Kevin Federline is a serious artist

January 17th, 2006 // 41 Comments

kevin_federline_thumb3.jpgSeriously. Stop giggling.

On Thursday (January 12), briefly interviewed Federline about “PopoZ


  1. Hasn’t had a hit and he’s already actling like an Aging Diva to the press? Oh this fall is going to be fun to watch!

  2. sammygirl

    When Britney dumps him we can call him “Fed-Ex”

  3. bigfatmomma

    hahaha amazing sammygirl. you made my day with that

  4. CoJo

    How about Federpoon? That sounds fun? I thought that K-Fed was his rapper name. What kind of a gangster is he anyway?

    LOL sammygirl!

  5. LoneWolf

    “Fed-ex”. Heh, Heh.

    I think we’re missing the point. The interviewer asked him what artists he didn’t like and he said he didn’t like K-Fed. Clearly he’s a self-hating piece of white trash who recognizes what a no-talent, no-class, baby-daddy leach he is. I wouldn’t have given him credit for being that insightful. Props to you, K-Fed. And by “props to you” I mean “eat penguin shite and die”.

  6. Somebody needs to straighten this young man’s hat.

  7. mrschickee

    ROFLMAO That’s gold sammygirl….pure gold.

  8. Dipshit sounds good.

  9. CelebGossipAficionado

    Sammygirl, outstanding.

  10. HughJorganthethird

    Has it really come to this? Now we have to add K-fed to the list of people who can’t fucking stand K-fed? Well if a loser like K-fed doesn’t even like K-fed then I think I am going to start liking K-fed, just to show K-fed what a loser he is.


  11. EvilCutie25

    Douchey McDouchavich! ROTFLMAO! “fed-ex” well, my day’s made now, lol~ I’ll be laughing on and off about “Douchey McDouchavich” all night, lol- ( I know, I have no life, lol)

  12. CelebGossipAficionado

    Anyone remember the movie “Brewster’s Millions”?Let’s consider the idea that Britney was given this offer, and if she had managed to waste all of her money in unaccountable expenses in a year, She’d be given three times the amount she’d started with. Who better to help her do this than Massengils poster child, Kevin Federline? Look at him. He’s a double wide Don Juan. He wants to rap about brazilian asses, and can’t speak a lick of spanish. If my assumption is correct, Britney made an excellent choice in parasitic manwhores for her task. She could of went for Kato Kaelin, but I think O.J. would of killed her just for GP. That being said, let’s be supportive.

  13. ihatecelebs

    How bout Federslime?

  14. Sheva

    Okay, you convinced me. Kfag it is.

  15. Liam C

    Actually Femminem is a girl group from Bosnia-Herzegovina

    They have a very uptempo ABBA Style.

  16. tuesdayup

    He didn’t impregnate all those llegitimate children so people could call him anything other then “Sumpreme Ruler of the Douches”:


  18. Lynette Carrington

    How about “FederSWINE”?

  19. SuperSpence


  20. derekd

    I think I am the only Superficial faithful who absolutely adores K-Fed. Anyone who can pimp out a 250mil pop star with the wave of his PP is ok in my book. GO K-FED GO!!!!!!!

  21. SuperSpence

    Posted by derekd on January 17, 2006 08:51 PM

    I think I am the only Superficial faithful who absolutely adores K-Fed.

    REPLY: Lord, I hope so. Cheney should save a little space at Gitmo for people like you.

  22. Jeremy1Esq

    How about K-Mart?

    Feder the Molester?

    What do you call one of KFeds kids with Shar Jackson? A Feder-Rican!!

    Let me guess, his favorite baseball team is the “White Sox” since his with a pair of flip flops aka trailer park shoes are the best.

  23. ^FuNKy^

    Hmmm, has anyone just looked at the word K-Fed and thought it could just as easily be typed as F-Ked? Hope this isn’t excessively inappropriate, it’s more of an observation. I was just thinking if Britney dumped him he would be kinda, well you know, f-ked.

    P.S. Nice one sammygirl with the Fed-Ex comment. Hilarious!

  24. HollyJ

    He looks like a ferret. OMG! It’s K-Feral!

    Maybe he should star in the off-Broadway show “Rikki Tikki Tavi.” Someone give that varmit a cobra to wrastle with.

  25. Kelly

    This guy is so ridiculous. I wonder if he recognizes that he is such a joke. I can see why he doesn’t take himself serious. I remember years ago Christina was dating a dancer that used to disrespect her. So she dumped his ass. Too bad Britney wasn’t a genous to figure that one out. She bought herself this poser/joker. I think it is so funny how they did that spread for PEOPLE where they whored their baby for the publicity and money. If you look at the picture you can tell that K-spent can’t even hold a baby properly/naturally. He is holding the baby posed for camera. Though I must admit that it is a surprise he hasn’t left Burnt-y after she made him get a jobby job. Guess he shouldn’t complaint since it is her money going down the drain and in his pipe.

  26. Kalu

    Just so everyone knows, in Portuguese, Popoz

  27. sean48479

    Feminem,… that’s fuckin funny

  28. evilcookie007

    I had to listen to a clip of that stupid song – it’s like a train wreck…you don’t want to see the death and destruction, but you can’t help looking…My ears are bleeding…

  29. PapaHotNuts

    Are we forgetting that Mr. Federline has feelings and hopes and dreams just like the rest of us? He just wants to succeed so he can be a supporting father and loving husband. I respect his determination to be a top-notch musician and stylish trend-setter. With his music, he is reaching across borders, incorporating beats and rhythems from countries we have much to learn from. His sporadically grown facial hair and casual attire let us know that he can be relaxed while at the same time, pursuing his dream to reach the top of the charts. I just know in my heart that you are the pride of the Spears family as well as a role model for families of strong moral value across the country. God Bless you, Mr.Kevin Federline, and God Bless your music.

    Fucking douchebag.

  30. tat2dwhitegirl

    don’t you guys listen? he used be K-fed, but you can call him daddy instead

  31. LOL!!!!!!! Sammygirl and Papahotnuts. Thanks, I’m going to be laughing all day! LOL!

    I’m wondering if K-Fed works for Miss Aguilerra, you know, kind of a hired gun “Hey Kevin, see if you can get Britt to marry you, then turn her into a big piece of skanky burnt out trash, theres cash in it for you!”

  32. SMF121490

    Wow, this guy really thinks he deserves any respect. To get respect you must earn it, Mr. Fed-her-a-line.

  33. Is MC Dingus taken? Access Hollywood interviewed him last week. It’s pretty funny. He talks about Popozao and magically being able to “understand” Portuguese…

  34. just saw “Fed Her a Line.” too funny!

  35. tyler durden

    Came up with some more names for Mr Spears.

    1. Fed Up
    2. Federwhine
    3. Fed-R-Al Deficit
    4. K-Why?

  36. nico

    Doesn’t the man know that the world refers to him as cletus? He should be thankful that he was only referd to as K-fed.

    I also like K-Tard.

  37. HughJorganthethird

    Notorious D.Ouch.E. anyone?

  38. MP$40

    Fed-Ex! ROFLMAO!!!!!

    F’n funny…..what bugs me about Kevin Federline is how he did Shar….o.k. I know the last kid she had with him was the “keep-a-n*gga baby” but at last he could of stuck around until AFTER the baby was born before he bounced. Besides what ever happend to “once you go black…”?

    Whatever…Britney was top notch until she started bangin him. She might as well of picked up the meth pipe cause I really don’t see any difference. She looks like shit either way. Every pic I see of her now looks like she’s been f*cked silly.

  39. He doesn’t like K-FED, since its an anagram for F-KED, which is what he is without Brit-Brit and her CASH!!

  40. firecat

    When he does transition to the title of Mr. Fed-ex, I have heard thru the grapevine that Whitney is scouting for a professional feces extractor. In my mothers day douche bags often doubled as an enema bag.

  41. ESQ

    “Fed-Ex” Good one!

    The sound of my farts sounds better than his “rap.”

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