Kevin Federline jams to PopoZao

January 24th, 2006 // 257 Comments

What do you get when you mix a giant douchebag, a recording studio, and the worst single ever released by a human being? The funniest fucking thing you’ll see today. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Kevin Federline bobbing his head and tripping out to his own pathetic single. Well maybe you have, but everything up until now has just been practice for this.

Thanks to the foxy Courtney and Karen for the tip.


  1. ESQ

    WOW! What an insult to Brazilians. This douche is not even Brazilian is he? He should be nominated for a Webtard award.

    PopoZao = Poop-poop

  2. snang

    Funny indeed. This guy’s a grade A egomaniac douche face.

  3. Chamois

    Uh. Is he serious? That video was almost too hard to watch.

  4. Raider


  5. blueiiiiiz

    you know, i think….why YES! NOW I think I understand the piece more and see where he was going with his vision….I’m definitely feeling the Popozao – I suggest we start playing it immediately.


  6. Please Please Please! Would somebody in Hollywood with some clout please give Simon Cowell a few thousand to comment on this video. I’d just like to hear what he’d say…something along the lines of “You don’t sound as good as William Hung yet…but with a little practice you’ll get there”

  7. SAPPY14

    can someone please tell me about his spastic hand motions and the way he crunches up his face during the “good” parts of this song as if he’s about to orgasm? k-fed. simma down now.

  8. The Devil

    It’s so pathetic seeing a guy with an inflated opinion of his own music, like all those rejects we laugh at on American Idol.

  9. DrDanny

    Seriously now: I think the guy’s a douchebag hobo, sponging off Brit etc etc. But I honestly don’t think this “song” is worse or better than most of the stuff I hear on the radio. To my ear, one kind of crap is as bad as another. All of which is to say, I would not be overly surprised to see it become a modest (or more) hit.
    Let’s hope not, eh? He really needs to be taught a lesson, like Brit kick his hobo ass out and he turns to Shar, who shows him the door, and he ends up living in a refrigerator carton under a bridge somewhere.

  10. sammygirl

    OMG, where did you people find this clip?

    “It’s on Fire!!! Do you like it?”

    No fuck face, I don’t like it. What a complete asshole. It’s bad enough to see still photos of him, but the animated version of K-freak is even more grotesque. I feel so nauseous.

  11. Sunrise_1987

    Three minutes ago I felt kinda sorry for Kevin, now I feel sorry for Britney. He is just embarassing. And how the hell can somebody call that MUSIC anyway ?

  12. sammygirl

    I feel sorry for my ears.

  13. So when do you think K-Fed’s career officially jumped the shark? When he first met Brittney? This video? Or maybe when he came out of the womb.

    DrDanny has a point. With the right amount of payola, this song will be on every Clear Channel “radio station” in no time. Right between Ashlee Simpson and Sean Paul.

  14. gossipmonger

    wow, never wished so much that I was deaf/blind after witnessing that..

  15. ritagurl

    Wow…just wow..

  16. ribbonstring

    Lol, that was HILARIOUS.

    He seems to have made up his own sorta hand movements to go with his track!

  17. eeedlef

    Words fail me.

  18. Mary45

    OUCH! I don’t even think any kind of drug could make that better…

  19. Kim

    Oh man. I actually feel embarrased for Britney! She probably wants to stick her head in a hole and dissapear. This fool is using her fame and money to try to start his crappy career.

  20. finny_minky

    he doesnt even know the words to his own song?!?! You know those people that you see singing along, but they just kinda move their lips except when it comes to the chorus? THAT’s what he was doing!!! And isn’t he a dancer? what kinda sitting moves were those? Enough of the slapping of the “air ass”!!
    Kevin, Kevin, Kevin… your poor poor children.

  21. Lynette Carrington

    I’m almost speechless. Please, God!! Just make it stop!!

  22. Vincent Price

    First off I agree this isnt much worse then what gets air time these days anyway have you guys heard anything by ashlee simpson ? lols and calling somone a egomaniac because he likes his own music is pretty idiotic if ANYONE should like it, it should be him how can you make music you yourself dont really enjoy and expect anyone else to like it, Im not saying its good its clearly crap but some of these comments are stupid as hell Britney herself makes music about on par with this junk and she is about as unappealing as k-fed in every way so why the hell would you feel sorry for her ? they deserve each other the only thing that saddens me is they were allowed to birth offspring to further infest the gene pool with obviously defective dna.

  23. I know I’m gonna be hated for this, but really people, it’s not that bad, and I know you know that. It’s not like he made this song, someone who knows what sells made this, and if this song came out of 50 Cent’s mouth everyone would be jammin to it. If this came on at a club, we’d all be dancing to it, if you know how to dance that is, and that seems to be Kevin’s one talent, let him have it.

    Sure, K-fed along with his blushing bride are a blight on humanty, but lets be honest and not just rag on the song because Kevie is behind it.

  24. Sheva

    Just lame. More rap crap. Repetive, stupid and ignant.
    Ugh, no more please.

  25. Devil Is Chrome

    To think that he has reproduced – three times!

  26. ESQ

    It is a wonder Britney laughed in his face. POOP-ZAO is craptastic.

  27. weirdrobot

    Kevin really seems to be milking his 15 minutes of LAME.

  28. Realistic

    I watched it without sound and it reminded me a little bit of Brokeback Mountain.

  29. hafaball

    Did he have anything to do with this song? Was he the producer? I’m confused…but that sounded as good as anything else out there…crappy. though I do sort of agree with Olichka hehe.

  30. frozen_jesus

    I hope his next track is a cover of Rico Suave.

  31. ZoomBoy


  32. spamnews

    it is not funny to laugh at retards. A retard just told me this.

  33. amma

    You know sometimes how when you’re in traffic, and the guy next to you is blaring his speakers and singing along and rocking out…and thinking he’s so cool? And how if you could get into his head you just know he’s thinking he’s all that and fantasizing about all his fans adoring him?
    Its like that. But more embarrassing. I love The Superficial. And this is why.
    No matter who I have to deal with today, or how boring the tasks, my mind will continue to flash on KFed…

  34. SAPPY14

    the most disturbing part of this is all is his arms.. replay the video and look at them. he has shaved out some sort of design?? anyone???

  35. Juliette

    If this single is a hit, the world we know it is officially over.

  36. Vanya

    I agree, Sappy, look at his arm hair…the hell?

  37. iamboredatwork

    I don’t feel sorry for him. To be completely honest I feel sorry for all of us who posted on this bored. Including myself! What the hell is the matter with all of us if we have the time to not only watch this stupid K-Fed clip but to comment on it as well? What have our lives come to?

  38. gossipmonger

    SAPPY14, I had to go back (volume MUTED) to look at that (first time around I was too dazed by that noise to pay attention) and wow, yeah, what the hell??? Someone check Brit’s body hair, quick, see if they match…

  39. i defy anyone to tell me this is worse than that horrible beyonce pink panther son. that shit should not even be called music. when you think about it, the state of music today not only encouraged, but DEMANDED this federline track as a response.

  40. i mean pink panther SONG.

  41. TDubb

    Crying. I am literally crying. That’s fire! Post of the decade. Tears are streaming down my face.

  42. marchigiano

    Bahahahaha. Just. Wow. Oh my god. What a loser.

  43. Poster # 6 said it perfect.

    Simon Cowell would put Kevin in his place straight up. You really know why he was bobbin’ his head don’t you? The thoughts in his pea brain “best dam money ma’ beotch Brit ever spent”.

    The background tones sound like Missy Elliot’s – Work It – rhythm. She’d put Kevin is place to. That would be funny to see.

  44. Cuore56

    He doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but since he’s devoid of most human emotions he decided to laugh. I’d cry if my ponytail was on that tight. He needs to spontaneously combust along with that pumpkin shirt.

  45. RedHeadGirl

    Wow, its amazing how in love with himself he is. How in the world this guy was allowed to reproduce is beyond me.

  46. wvgirl

    Can someone call 911? I shoved an ice pick in my eye and directly into my brain and my ears are bleeding. I don’t know if the ears thing is the result of the ice pick or the music but if I was a gambling kind of girl, I’d go with the music.

  47. rustystar

    Has it occurred to anyone that if you listen carefully, this sounds like “The Right Stuff” by NKOTB? SCARY!

  48. What’s sad is this sh*t single and or crap album, will sell enough to give Brit back some coin.

    I see Eminem’s next bashing track coming out real soon.

  49. lupecavazos

    Doesn’t he remind you just a little bit of Liberace? [Only not as street]

  50. Jayne

    I sort of feel bad for him.

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