Kevin Federline is a winner

May 31st, 2006 // 94 Comments

Kevin Federline reportedly spent $300,000 on a new watch without telling Britney Spears, which is also the exact amount he was paid to record an album and tour in Japan. Additionally, Spears thinks K-Fed is responsible for leaking their private info to the tabloids by telling his friends stuff he knows they’ll sell to papers.


  1. Italian Stallion


  2. ptprez

    white trash makes me feel better about myself…

  3. sweetcheeks

    I can’t believe the superfish guy misspelled “fucktard.”

  4. SnarkyMcComments

    Did fat Britney officially change her name to Federline when she married K-Fed? If she did I think her new nickname should be Over-Fed. Sooooeeeee!!!!!!

  5. LeslieH

    If there is a God why is K-Fed living, breathing and richer than 95% of the world?

  6. BarbadoSlim

    That watch will be the death of him. A year from now he’ll be found in a Vegas alley stabbed, his underwear down to his knees, no shirt wearing a pair of old Pumas and clutching a pack’o smokes.

    All because of that watch.

  7. Dr.Rokter

    It’d be cool to make K-Fed march through South Boston on St. Patrick’s Day, wearing that hat, just to watch some drunken Irish pipe-fitter wearing a scalley cap and an old satin Celtics jacket run out, kneecap him, and then take a piss on his face.

    “Nice fahkin’ hat, you fahkin’ homo! Dood, fahkin’ doosh-bag wearin’ a fahkin’ Yankees hat. Fahkin’ kweeah!”

  8. booface

    HAHAHA #4 Snarky, well played.

  9. Ugh just thinking of how overpaid and well fed he is makes me want to hurl, he should be working in a 7-11 somewhere. Paris isn’t even this bad.

  10. ptprez

    i’m waiting for the k-fed/paris duets cd…

  11. Italian Stallion

    Bud Light presents: REAL MEN OF GENIUS
    Mister: “Buy a $300,000 Rolex but still can’t tell time Guy”
    “Today we salute you Kevin Federline, for knowing you have another baby coming with your fat wife but still decide to spend all your Japan money on a watch that you can’t even read.”
    ( backround ) “What a Dumbass”
    “So if you want your fat wife to look good, have 12 Bud Lights and you’ll notice a difference in a matter of minutes, and then you can have sex with her and tell all your friends how you rode the wave of fat.”
    ( backround ) “They can tell the Tabliods”

  12. sissybelle

    #5 — Because Britney’s stupid.

  13. sweetcheeks

    Ah! It all makes sense. Look at all of the power lines in that shot!!! Are they camped out at Three Mile Island?

    If they aren’t careful, their baby could come out retarded. Like, fall-on-your-head-whiplash retarded. Just a theory.

  14. SpecialAgentWind

    #11 – Thank you. hee hee

  15. BarbadoSlim

    The japanese jackass who paid this douche 300k has dishonored his family, he should disembowel his sorry ass immediately.

  16. CrazyDaddyXenu

    #7 I’m still freakin’ laughing, that was comedy gold. Britney should just go to a trailer park, buy the shabbiest trailer,furnished as is, put it in her backyard, build a wall around it and let k-fed live the life he was born to: Just like Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaids character)from the “Vacation” movies.

  17. leahdeadly

    oh #4! how good!!
    I can’t help but feel bad for that girl. She’s so pathetic and she put herself in such a bad spot marrying that loser and now she’s bringing kids into the mix?? She needs to get a divorce and either be a mom or get hot again. but i’m pretty sure no matter what she does, i wont be able to wash the images of over-fed out of my brain.

  18. sweetcheeks

    If you’re paying $300,000 for a watch, it better fucking be able to shoot electron rays and work as a teleporting device on space missions.

    Oh, and it should glow in the dark and have a tip calculator. And be able to melt titanium and make your wife attractive again.

  19. ptprez

    …for 300,000 that watch better blow me then make me breakfast…

  20. Jacq

    Uhhh… she is JUST NOW getting tired of him? That relationship must look A LOT different from the inside.
    I bet $300K could buy them two really nice padded boxes big enough to put those two babies in until they’re big enough to fall down without help.

    #7 – I love when people type with an accent! Much better visuals.

    #11 – U R Funny!

  21. he is such a wanker. why has it taken her so long to realise what the whole world has known from day one. i know Britney is not the sharpest tool in the box (she certainly is a tool though) but come on, this guy is a complete fagwad! Get rid of him.

  22. 7 and 11, ‘Fish at its finest.

  23. Well, Britney, that is what you get for marrying the scum of the earth.

  24. Giggles

    Ah, yes, this is why I read the superfish. No rank comments today (nice), only comedy at its finest.

  25. Sheva

    I like K-dick cuz he’s smart. Now that he has a 300K watch, he has a disposable asset in addition to whatever money he’s owed in a divorce.

    K-dick they ridicule you but you are smart. Rock on.

  26. Astriastar

    When is she going to finally dump his loser ass? He is just dead weight and a drain.

  27. PapaHotNuts

    KFed: “I gost about tree-hunnerd thou to spend on a watch. Watchu got, my nigga?”

    Watch Store Owner: “Have you ever heard of Swatch? It’s brand new to the markert.”

    KFed: “Do black people be wearin’ em?”

    WSO: “Sure, Kevin, they do. It’s all the rage in Harlem and Compton. This one even has a stopwatch and a picture of a tiger in the background.”

    KFed: “Yo, wrap that muv-fucka up, cracka.”

  28. ptprez

    k-fuck is not that smart…that wigger just got some bling to flash his peeps…

    that ass-wad could’nt put two collective thoughts together if they were spelled out for him…

    here’s hoping he contracts the bird flu while he’s in asia…

  29. jrzmommy

    #7–I honestly cannot stop laughing.

    That scumbag just spent $300K on a watch, people…yep….take it easy, go slow….let it rise, let it bubble to the surface…there you go…..that’s right…..that’s pure rage you taste.

  30. benni2874

    I am amazed that not 4-6 months ago he was on his way out the house and all he asked for was if he could keep his Ferrari Spyder. And now he is blowing three-hundred thousand bloogas on a fucking watch?? The guy has some serious balls. He must be taping that ass three ways to sunday. What is he doing?? Spiking her shit with ectasy ? Wake up Brit! get your soda pop tested for drugs.

  31. MissyDra

    I was just about to say something along the lines of “gee, isn’t it about time Britney drops the baby again? It’s been like a whole week since they have been in the news” But this is just as good.

  32. LickyLicky

    The only reason he bought that watch was so he could reminisce:

    Something expensive on his arm that doesn’t have fat hands.

  33. Dr.Rokter

    #27 Papa

    That’s classic. You’re allowed to make a certificate that reads, “Dr. Rokter says I Rok”, date it, and forge my signature at the bottom. It great for resumes.

  34. Zapp Brannigan

    What would become of the celebrity blogosphere if Shitney, the Simpcest family, and Blohan all dropped off the face of the earth?

  35. #27 – brilliant
    Made me laugh out loud for a good five minutes.
    K-Fag is a tool. I think Brit is beginning to realize he’ll never have credibility. I don’t know what she expected by marrying him?

  36. Pearly

    300 thoudand for a watch he will surely lose, give to some slut or jump into a pool wearing. Where, where oh where are all the snipers?

  37. BarbadoSlim

    @30 …he’s tapping his own ass, Shitney’s cut him off, that bitch just used the money he “earned” from some japanese bullshit tour.

  38. Ari

    #34, we’ll always have Paris?

  39. here

    She traded down, now it’s biting her. Appears the dude has dependency resentments. More importantly, who cares. Her knockers point in two directions, that’s what counts.

  40. Pearly


  41. Spacedog

    #27. Nice one, Pap.
    K-Fed is livin the American Dream. He’s pushin it as far and as fast as he can. Do you blame him? Blame Britney for not standing up for herself. Ever. She holds all the cards and she always folds.

  42. 86

    10 that was brilliant

  43. Saucie

    When your husband wears a velour sweatsuit with the word PIMP on the back to your wedding festivities and has his picture taken in it, shouldn’t that be a gigantuous clue?

    By the way, my dog had the shits yesterday…and the giggles.

  44. 86

    I cant’ BELIEVE she married this guy and had his kids. It still astounds me. My mother, although insane, would have died trying to prevent me from making such a mistake.

  45. sissybelle

    #39 — So very true.

  46. PapaHotNuts

    Doc Roc- Thanks for the shout. Do I have your permission to forge your name on my Loritab scrips? They go so good with beer. Also, it’s fairly easy to type in wigger. But typing in Boston? Pure genius. I mean, nice fahkin’ post.

  47. billabong021

    Guys a fuckin parasite, and a dumb one too, who the fuck spends that kinda money on a watch?!

  48. sissybelle

    #47 — Kevin Fed-Her-A-Line does.

  49. ptprez

    …then shit-head-brit got pregnant AGAIN in hopes to make the marriage work…


    …what a piece of work…

  50. Saucie

    Ten bucks says she gets caught in an emotional “affair” with the Manny ’cause he’s always there for her and loves her kids.
    K-fed will be the spurned husband and will sue for millions. Who do you think hired the Manny?!?!

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