Kevin Federline is a helluva tipper

Kevin Federline’s lawyers are arguing that Britney Spears should have to pay his legal bills, but Kevin isn’t as poor as he makes it sound. Just recently he tipped a waitress $2,000 on a $365 check. Britney’s new lawyer Stacy Phillips is calling bullshit on the K-Fed, according to NY Daily News:

Phillips told the court commissioner Federline should pay between $150,000 and $175,000 and claimed he omitted his $200,000 spousal- support checks from his earning declarations. Phillips also argued that Federline recently tipped a waitress $2,000 on a $365 bill, and has blown $20,000 on jewelry, phone calls and food while listing the charges as “business expenses.”

By means of scientific deduction, I’m assuming Kevin was at Hooter’s when he left the two grand tip. Those chicks get you every time. I went once for some chicken wings, by the end of the night I bought my waitress a house. I don’t know how she did it. All I remember is she sat at my table, told me I was a really nice guy and BAM! I’m signing a mortage with blue cheese. How did she me coming? Maybe because I spelled “Hot Stuff” on my shirt with hundred dollar bills. Nah, that’s just being suave and debonair. Back me up, ladies.