Kevin Federline is after more moola

August 13th, 2007 // 45 Comments

is claiming that Kevin Federline’s custody fight for his kids with Britney Spears might actually be about money. He originally agreed to a 50/50 split, but then suddenly filed papers asking for 70/30 after not even being in contact with Britney for over three months. Britney’s cousin, Alli Sims, was served over the weekend so Kevin’s lawyers could take her deposition, but a source close to Alli says they also want to take Britney’s deposition, but the notice Britney received was all about money and not the kids.

None of this really matters though. Even if he’s trying to get custody of the kids for more money he’ll still probably get them. Hell, he could be trying to get custody of the kids to eat and he’d still probably get them. The judge would look over at K-Fed holding a knife and fork with a napkin tucked into his shirt and licking his lips and he’d still come to the conclusion that this would be better for the kids than Britney Spears.


  1. alex


  2. puzzylikr


  3. K-Fed is the man.

    Now he just needs to knock up Lindsay Lohan.

  4. ali

    bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk

  5. alex

    “Kevin Federline’s custody fight for his kids with Britney Spears might actually be about money.”


  6. jenny

    what an ugly baby.

  7. FromOutOfNoWhere

    Oh please like this is news. K-Fed has been after nothing but money since day one. I bet once he gets the kids and more dough, he’ll you’ll never see him with the kids. Funny I don’t remember seeing him with the kids he had with Shaw Jackson except once.

  8. big

    K-Fed should have all the dough. How much is left?

  9. Hooo

    is he really ? wow what Einstein realized that

  10. G MONEY

    wohoo! go Kevin, just what the world needs another rich 2-bit scum bag!

  11. @3 Maybe he did!!!!

    This is such a fucking waste of space. Why does anyone even care about these two lossers. I feel bad for the kids. Those are going to be some jacked up kids in a few years

  12. ceecee

    oh? .. i mean oh?

  13. Victor

    #11, so how is it going Jim?

  14. mabbo

    So I guess we can say bye bye to Brit’s so-called comeback, huh? With all that is happening in her personal life, does she expect anyone to care when she releases a single and music video? Especially since she looks like shit. Her hair is a disaster, her weight is still too high for what she wants to do (i.e., pole dancing). No wonder the record company shelved the album until next year. I hope she is good at saving money, cuz the career is over and she is gonna need the money for early retirement.

  15. Losers……………

  16. adeliza

    What a hag. I bet she tries to commit suicide. Very shortly we’ll be writing snarky comments about the failed attempt.

  17. Henry

    i think about 7 years ago the planet earth was flung into another bizarro dimension where a bunch of wacky shit started happening…crappy dictiator president…wack reality shows…celebutants…the red sox winning the world series…i could go on and on…why do we live in a world where britney spears is news? is she even a entertainer at all anymore? when was the last time she didn’t lipsync at a concert, if ever? she is garbage along with so many other losers…but who are the real losers? maybe the public that clamors for every detail about their worthless lives. and yet here i am reading this web page for the latest…because i guess at the very least it’s entetaining to watch people crumble after being on top. what a vicious cycle!


    It’s relatively rare that children are removed from the mother’s custody.
    I think it happens in less that 10% of cases. Even drug-addicted mothers don’t lose their kids. The courts have a bias toward the mother and only in extreme circumstances is the father awarded full custody. I think Federline knows she’s frightened of being judged an unfit mother, and is playing on those fears for more money. She’d probably have to do somehting like intentionally hurt the kids before she’d even be at risk of losing them. Anyone out there old enough to have actually gone through a custody battle? Please enlighten us…

  19. Victor

    Where is FRIST today?

  20. woodhorse

    I think Kevin should get the kids because he is capable of being coherent. Mentally ill people get custody of their kids frequently but it is usually when it’s a case of them or CPS having custody – there’s not enough foster homes to go around. Kevin might prevail, all told.

  21. Victor

    Where is FRIST today?

  22. I don’t care if it’s about money. Throw that bitch in jail.

  23. I’m FRIST!!!
    I’m back and
    I’m PISSED!!!

    Not really

  24. lidiya

    what is britney doing with that tiny chris farley impersonator?

  25. woodhorse

    #24 – true! With all the cheetos and cokes she feeds her kids, I hope they don’t turn out like Greasy and Gummi Bear.

  26. Chauncey Gardner

    Of course the guy needs more money. The older these kids get, the more money will have to be spent on the best animal control equipment that science has to offer.

    Containment is key.

  27. dr phil

    Look, Kevin, it’s simple: get her money; get the kids; get a nanny and a maid, and make sure the nanny is matronly and maid is hot; fuck the maid and the maid only; download all the pictures you can find of Brad Pitt with his kids and imitate them as closely as possible during regularly scheduled public outings. Try to do a better job imitating father-Brad than you have imitating a black rapper. DON’T dress the boys as imitation black rappers. Do this – it’s really not much – and it’s like you won Powerball. Very close to that, actually, since fucking Britney seems very similar to grabbing a ticket at a convenience store.

  28. Hey Victor how are you doing? Did you get a pic of that girl?

    FRIST where have you been????

  29. In N Out is here today giving out free cheese burgers. WOOO HOOO I have lunch for the week

  30. miwanna

    Have you noticed that Jayden is never smiling when in Brit’s arms. He is always leaning away from her and looks about to sob. No bond there at all.

  31. michelle

    oh so now it makes sense! he only is putting up “wanting the kids” so that britney will get scared and give him hush money. i know i have said it before, but these kids would be better off living with wolves then either of those deadbeats.

  32. wedgeone

    Guess that K-Earl’s lawyers are behind much of this, because the more he gets, the more they get. You don’t hear much from K-Earl about the whole situation. Only that his lawyers are doing this and that.
    They probably promised him the moon as well. Rat bastards.

  33. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    i second #6, that kid is busted. wasn’t she drinking a lot when she was pregnant with him? that would explain things.

  34. joorix

    # 27: You’re a genius (And 27 is my favorite number). But, if you want KFed to learn all that stuff, you have to use sock puppets to explain it to him.

  35. Hustler

    K-Fed played that dumb broad and it is easy street for him now.

  36. mafme

    That baby looks very concerned.

  37. tatianalensky

    please please please can we just forget Britney Spears? Gsus, she is so fucked up . she more fucked up than Joan Crawford and Bette Davis in What ever happened to Baby rolled into one.

  38. cookie monsta

    it might not be a very popular choice, but I would like to see this guy awarded custody, at least he would give “PARENTING” a try…… maybe??

  39. ToTellTheTruth

    OF COURSE IT’S ABOUT MORE MONEY. K-Fuck could care less about those innocent kids, just like Britney could care less about them. The only reason why he hasn’t been seen in any night clubs or strip clubs, or out drinking and partying like he NORMALLY DOES, is because his lawyers have probably told him to chill out for a while, to give himself a “squeeky clean” parenting image, so that it WILL allow him to GET those kids. In celebrity world, children = money and in some cases (adoption cases) notarity. And if he DOES get them, it will mean more money for him and his house maid Shar Jackson aka The Baby Making Machine. Those kids would be better off being raised by a pack of fucking wolverines…and RABID wolverines at that.

  40. Britt


  41. yuck

    That is one ugly baby …..

  42. Annie Rexia

    @ 18. I am the same way. I just simply cannot wait for this sperm whale to finally go tits after swallowing a bottle of Vicodin. Of course Kev’s after more money. Why wouldn’t he? It really serves that dumb bitch right after hooking up with him. Wait a cluelesss little spunk dumpster to ever think anyone could ever get close to her clueless ass without money being involved. Christ, I would even drive her to CVS myself so she could fill the perscription.

  43. ^^^^KrazyHotKelliKlone^^^^^^^^^^

    #40. Hey Brit! Do uz all a favor and zwallow the buziness end of a piztol allready.

  44. ^^^^^^^KrazyHotKelliKlone^^^^^^

    P.Z. That baby iz zo fucked up in the face!

  45. Clee Clee

    #18, sorry I’m weighing late in the game, but I wanted to give some input. I’m a social worker with years of experience in the mental health/substance abuse field and yup, the Courts do indeed give more consideration to the mother when it comes to deciding custody. One “mother” I know personally got busted for felony DUI/absconding from police custody after she admitted drving her kids around while drunk and high for months. She lost custody of her children for a four month period during which she was court ordered to go to counseling weekly and to attend at least two AA meetings a week. Tough stuff, right? Guess what–mama did the bare minimum, got the kids back, got the charges dropped and got the judge to praise her for her “bravery” in dealing with her “disease.” People: It’s not a disease you heal from, it’s a disease you get control over, and until you realize this, everyone around you will pay, pay, pay–kids more than anyone. I have nothing but respect for Kevin Federline for trying to do what he can to protect his kids. Britney, I hope you get the help you need.

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