Kevin Federline hits on Jessica Simpson

February 23rd, 2006 // 46 Comments

kevin-federline-simpson.jpgLife & Style Weekly is claiming that Kevin Federline “made a beeline” for Jessica Simpson at the Los Angeles club Privilege, although reps for the two insist they’re just old friends. According to a clubgoer:


  1. djyuckfou

    play on playa

  2. lysistrata11

    Oh jeez. Sterilize him now before he knocks Jessica up too.

  3. Is it just me or is there actually a “player’s brain” some where in that coconut of his? I see a trend forming here.

    All blondes with Money?

    I quote The Superficial “You’ve got to think, people, think!”. Maybe it is just me.

  4. dimestoredetective

    BLONDES with BIG tits and MONEY = Hot hot hot. Popozou popozou!

  5. SMF121490

    Someone please cut his thingy off before he procreates again.

  6. ESQ

    Kevin has a mad supply of roofies, that is how he traps them. OR Jessica really doesn’t know who he is and since the seat next to her was open she offered it to him. She is a sucker for down on their luck type of guys.

  7. Kelly

    K-fed the weasel that knocks up pop tarts and taked their money and self respect. Wow how i hate and like him. . . mostly hate.

  8. Aimtrue

    What could his rap be on women anyway-

    Hey baby, Brit’s gone and left me- did not take me to the hula dance- that is cold I need some love

    Jessica, I got a great idea, why dont we do a Papazao duet- we could really work it Nick was a nice guy and all, but he really didn’t know how to take care of a lady of your strature(that’s how he would say it). I’ve learned how to take care of a woman like you. Let me show you I gotz lotz to go around.

    Oh that other blond skank- she drove me here she’s nothing(unless I don’t score with you). Damn the cold ass bitch britney froze my credit card can ya buy a brother a drink Jessy

  9. honey

    i think he’s trying to take over the world by filling it with an army of little kfed’s -somebody please stop him

  10. ProtonMan

    I want to know what kfeds secret is with pulling in all these sheilas…oh yeah…sluts

  11. LaydeeBug

    #10, look at the sheilas and then ask that question again.

    In your lingo, Shar Jackson looks like a “goanna” and the French bird looks like a “wallaby”

  12. LaydeeBug

    Rocko’s Modern Life Anyone?

  13. cj14mommy

    “old friends” my God i didn’t think jessica was that trashy!!! wow to be honest i am stunned, i thought she was now some upper crusty celeb who thought she was better than everyone else (anyone hear about the supermarket incident she pulled??)…

    p.s. laydeebug i <3 rocko’s modern life haha

  14. ProtonMan

    you rock LaydeeBug…fair dinkum LMAO

  15. LaydeeBug

    #13, WHAT incident? Do tell….

  16. tomdabomb

    “Jess, if you let me sit down next to you I will let you call me Nick in bed”

  17. inspector11

    the only chemistry involved during and after any conversation with federline is a pregnancy test.

    this man has the midas touch – only everything he touches turns pregnant. which is awkward when hugging your mom.

  18. Tania

    Breaking News: “Kevin Federline hits on his own reflection by mistake”

  19. Xanthia

    RE: Rocko…. “I’m nauseous” – - – And yeah – that applies to the THOUGHT of K-Fed….

  20. cj14mommy

    the supermarket incident–

    so wherever jessica is filming her new movie, i think in new mexico, before she went to the food store, she called ahead and told all the employees not to look at her or talk to her, and had a gigundo entourage around her so that no patrons in the store could come up to her…

    i think she’s getting a little full of herself

  21. Binky

    Knowing K-fed – he was probably just after a few free pizza coupons.

  22. mamacita


    I saw that Jessica Simpson grocery store incident thing on

  23. asmith

    I said the same thing on the other dumb KFed story of the day….I betcha anything he’s trying real hard to piss Brit off. He knows full well that photographers are all over his ugly white ass right now. Maybe they’ve been fighting over the baby sans car seat ‘chase’. Or maybe they are just starting to hate each other…whatever. But I bet he’s going out of his way to photographed in ‘awkward’ situations. Pissed, aren’t ya, Brit?

  24. the dan

    This is where the government should step in and explain that K-Fed is too much of a douche to have any more children.

  25. K-Fed is not a douche. He’s a douchebag. Big difference

  26. UCSD

    K-Fed is living a dream. He is a no-talent sleeze ball that married a popstar (as unattractive and annoying as she may be) and now gets to hit on other celebrities while his wife does a Shamu impression in Hawaii. Live the dream K-fed, live the dream…

  27. playahater101

    I swear, K-fed’s cock is like one of those metal detectors and just points him where the money is and the brains aren’t. Someone stop the madness before he makes more kids he leaves.

    Either he’s the biggest loser in the world or the smartest man alive. He has no talent and no looks, yet he manages to make “friends” with every successful girl in LA. I hope Jessica is smart enough not to let another man take all her money.

  28. ---nigz---

    Thats not news.. hes ALWAYS hitting on someone.. its how his brain works i guess.. or the subsitute for his brain either ither but ino what real news wuld be.. “KFed DOESNT HIT ON ANYONE!” now THATS shock horror ;)

  29. gogoboots

    How could Jessica DO THAT?!! Oh, yeah, that’s right, she has no CLASS!

  30. Grphdesi23

    Remember when Kevin and Britney were married? Good times.

  31. antispace

    How the hell does this guy have game? And he’s really living the pollinate one flower move on to the next dream. He should be castrated.

  32. daria405

    Jessica Simpson is a whore.

  33. I can’t decide, is K-Fed a step up or down from J-Simpson screwing Bam Marjera? Then again, Bam has his own show and K-Fed only has his own Ho.

  34. HughJorganthethird

    If these two ever hook up it could create a non-talent black hole that could envelop and destroy all of Hollywood.

    We can only hope.

  35. lomies

    Ah yes! This is just one step closer to the highly anticipated K-Fed/Paris Hilton hookup. It’s coming … as soon as the sun will rise in the east!

  36. nichole


  37. myspoonistoobig

    By “chemistry” I think they mean “awful odor.”

    Next to this story on the main page there was an ad for t-shirts with a picture of chuck norris. If k-fed grew in that filth on his face and put on a cowboy hat, I could be convinced that he was Norris’ illegitimate son.

  38. Sheva

    Kfed, Kdick, it’s all the same.

  39. Karen

    maybe jessicas going for different type of guys now – unsuccessful cry babies that feed off his wifes success, with a horrible solo career and hits on college chicks.. wait a minute, that sounds familiar.. oh my, its nick!

  40. SMF121490

    K-Fed is a waste of rotting, maggot infested, stank filled, skin. He is useless beyond words.

  41. Jacq

    The only thing that I would like to see hit on Jessica Simpson is an anvil. It should say Acme on it, afterwards Ashlee can do a stupid little dance, say “That’s all folks!” and the Simpson clan will never annoy the ever-loving shit out of us again.

  42. pinkraindrop6

    i can just imagine k-fed bringing jessica down with him and the rest of hollywood. seriously, what do people see in this guy? i wouldn’t date him and i’m not famous (well obviously. i actually feel sorry for brittany. he HAS to be the worst father/husband ever .. but then i remember she chose him so the sympathy doesn’t last for long. i guess i can’t blame him for hitting on jessica simpson. i would go gay for her… well actually i’d rather be her… i’ll keep dreaming

  43. pinkraindrop6

    this guy is clarly no idiot. he knows exactly who he can take advantage of…

  44. fluku

    one question/ who pays his salary er i mean allowance?

    Cut him some slack, he was just interviewing for a new employeer.

  45. Nikky Raney

    ok. no. no chemistry. liars. jessica simpson is a lot classier than that. and nick lachey would just laugh in her face if she did that. and she does not want to mess with britney spears and shar. seriously britney spears would kill that bitch. she’s as dumb as a stump it wouldn’t be that hard. besides jessica’s probably too busy having her dad be her personal gynocologist. i like jessica but .. she bugs me. like she’s a good singer. but she’s,,, overrated? she reminds me of pam anderson. she nags too much.

  46. Pez_D_Spencer

    Actually, it would be pretty cool if K-fed and Jessica ended up together. Now if there were only some way to get Malcolm McLaren to be her manager after the wedding, we’d be on for the greatest celebrity implosion of all time. Probably something of the Dana Plato variety – drugs, crime, porn, then death. It would make for a great movie on either Lifetime or Comedy Central.

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