Kevin Federline is the future of music

kfederline_rap.jpgI was waiting to post this until a decent mirror surfaced, but a copy of Kevin Federline’s new single has leaked to the internet and it’s every bit as awesome as you could imagine. Some critics may have you think that he’s an untalented hillbilly channeling the spirit of Vanilla Ice, but they’re all just jealous. He even says, “My prediction is that y’all gonna hate on the style we create, straight 2008.” He predicts that everybody will hate his music. Predicts! His style is so revolutionary that he knows everybody will hate it until 2008. So if you’re sitting around thinking that rap requires talent and rhythm, you just wait and see. In three years, everybody’s music will sound like it was made in a basement by a drunken idiot who can’t read or write. And boy, will you feel silly then.

Kevin Federline – Ya’ll Ain’t Ready [MP3 via Hedonistica]
K-Fed’s Bum Rap [E! Online]