Kevin Federline is still alive

June 13th, 2006 // 97 Comments

britney-spears-kevin-federline-together.jpgKevin Federline has been photographed with Britney Spears and Sean Preston for the first time in over three months. It’s nice of Britney to let him out of the basement long enough to pose for cameras and pretend their marriage isn’t a complete sham, but she could’ve dressed him up a bit more. Although I guess if Kevin showed up looking like a functioning member of society as opposed to an online predator people might suspect it was all just a show for the media. It’d be like Gary Coleman suddenly being photographed with money. Or not crying. Society just isn’t ready to accept it.

NOTE: It’s hard to make fun of K-Fed without his signature goatee. He almost looks like a legitimate human being and it’s really throwing me off.



  1. Here is a little gift for the Btitts out there. I LOVE this story, I always thought Paul McCartney’s second wife was a bitch…Superficial, come on, lets jump on some of these!…

    Heather Mills McCartney is counterpunching at British reports that she was once a high-priced call girl who took part in orgies with rich Arabs.

    Continuing the newspapers’ scourging of Sir Paul’s estranged wife, London’s News of the World reported on Sunday that, when the future Lady McCartney was in her 20s, arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi paid her more than $11,000 to have sex

  2. Isn’t this, like, the very first time K-Fed has held his own kid? Shocking!

  3. jane's eyre

    America’s First Family of Trash. Ugh.

    And I know I said this before, but K-Fed looks like he’s prairie-doggin’ it.

  4. gammanormids

    great Brit. when we told you to get an stroller, this was supposed to be for the baby… Even sean p. thinks he be safer there than with dad…! if kev droppes him, i don’t want to hear you saying, “but I have an stroller… muaaaaa!”
    And yes, they kinda look normal… sort of… lightly…

  5. EvilFiend

    It’s cool he’s out there in public with his son Sean P., but what ever happened to his other two kids? Oreo baby 1 & 2 ? Did Britney have a hit put out on them?

  6. jane's eyre

    Yeah, it’s great that Britney’s finally got a stroller, but that means she’ll just find other ways to put SP in danger. You know, letting the stroller roll out into traffic while she opens a bag of Cheetos, letting it roll away down the sidewalk, down a flight of stairs, getting it stuck on the escalators in the mall, etc.

  7. sissybelle

    *Sigh* So true, jane, so true …

  8. jane's eyre

    I wouldn’t put it past her to tie the stroller to the back of the car either.

    “we’re country!”

  9. Sdvora

    My God, they’re hideous. It’s obscene to have that much money and yet look that bad.

  10. alaskanchicsickle

    Unless Britney does something amazing like wash and style her hair and put on something more flattering, I am not interested. I am missing the freakshow that is Tom Cruise. I guess fatherhood has sucked some of the crazy out of him….but I haven’t given up hope. Come on Tom get back to your usual antics, I believe in you!

  11. mia

    Wow old Brit is starting to look more like Ms Piggy each day. Lay off the Bacon.

  12. sissybelle

    “We’re country,” too. But I never almost dropped my baby because I had to hold onto my drink while staggering around in stillettos or DROVE WITH HER, UNRESTRAINED, IN MY LAP. She also never fell out of her high chair. She’ll be 11 this fall.

  13. Sheva

    Brit is lookin real happy and just plain frumpy.
    K-dick looks like a swamry, oily punk as usual who still can’t find anything to wear except a $1.55 tanktop and pants that can’t reach up to his underwear.

    But I guess showing a guy’s underwear is a classy statement.
    It lets whores know you are ready to impregnate and abandon them.

    Yeah, that turns on the ghetto/trailer park ho.

  14. Lolo

    Look at the anguish on K-Fed’s face! He looks like either a)someone just shoved something large and spike-covered up his bum or b)Britney just told him she’s going to cut his allowance in half and then go on Jay Leno and call him a douchebag.

    I hope it’s both, actually.

  15. PapaHotNuts

    That’s Sean P.’s jersey for his new Pee-Wee football team, the “Moon Pie and Natural Lite Tigers”.

  16. superstar26

    these people should not be allowed to walk the streets in these clothes. My eyes are burning from the sight of K-Fed’s underwear hanging out. God he is such trash. His first picture back on the Brit scene and he wears a wife beater? Loser.

  17. Dee

    I think I should offer to take Britney to Old Navy and buy her a cute sweat suit. Old Navy would be a huge step up for the rags/pajamas she’s been seen in lately. After that we could hit CVS and I’ll treat her to a brush and a bar of soap.

    Why does she think going casual means being a disgusting slob?!?!

  18. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Being country isn’t the same as being cuntry.

  19. snark

    They look so happy! Just like Sid and Nancy!

  20. WhipMyOwnBanana

    I’m back as my true self. I think k-fed is dreamy.

  21. Saucie

    Osh, you da BITCH. #69 was possibly the best line I have ever read on the Superfish. XOXOXOXOXO

  22. suzy

    arent babies suppose to at least have a HAT on when they’re in the sun to protect them from the sun rays?

    poor sean p is going to have sun cancer before he’s 2yrs old

  23. WhipMyOwnBanana

    Brit look a little tired.

  24. jFp

    who is this Britney and why is Anna Nicole Smith holding these kids?

  25. suzy

    oh, and will someone PLEASE buy Britney a bra?

  26. pinky_nip

    The stroller is for pushing the baby, not a 12 pack.

    At least that’s what I’ve been told.

  27. katie

    country, cuntry whatever. the defintion of country is a backwoods inbred “people piss in my gene pool” neanderthal. she fits it quite nicely, as does 85% of the US.

  28. Saucie

    I wonder when Brit is going to do a cover of Cher’s “Halfbreed” song.

  29. RichPort

    Upon further review, this picture shows K-Fed in mid-fart. Baby Fed is clearly looking for the source, assuming that it’s Mommy again. Over-Fed is thinking about cheesburgers, just like she does when anyone farts.

  30. sissybelle

    They look GRIM, oh so grim …

  31. jane's eyre


    Brit thinks that having Sean Preston’s initials being SPF is sun protection enough.

  32. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    78 – Being that you think you’re better than 85% of the US, you would know a bit more about the cuntry side of things.

  33. Iambananas

    So, they OWN a stroller, they just never use it. Poor baby.

  34. Iambananas

    They look like that poor family at K-Mart you feel sorry for when you’re just stopping in to buy soda.

  35. Federline is so lowbrow that shaving his goatee is considered a career move. And am I blind or is Britney looking more and more like Officer Clementine on Reno 911?

    And yet again, the kid does not smile…

  36. sissybelle

    I dunno; I think she’s looking kind of like Martha Washington …

  37. sissybelle

    And that kid is TIRED! Damn, Britney, quit dragging him all over Southern California!!!!

  38. I saw him dressed in a suit and he looked like a real person.

  39. HollyJ


    Does anyone else notice this? In EVERY photo? Accentuated by her redneck quick-bun hairdos?

    She needs a neckectomy. Or at least neck diameter minimalization surgery.

  40. maiira

    I love how Sean Preston’s shirt has his name on the back of it. Do K-fed and Britney habitually forget it, or something?

    Also, K-fed looks almost attractive with the lack of a goatee.

  41. dominocat

    #33 Yes! I was just thinking “at least Kfed can hold a baby better than Brit…”

  42. Finnish_babe

    Hah! Saako t

  43. Futuristic Bride

    They look fabulous….for a “country” couple.

    (please note the sarcasm) :)

  44. mymindspeaks

    This family leaves me speechless

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