Kevin Federline is insecure

October 12th, 2006 // 47 Comments

Kevin Federline has allegedly forbid Britney Spears from using male dancers in her new video and is insisting she replace the ones she’s hired with women.

Spears hired Matt Felker, one of the sexy guys from her “Toxic” video, to appear in her new video, according to In Touch Weekly, which reports that her hubby “insisted that Britney fire Matt and all of the other male dancers she’d hired and replace them with females.” Federline – who was, of course, once a back-up dancer for Spears – is said to be “surprisingly insecure and secretly terrified” that Spears will dump him if her career takes off again. “Kevin doesn’t want Britney to be making sexy moves again,” an “insider” told ITW. “He’s even telling her she doesn’t need to lose all of her pregnancy weight.”

So all this time I thought Britney Spears was just letting herself go when it was really Kevin Federline fugging her up so nobody else would want her. Well played, Federline. Well played.


  1. What’s there really to fuck up, nobody wants that fat retarded bitch anyway……..

  2. slantingthroughdarkness

    Federline sounds like every woman’s dream. A guy who’s protective, and doesn’t care if you get fat.

  3. meat-tulip

    K-Fuck is a closet feeder.

  4. steveperry

    in other news, britney spears is still SHOOTING VIDEOS

  5. You’ze a genious, you supah-wiggah! Keep yo bitches in check, and yo’ baby off the street.

    Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it (my rant about BS):

  6. RichPort

    Is he a dirtbag? Absolutely. Is he a fucking P.I.M.P.? Absolutely.

  7. well hey – i mean this is the little girl popping her pink bubble gum on national tv while simultaneously proclaiming her love of george bush.. can’t take much more than the promise of a snow cone to influence her..

  8. K-Fed can do all the dancing himself

  9. well hey – i mean this is the little girl popping her pink bubble gum on national tv while simultaneously proclaiming her love of george bush.. can’t take much more than the promise of a snow cone to influence her..

  10. Why does she have to wait for her career to take off again before she dumps him. Isn’t she supporting him?

    That story sounds made up. Something from the mind of theSuperficial.

    Hey Stallion! Hey Ferret! How’s the go going??

  11. Oh thank you Mr Superficial man. That is one specimen of man who’s pants I would love to get into. Under his shirt and in my mouth too! Yum, Yum-eee!

  12. 86

    What is the video for?? More importantly why would you shoot a video while you’re in a fat stage??

  13. thosefnguys

    Gotta hand it to K-Fed … he is making it so no one wants his trophy.

    Right now, she needs a Stair-master, a scaulding sponge bath w/ steel wool.

    I could still make my Britney clean though … I mean, it’s not like she’s Paris or anything.

  14. 86

    Britney you could have done so much better.

  15. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Why do some guys feel the need to do this? My EX-husband was the same way. Meanwhile, he’s fucking around, then cried when I kicked him out.

    Guys like this are very insecure, but in the beginning come across as protective and loving. I don’t think it’s got a lot to do with her supporting him, either, but more his pathological need to ‘own’ her.

    And it’s bizarre that this comes out right after Ferret was wondering on his blog what the hell really happened to mess up Britney Spears.

    You got it–the very guy who supposedly so wonderful. K-Fed–Instant Asshat.

  16. Ruby

    and while Brit is busy replacing her dancers with females maybe she should replace herself with someone who has some fucking talent and a clue.

  17. pinky_nip

    He’s just playing the role of wigger again, pretending he likes his bitches fat. ‘Cuz we all know that’s how the brothas roll.

  18. Kevin insecure! Oh, woe is me. Give it up K-Fed, she needs to dump your ass.

  19. BarbadoSlim

    I hope she does keep K-Tard around that’ll make her return to the trailer cess-pool where she came from all the more sweeter. I calculate that no more than a week will pass before they’ll be fetured on COPS as a: “Domestic Dispute, Shots Fired call”


    I hope she isn’t serious about making any new videos looking like that…

  21. ApacheRose

    You would think he’d be doing whatever it took to keep the money rolling in. Yeah, she COULD dump him, but eventually the money’s going to run out. One way or another, it’s all going to hell in a handbasket for them both.

    And they deserve it.

    Hi, people!

  22. hottie

    i love the taste of his semen

  23. I can’t blame him for feeling insecure. Many people blame him for her professional downfall.

    However, considering what a goofball she is, I think Kevin is just symbolic of what a ditz she is.

  24. Greco

    Oh yeah, like anyone’s going to avoid Britney(‘s money) just because she’s a heifer. Remember Tom Arnold (Roseanne’s Federline) and all the dough he got for banging her doughy ass? Then there’s Christina Onassis and her gigolo, Star Jones and that gay guy, Oprah and that other gay guy. Rich fat chicks are doubly vulnerable.

  25. jrzmommy

    As if I couldn’t possibly hate him any more than I already do……..and he manages to come up with this. But she’s idiot enough to listen to him.

  26. Justin Igger

    @17 I dont know what it is you talkin bout cuz aldough da bitch is white and fat dont meen we want dis bitch we dont all roll like dat shorty

  27. biatcho

    He definitely refers to her as “woman”. As in
    “woman, get me a beer”

    “woman, suck my dick”

    “woman, eat shit, get fat & gimme mo money, mo money, mo money”.

    And she’s southern-dumb enough to do it all and then some.

  28. Do Freebird

    He’s an idiot, no way can they have only women in that video.

    She’s gonna need weight lifters to move that side of beef she calls a body around.

  29. K-Fed is a genius. So now Britney can only grind on FEMALE dancers. That or eat em.

  30. jrzmommy

    K-Fag knows that once she’s back to fightin’ weight she’s gonna dump his ugly ass. I hope he gets an anvil dropped on his head.

  31. @26 Justin Igger – You’re just about the coolest mother fucker around and pretty fly for probably a white guy!

    27 – biatcho, nice ‘In Living Color’ reference.

    You walk on the moon
    Float like a balloon
    You see it’s never too late
    And it’s never too soon
    Take it from me it’s a’right to be,
    In Living Color…

  32. Samuel L. Jackson

    Yeah because the thought of her falling for a no talent, wigger freeloader with bastard children again just seems to keep him up at night…

  33. Lobo

    The only filmed appearance Big Brit should be making is a commercial for Jenny Craig.

  34. Astriastar

    Who the hell does this douchebag think he is to “forbid” anyone to do anything? He should just be thankful that his sugar-momma doesn’t throw him out on his ass. He must have something on her, because for the life of me, I can’t figure out why she still keeps his loser ass around.

  35. Like she could actually get her body back anyway!!

  36. rutbah

    Dude’s brilliant. Maybe I should knock up Tara Reid?

  37. biatcho

    #31 – I’m channeling my inner wigger, just like Keenan Ivory & Damon Wayans.

  38. jrzmommy

    She’s probably planned the whole time to have an all chick cast of the video and he’s just saying this shit now so that wnen if finally does come out it’ll look like she obeyed him and casted all chicks. I hope he falls into a combine.

  39. Dory

    He’s such a Grrrrrrrrr can’t say it. Don’t know how to describe it. WIGGER. Does he realise that his wifes money pit does have a bottom… someones gotta make more and I can garuntee it’s not going to be him.

  40. NipsyHustle

    the sad thing is that there are what 3 billion other guys on the planet who can skeet in britney’s hole, waste her money, and neglect her and the kids. and she could probably get at least half those guys to do that for as little as $19.95 down and infinite payments of $19.95 a month. i’m sure if she rolled over and asked her daddy he’d be delighted.

  41. This is great. Already I am picturing Brit either going with the Paula Abdul stretch-o-vision – where she is digitally thinned onscreen by image manipulation – or just trusting K-Fag and embracing her girth. Prancing about sexily while looking like Wendy Jo Sperber in spandex. Cooing to the camera sweet nothings, while her ass rumbles in the background like the engine of Harley fatboy.

  42. Lance Bass Turd

    Worst. Knee. Ever.

  43. Sayona

    He is such a waste of O2

  44. Courtney

    What a dick. How dare he keep sexy, hot Britney away from us.

  45. seriously, plus did anyone see his acting debut as punk ass bad guy on last night’s CSI. I’m speechless. and the fact that he’s one of them that beat up Greg Sanders, makes me hate him more so. ~GLARE~

  46. HughJorganthethird

    the man is a genius. Screw Hillary the Dem’s need to put Federline on the ticket for ’08.

    That’s some manly knee right there.

  47. ha ha…i would keep a leash on her too

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