Kevin Federline hits on Lindsay Lohan

January 3rd, 2007 // 114 Comments

  1. tsarinaamanda

    Oh, geez, not this shit AGAIN. The stupid ass, lame RichPort troll just doesn’t get it. NOBODY THINKS YOU ARE FUNNY, CLEVER, ENTERTAINING, OR IN ANY WAY USEFUL TO THIS SITE. YOU ARE A LAME PIECE OF DOG SHIT THAT HAS TURNED WHITE BECAUSE IT IS SO OLD AND WORTHLESS. PLEASE DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND DIAF. Sorry about all the caps, but I think it was justified. It NEEDS to know how unfunny, boring, stupid, pointless, and lame it truly is, and how everyone here hates it and wishes it dead on a consistent basis. I know this is lame, but the only reason I can figure for it hating Rich so much is that it’s JEALOUS (yes, jealous) of his wit and great posts. If you cannot create, you destroy…and that is obviously this troll’s mission. Useless sack of shaved, lice-and-crab-ridden pubic hair….kinda like Hohan herself! The delicious irony….

  2. RichPort

    #102 – tsarinaamanda, you just gave me a woody… I kinda waited for the dust to clear, but Ass Troll loves me after Ferret rejected him…

  3. tallcoolone

    #100 – sorry…ADD kicking in…forgot about the imposters and got caught up in the moment…carry on.

  4. NicotineEyePatch

    95? (86): I should have clarified that the last part of #92 wasn’t for you. Sorry if you think I mistook you for a troller.
    Otherwise, if you think I’m 13, well, that’s very sexy of you.

  5. tallcoolone

    and where are Ferret and Jrz and the others?

  6. schizopolis


    Lindsey, is that you?

  7. NipsyHustle

    earl should have told her he had an 8 ball….she would’ve been all about him then.

  8. Lindsey looks like her skin is rough and smells like tomatoe soup…even after a shower.

  9. RichPort

    #105 – They’re sick of the high schoolers taking away our fun.

  10. anothershityear

    this story took me by surprise, right smack in the middle of my shit-kicking job…

    Kevin Federline can write stuff ?????

  11. drdisaia

    KFed is pretty weak, but smarter than I thought. How did he get her cell number?

  12. Aunty BigTits

    Am I the only one who thinks K-Fed is actually quite good looking or do I need to committ myself to a max security loony bin because my head clearly doesnt work?

  13. HollywoodSnark

    that’s just gross!

  14. meh, he’s playing his game….

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