Kevin Federline might have a weight problem

July 28th, 2009 // 47 Comments

Kevin Federline participated in the X Games Celebrity Skins Classic yesterday where, in defiance of all known natural science, he didn’t birth a litter of manatees on the back nine. You figure the physical exertion would’ve induced labor, but then again, I once saw a pregnant woman run a marathon. Which reminds me, where’s Kevin registered at again? I want to say Toll House…

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  1. RB

    First to say he’s a fatty boom batty

  2. me

    Second to say he looks preggers

  3. me

    who cares about him? what a douchebag…

  4. ZZZZ

    since when do we document when average dudes (this one married a psycho) have grown a slight gut? this doesn’t matter. Half the losers on this forum look like this. More girls in bikinis plz. Next.

  5. me

    OK, is everyone on here gonna go by “me” now??

  6. too late

    This was posted first on Yahoo news, ya know.

  7. phoring

    He looks depressed

  8. Mac


    Must be one of those losers to say he only has a bit of a gut. He is a freaking blimp. Guess you’re pretty fat yourself. In fact… I know you’re fat and know you’re a loser. That’s why you’re begging for pictures of chicks in bikinis. Pretty sad.

  9. I love fat boys!

  10. scat


  11. PunkA

    I love me some K-PHAT!!!

    And we thought Brit let herself go. She pwns his phat azz.

  12. Fumus

    A clever and brilliant move by KFed, he’s clearly gaining the weight so he can lose it citing that used some new weight loss product. Mark my words…

  13. the only opinion that matters

    He overweight, so what, so is alot of America. What bothers me most about K-Fed, and has always bothered me about him, is the way he dresses. I am happy to see he has stopped wearing those ridiculous baseball caps that made him look moronic. Now he needs to lose those stupid long shorts he always wears. A pair of jeans that fit well (and don’t hang halfway down his ass), and a nice shirt would be far better. I am available as a stylist should he require it!

  14. Does no one else notice the fact that K-Fed’s face looks EXACTLY the same? Is no one else disturbed by this? He’s probably gained the equvilant of a small African village, and yet, his face looks the same!

    The fact that his face is not staying in proportion to the rest of his bloated body is what gives me the creeps. If he was just a fat ass, then whatever, he would then be a fat ass. But…look at his face! Actually, scratch that, don’t look at his face. His smarmy eyes have always reminded me of a rabid weasle.

  15. someone

    This is disgusting.. I bet Britney is at home laughing right now..

  16. Yeah its disgusting hes living on E-Z street…Jamie couldnt stop this nonsense early or get better lawyers?

  17. Annie Likes Anal

    i would tap that in a New York minute! Rawr!

  18. smarticus

    Does anyone else that he is slowly morphing into Turtle from entourage just as Turtle is slowly morphing into pre-fat K-Fed?

  19. toresen

    fat dancer.

  20. Hey


  21. The Tick


  22. Ted from LA

    More like K OverFed.

  23. Tanzarian

    It also looks like he has a 12-inch inseam.

    Fat and dressed like he’s 6 years old.

  24. frank lloyd wright

    He’s carrying twins

  25. Kurt



  26. AirKisses

    I’d hit it. C’mon. You know it would be fun.

  27. Time will tell

    He’s really getting up there, and at the rate he’s going he must be close to 450 pounds by now. Good, so that will only mean that he will die soon, and there will be more food for all the starving children in India.

  28. Beer Baron

    More like the X Games Celebrity Potato Skins Classic.

  29. truth

    If Brittany did not take such good care of him under court order, he might have to get a job and weight would not be a problem. All that Brit money is not helping him in the long run.

  30. truth

    If Brittany did not take such good care of him under court order, he might have to get a job and weight would not be a problem. All that Brit money is not helping him in the long run.

  31. Scarlet Fool

    He looks more like Bubbz Sparxx now.

  32. Fat guy in a little coat… fat guy in a little coat…

    Also, they seem to really reach on “celebrity”…

  33. Mickey0123

    Remember the dirty picture of Brittany grabbing his unit. Well these days she would have a hard time finding it. I think the picture today would be her moving the blubber out of the way to look for it.

    Kevin, when you go on a whale watch you aren’t supposed to be the one that everyone is watching. For God sake look out for the Harpoon!!!

  34. Norad Bush

    Jesus! What the hell did he do to himself?? Didn’t he used to be a back up dancer, a job that requires ATHLETIC ABILITY? You’d figure he’d keep himself up given that background, no?

    Good Lord, he looks bad. Someone should tell him that a diet of milkshakes and mayonaise is not a good idea. And yes, @15 is right. He’s fat, but his face isn’t and that’s extremely creepy.

  35. jnjoblon

    Oh man hahaha, I never get tired of laughing at “fat” Kevin Federline.

  36. Nikky Raney

    These pix are old.

  37. krazihottkevin

    wow, what happened?
    my boytoy is now phat
    like America.

  38. dontlooknow

    Now we know where Britney’s fat went to; had it grafted on Kevin as part of their divorce settlement.

  39. FACE

    just more proof of the fact that he is a worthless dirty white boy who doesnt deserve fame.

  40. Him and Jon Gosselin should have a reality show together.

    That or a Nutrisystem commercial.

  41. Max Planck

    Smokers suck!

  42. H_Chick

    @ 18 (Annie)

    HAHA!! Thanks for my larrrfff for the day Annie.

    Shit I felt lard arsed at having gained weight this year but he makes me feel ok ’bout myself!! Was he artificially inseminated or did some dirty bastard get him banged up??!!

  43. Galtacticus

    I’ll gues the belly came with the cankles in one package.

  44. Courtyardpigeon

    Seriously, this is your celebrity? Nice event. Remind me not to ever attend.

  45. Keith

    That’s a mighty big liver.

  46. He is overweight, so what if the U.S. is a lot. What bothers me most about K Fed, and always bothered me about him, he dresses way. I see that he made those ridiculous baseball caps that have stopped wearing it look absurdly happy. Now that she always wear those silly long shorts need to lose. Jeans that fit well (and not halfway down your ass hang a pair), and a nice shirt would be far better. I am available as a stylist should he require it!

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