Kevin Federline just as pathetic as you imagined

November 7th, 2006 // 78 Comments



  1. PunjabPete

    All the while Britny goes on David Letterman looking pretty good? One step closer we come to her jettisoning the sperminator…

    Someone give her and Oscar so we can speed things up!!

  2. DancingQueen

    I’d like to know how they fit this wigger’s ginormous ego through the venue door. F’n trailer trash.

  3. Lady Serpentine

    18 — LOL

    You’d think he’d have gotten the hint by now that people don’t pay to see talentless hobos flit around on stage. Hell, you could go to the zoo to see the ape exhibit and it’d be a better use of money and time. At least the apes show signs of intelligence.

  4. There are 8 million people here, all looking for something to do on any given night and he couldn’t even fill up 1500 capacity? Next!

  5. PrettyBaby

    Yessss- I like this and I am sweeter than a lollipop. Too funny- Don’t worry his Homie Pals will just tire of the whole embarassment and abandon his ass very soon. The $$ won’t be able to hold them guys with fucking Earl.

    #8- Go on then SUCK away.

  6. PrettyBaby

    WTF? The black fag is pointing to one of Earl’s fucking idiotic tatoos!! He looks like he just got done swallwing one of Earl’s potent loads. Sorry #8- Someone beat you to it I guess.

  7. D'oh Eyes

    @45 good one

  8. All in a days work for a rapper/superstar!

  9. mdmcalifornia

    You know it says a lot when even your “fan club” is a complete mockery of you:

  10. BarbadoSlim

    Hehehehe, you guys are in good form today.

  11. looks like Earl is telling his buddy to make “the call” to Enzyte.

  12. Samuel L. Jackson

    Where’s Eminem?!? This shit is too good for him not to talk shit about.

  13. normella

    I wish someone would just assassinate him already.

    Oh wait. Assassinations are for people who matter.

  14. Superevil


  15. cuesta_rey

    come on superfish!

    the divorce news is out!

  16. TorontoMapleLeafs

    I’d like to find out who those 3 hundred people are, and bitch slap them. unless they came there just to laugh at him, then that might be ok. But who really could stand listening to him for 1 minute without puking

  17. MargeAggedon

    I really enjoy reading stories like this. This is funny as hell.
    So what did they do to get 300 people? Bus in homeless people?
    “Hey homeless guy, free shelter with rap concert, here take this ticket. Aw come on please? Just take it!”

  18. wags022559

    CNN just announced that Britney has filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

  19. elbowgeek

    Hey, maybe Brit’s maturing a bit and realised that the Kev is total waste of space. Could happen.

    As for his concert, if I lived near there I’d get as many mates as possible, and strangers, to all attend. Then have the lot of us turn round and set a Guinness World Record for mooning. Of course we’ll all supply our own ear plugs.

  20. Scarbie

    That is a mess. He was totally disrespectful to the 300 fans that did show up. He should’ve been grateful that those people showed up and performed on time. I guess he doesn’t believe in the saying, “The show must go on.”

    But he has to be feeling a little silly bragging on his wife’s money and she’s filing for divorce. *lol*

  21. This is too funny:

    And as for all of you that are wishing for a divorce, you have to admit, Britney was a moron for having kids with the guy. She’s not exactly a saint.

  22. bunnyhugger

    okay, everybody say it with me:
    “KARMA IS A BITCH”!!!!!!!

    dear lord, please tell me this means we’ll see LESS of him?
    (i’ve also seen reports that the number of concert attendees was closer to 150. heh-heh. KIAB)

  23. sexybitch

    This just in:
    Webster Hall just spontaneously combusted in a valiant effort to fumigate itself.
    Film at eleven.

  24. KelKel

    All that could be heard at the “concert” was the sound of crickets.
    300 people came? WOW! Thats more than I thought would show,but then again 299 of them probably went for a joke.Poor ‘Ol K Fraud-have fun in divorce court!

  25. RichPort

    Webster Hall was doubling as a soup kitchen that day. Even the homeless left when Earl hit the stage.

  26. We know there’s a Britney/Jessica thing going on.

    Is there a KFed/Eminem thing?

    I wonder if KFed and Britney will remarry…then it will become a battle of who can marry and divorce the same woman the most!


  27. ha ha….guess he’s finding out about the real world!

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