Kevin Federline is after more moola

is claiming that Kevin Federline’s custody fight for his kids with Britney Spears might actually be about money. He originally agreed to a 50/50 split, but then suddenly filed papers asking for 70/30 after not even being in contact with Britney for over three months. Britney’s cousin, Alli Sims, was served over the weekend so Kevin’s lawyers could take her deposition, but a source close to Alli says they also want to take Britney’s deposition, but the notice Britney received was all about money and not the kids.

None of this really matters though. Even if he’s trying to get custody of the kids for more money he’ll still probably get them. Hell, he could be trying to get custody of the kids to eat and he’d still probably get them. The judge would look over at K-Fed holding a knife and fork with a napkin tucked into his shirt and licking his lips and he’d still come to the conclusion that this would be better for the kids than Britney Spears.