Kevin Federline: ‘I can give one of them interview things, too’

December 3rd, 2008 // 25 Comments

Kevin Federline is peddling his side of the bullshit in the latest issue of People. But, unlike Britney who openly criticized his parenting skills in a recent Rolling Stone interview, he’s keeping it relatively clean:

On what went wrong:
“It’s hard enough to be in a marriage, and then have a kid, then kids, it changes everything. For me, I’d become more concerned with my children. Not that I ignored Britney, but my kids are always most important … I mean, we were having complications. I didn’t give her an ultimatum, but I was trying to work stuff out with her, and she didn’t even talk to me or anything and went behind my back and filed [for divorce]. [I was] completely blindsided.”

On rumors he fought for custody for the money:
“My first question to [my lawyer] was, ‘Am I ever going to be able to see my children?’ I told him that I would spend every last dime that I had to make sure that my children are okay. That’s all that mattered. I didn’t know how much power Britney had. That really scared me.”

On Britney locking herself in a room with Jayden:
“That whole night is a blur. You want to talk about one of my lowest points of depression, that was probably one of them. I was very, very worried for her ’cause I care about her. That’s the mother of my children. Just because I’m not in love with her doesn’t mean that I don’t love her.”

On the situation now:
“Oh, man, it’s totally turning around. It works out that [the kids] get to see her. There’s structure over there, there’s structure at my house. We’re trying to keep the same type of schedule. It doesn’t have to be completely perfect, but the foundation is there. ”

KEVIN: I will spend every last dime that I have to make sure that my children are okay.
LAWYER: You mean every last dime Britney has.
KEVIN: *pause*
KEVIN: God, that never gets old. Now who wants Jet-Skis? I’m buying.

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  1. audrey

    well then

  2. audrey

    well then

  3. Uncle Eccoli

    What an idiot. Eugenics, anyone?

  4. wiggle bear

    wiggle bear, wiggle bear, wiggle bear! Lame!

  5. Why does K Fed insist on being such an eternal douche?

  6. Jenn

    He says he cares about his kids?

    Didn’t he leave 2 little mulatto kids of his and run off with Britney? How are THEY doing? remember, jackass, you have 4 kids not just 2

  7. Seriously, this guy must be able to do push ups with his tongue. No other way to explain how he gets chicks to pay for his existence.

  8. I hope he gets 10 jet skis and half her dough. Srsly, F her and all the money she’s gonna make off “her tragic downfall and the inner strength to make a comeback”. Yuck, I give it 3 weeks til she’s on Oprah pitching that BS.

  9. I hope he gets 10 jet skis and half her dough. Srsly, F her and all the money she’s gonna make off “her tragic downfall and the inner strength to make a comeback”. Yuck, I give it 3 weeks til she’s on Oprah pitching that BS.

  10. Blah

    @6…exactly! Thats just what I was thinking. He is so full of it. He sure didn’t seem to care very much about his first children w/ Shar (?). She was freakin pregnant when he ditched her to take off with Britney. And it didn’t seem like he offered up much support to them until he had Britney’s money to give. This guy is a piece of crap and needs to stop procreating and telling lies. He used Britney, plain and simple. Not to say that he doesn’t love his kids at all, but he sure does love that money. Wonder where he would be if Britney had no money and was just a regular trailer trash girl?

  11. My

    Anyone posting after me sucks on K-Fed’s shaggy penis

  12. Sport

    I suck on KFeds shaggy penis. – yay.

  13. Minty

    hoteles valencia …you’re an idiot

  14. Lola

    How come he didn’t say anything about what Brit-Brit said about the kids saying stupid and the F-word? Oh right, Brit-Brit and K-Fed are both idiots with absolutely no sense at all. Continue the bashing back and forth fucktards. It’s really great for the kids in the long-run afterall

  15. JaidenPaidIn

    Okay so as much as I think this guy is Captain Douche-Bag Supremo,
    As much as I know he is a dead beat father, trailor-trash, less then shit….


    C’mon, how many times have you seen the dumb, whore-ass bimbo take her husband for everything to run-off with some young Spanish, Hard-bodied guy named Enrico.

    Lets see hear….hottie marries old man, hotties divorces old man, hottie takes his all his shit.


    “Nuff Said!

  16. Pee Wee From Porky's

    He could make millions with a saucy tell all. He doesn’t. His interview could be read by his children without upsetting them.
    Dear God K-Fed, don’t make me respect you!!!

  17. josh

    He cares so much about those kids. The rich ones obviously. The others he just ran out on and couldnt give a fuck.

  18. Jennifer


    So I’m supposed to care if most guys don’t have enough sense to put their foot down and stop marrying the kinds of women who’d do that to them? Yes, it sucks when it happens, but stop letting it happen.

    And stop being a partner in raising future girls to do the same thing as the women you currently complain about.

    Yes, some women actually don’t give two craps about taking a guy’s money…but they are unfortunately in the minority, and aren’t usually the ones average guys marry, which is a topic for another website.

    So if men are going to put up with it, get what you can out of it and prepare for the supposed inevitable.

    And maybe–maybe–some of the women who just marry men for money…after seeing Britney go through the nonsense that many of them condone doing to men? Maybe they’ll stop doing the same to guys.

    A dreamer, I know.

  19. Turd Ferguson


    Will you marry me?

    Oh wait, I meant to ask if you will support me?

    I pretty much only eat Cap’n Crunch and play music. You have to leave the toilet seat up and not try to organize my sock drawer though.

  20. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now? ?????????????????

  21. E. Norma

    Britney went bonkers but untalented shitstain Kevin Federline is w worthless golddigging douchebag.

  22. Why is it that when I see paris this ASSHOLE comes in mind?

  23. joe m

    Hey jealous losers!
    Kevin was smart enough to marry one of the most
    beautiful women in the world.
    He also was a great dad while Britney was not
    a very good mom.
    Kevin and Britney are getting alone fine.

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