this guy? And why does he smell so bad?

  12. Binky

    I think Brit-Fed already discovered – charity begins at home.
    And it must be good to have the guy out of the basement for a while.

  13. flamarkel

    That ab machine almost looks like a lounge chair, but who would lie on a resort lounge chair without a towel, right? So this must be a workout to keep those abs chiseled, and he’s actually talking to that Body By Jake guy. I think his name is Jake.

  14. wyobeth

    Can we please stop with K-fed??? I am so sick of him, puke…

  15. pinky_nip

    And also, who are these desperate “hanger-on’ers” that are his buddies? Sitting with that group must be the equivolent of attending a Mensa meeting.

  16. Italian Stallion


  17. BigJim

    Yep, he’s a racist for drinking Cristal, so how ’bout we get Jay-Zee, or whatever the fuck that guy’s name is, to go bust a few caps in K-Fag’s ass?

    Jay-Zed must have street cred, right? I mean, you don’t get to be a rap star without ice plenty of bee-yotches, don’t you? So he should be down with wasting Federline.

  18. tits_on_snack

    Isn’t champagne for seventeen year old girls, anyway? I don’t get why it’s such a badass thing to drink sparkling wine.
    Oh I forgot. This is the same culture that thinks it’s awesome to go out of the house in grandma’s old fur coat and ten pounds of gaudy golden trinkets around their necks.

  19. jessieo

    What a piece of shit that guy is. Can’t he do anything positive with his life? He has the resources, he has the time, and all he does is make himself into the biggest loser on the planet. He can’t do anything right! I wish he was never born! …sorry- having a flashback moment or something.

    Peace out, niggaz!!

  20. Celetina

    I can’t decide whether he’s a bigger dick for skipping out on a children’s charity or drinking Cristal (also directly out of the bottle, wtf). FUN FACT: Cristal tastes like shit. No, really. It’s not that great. Some friends and I bought a few bottles in Paris and were so disappointed we went back out again and picked up some cheap beer instead. Ugh.

  21. SuperSpence

    He’s doing the kids a favor. Why should those defenseless children have to put up with the Federtwerp?

  22. cruzin333

    Who thought he really WOULD show up?

    And I’m sorry, but he is SO unattractive in this picture!!! I know Britney’s not looking her best, but Jesus Christ, couldn’t she have found someone with a LITTLE taste? Or at least somebody without kids?

    But the way she’s acting lately (trying to kill SP), I think they are a match made in heaven.

  23. bigponie

    I wish someone would call K-fed’s agent, pretending to be a promoter in L.A.

    set up a meeting in Compton at 2 a.m. for a possible rap gig, I’m sure this first rate idiot would drive there in a mercedes or something.

  24. RichPort

    He probably watches Entourage and pretends he knows EXACTLY what Vincent Chase is going through, while acting out the lines in front of a mirror. Those shorts are NOT gangsta… I hope he gets a splinter in his ass.

  25. Jacq

    Ummm, if he visited children’s charity all we’d end up with is a pregnant 6 year-old in any town he came through.
    Just like Paris with the vote or die thing – she didn’t vote and she didn’t die. They BOTH need to die already.

  26. redsonja1313

    I am pretty sure at this point he thinks spending time with Brit Brit and SP is childrens charity work

  27. Jacq

    Haven’t we learned yet that Kevin and Britney need to be kept AWAY from children?

  28. jane's eyre


    Awww, that’s WRONG!

  29. What concerns me the most is “the crowd” part. We know the DJ couldn’t have loved it. Was he playing to the Flordia School of the Deaf?

  30. I really want him and Britney to go on Springer to talk about their marriage problems. If not, she should at least go on Rikki Lake for a makeover!

  31. limper

    Is “deejay” and acceptable alternate spelling? I usually see it spelled “DJ”. When you google for “deejay” the first result returned is an Australian store that sells sexy underwear for men.

    Another case here of a PR rep who needs to get on the ball. K-Fed’s rep didn’t even have an excuse ready about the charity thing. She just talked about something else.

    The rep should have just told the truth and admitted that no children’s charity wanted Federline to visit. That would have at least scored some pity points.

  32. That’s a fucking shocker. He doesn’t even spend time with his OWN kids let alone doing some charity gig.

    @29 – good point…’crowd’

  33. Pearly

    Has anyone seen this????

    Federline is a loser..this isn’t news!

  34. THIS is what the head of Roederor Vinyards (Cristal) meant when he said he didn’t like his Champagne being associated with hip hop. He wan’t being racist, he was just realizing that his worst nightmare is a douche-bag like K-Fed drinking his champagne straight from the bottle. Next time I go out it’s Krug or Dom because I hear if you even drink something that is the same brand as something K-Fed touched you become a dipshit.

  35. Grphdesi23

    So, is this what Britney was talking about when she said Kevin has a “big heart”?

  36. What children would want to see this assclown in the first place? His own son probably turns his little, dented head away in disdain whenever K-Fed has to hold him for the cameras. Release the album already so everyone can shit all over it and go to bed.

  37. cruzin333

    Did anyone else hear that K-Fed wants to run for office in Cali?? Has to be a huge joke. I almost skipped over the article, the thought is so insane. Schwarzeneggar (sp?, sorry) was one thing, but to have a thugged-out white man with his pants hanging to his knees giving a speech on how he’s going to better the state? Puh-lease. That will be the day I lock my children in the house, and they can’t go anywhere. Not even school.

  38. El drama del Internet


    background to that:
    television at the house in randomly set on the news
    K-Fed randomly says “that is wack!”
    Brit randomly says “Oh hon, you sooo right and sooo smart”
    Publicist thinks “yeah, maybe this is a way to get those nice pics of him in a suit to circulate more often”

    It’s probably not true though. If it was, Brit would have already bragged about it to the media.

  39. He’s so lucky Brittany has gotten dumpy and insecure, otherwise he would have been left in the dust long ago.

  40. ESQ

    Is this asshole 15 minutes of fame up yet? Christ I hope he cries as he reflects back on his overexposure bullshit as he sits in his trailer park, 40 in hand and toothless wishing for the good ‘ole days of mooching off of everyone to come back to him.

    Funny thing is he probably will never be able to tell if he is drinking Cris or Old E, as he has no accounting for taste.


  41. ms0pinion8ed

    17 – Jay-Z “doesn’t resort to violence, he’s on resorts and islands” – Hustlin’ remix.. you should get a radio and listen to HipHop every once in a while.. trust me, you wont melt…

    any way…

    Kevin is a bum loser. He can’t afford any liquor over 20 bucks.. Brit is footing the bill.. im so disappointed in her. They both look like trash.

  42. spanglish

    What retarded charity asked K-Fed to come? He’s not a celebrity!!!!!!!!! He once had a job as a back up dancer. Period. Being married to Britney Spears is not going to make down-trodden children feel better. What has he sold, like 3 albums? Him and his mom and dad each bought one. Even Britney won’t buy one out of sympathy. Those charities are lucky he didn’t show up. What kind of role model is he?! Next on Jerry Springer, man fathers 74 children, marries once, mostly unemployed.

  43. diamondprynzez

    Hello! He just got sick of people giving HIM charity whenever he showed up to one of those places… as soon as he’d walk through the door, I could picture the receptionist saying “may I help you?”; I think it’s a great life lesson to show someone like K-fed to needy kids just so they could see how bad it really could have been.

  44. re: Snap, crackle and pop

    Ha! Bravo!

  45. Getitstraight

    “drinking Cristal from the bottle”……….now there is the perfect reason Cristal doesn’t want some people’s business.

  46. ifsixwasnine

    Kevin’s not even ready for Open Mic night at the Sternwheeler yet… let alone the coveted Special Olympics after-party.


  48. xplayoboyx

    ok id just like to say that kevin federline is in fact a SKEEZRAT

  49. danielle

    you really should refrain from using a non-exsistent term such as “nigga” before something really bad happens to you.

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