Kevin Federline hates Britney Spears’ manny

June 7th, 2006 // 146 Comments

In Touch magazine reports that Kevin Federline is jealous of Britney Spears’ new manny. The manny was originally hired to be a bodyguard but somehow ended up doing chores that had been done by Federline, and was even spotted buying Spears flowers. A source says:


  1. ellaminnowpea

    Leave SP alone….he’s just *husky*…yes, if she doesn’t put him down and let him learn how to crawl or walk, he’ll never get enough exercise or ever care to…and he’ll have to be banished to shopping in the *husky* section of Wal-Mart…any guys out there identifying with that heartbreak as a kid?

  2. There’s “husky” and then there are the kids who end up on Maury weighing 100 lbs at 4 years old.

  3. katie

    he is one fat gross baby. sorry, the sheer fact that he is the unholy offspring of two of the dumbest people alive precludes him from being cute or worthy of being saved in any way. if she drops him and he bites it i will consider it an act of darwin.

    who knew they made cheetos in baby food form!

  4. Captain Awesome


  5. BarbadoSlim

    She thinks the fucking kid is a toy. That’s what life is for this woman, everything’s a fucking game.

  6. ScriptRadar

    K-Fed is popozao! Fire! Ungh!

  7. herbiefrog

    …just a btw :)
    was browsing :)

    Posted by rachel on May 24, 2006 02:14 PM

    Kabbalah center is killing Madonna. They are starving her and causing her to look so haggard. And her skin – leather.
    Madonna- It don’t mean nothing.mp3

    …what was the question?

  8. BarbadoSlim

    And speaking of Madonna, it appears that Janice Dickinson who did or was done by everyone (male and female)during the 80′s, didn’t hit her (madonna) ’cause she was stinky ho’.

    yuck on many different levels.

  9. Steen


    that was the first comment that actually made me laugh

  10. TrannyGranny

    Doesn’t K-tard have a lot of babies he’s not taking care of right now? How come a guy that has no career in music gets to bitch to the media all the time? I want to bitch to the media about last night. I passed out in the bathroom of the local bar, and woke up with a woman that has more body hair than me. I hope that’s my own piss I’m covered in. Damn you Page 6, Look At Me!!!

  11. Jacq

    I think that Britney should hire K-Fag’s ex. Shar would make a killer Mammy.

    #110 – Tranny – was it as good for you as it was for me? And it wasn’t! Tee-hee-hee Start small, think blind item.

  12. TrannyGranny

    111 Jacq;

    Duly noted. But please, at least wax the hobbit feet!

  13. Jacq

    #112 – I’ve fired up the grinder, I’m about to do my toes…

  14. TrannyGranny


    holy shit, that was funny…..and later, after I’ve cleaned the piss off me, maybe I can “do your toes” as well?

  15. squirlgal1

    Rich does not equal smart or tasteful. Hmm, I suppose the same could be said for Paris Hilton.

  16. Bored_Brunette

    64> I don’t think anyone answered. Yes there is one awesome porn mustached guy who looks like security, he’s the one that caught the baby when brit-brit almost dropped SPF while wearing too long pants and carrying her gin and tonics in her other hand. Youngish cutish (dream as compared to Kfed) her Manny is the manny. Out with Manpri and in with Manny. And I know more about this bs than my own family right now.

  17. thepretendpundit
  18. Soar101

    My IQ has really just started plummeting every time I hear another half-snippet of this woman’s life and lack of parenting (or judgment in general) abilities. She’s just a body to ogle and make money… Wait. She was just a body to ogle and make money with. Now she’s 4 or 5 bodies with absolutely nothing to give to anyone. It’s really pretty tragic.

    Britney: Marilyn Monroe :: J.Lo : Liz Taylor

  19. Fa Cube Itches

    After Brit and the new guy complete their conspiracy to whack out Sean Preston, will he be considered a hit-manny?

  20. envi-us

    Can y’all imagine how depressing Brit’s life is now? She hoped for this fab life of being married and having her own family….instead she got a fame-seeker for a husband who knocks her up so she cant ever have a career again….the media makes her look like a bad mom for almost dropping her son and for teaching him to drive…. poor Brit….I wish Justin could take her back so this nightmare could get juicier….

  21. envi-us

    Can y’all imagine how depressing Brit’s life is now? She hoped for this fab life of being married and having her own family….instead she got a fame-seeker for a husband who knocks her up so she cant ever have a career again….the media makes her look like a bad mom for almost dropping her son and for teaching him to drive…. poor Brit….I wish Justin could take her back so this nightmare could get juicier….

  22. ifsixwasnine

    Of course he does! He’s never around to save the kid’s life, so he’s (the baby’s)only going to be able to identify with Wario the wonderfuck as Daddy.

    I knew from the beginning that this would be a great slow train wreck. One minute she’s suggestively chewing on a pencil (or a phone cord, or her finger, or anything but what’s implied – can you still say cock here?) and writhing around with her hair in pigtails, and fourteen minutes later she’s exactly where all those other teenybopper kinderwhore sluts I went to jr. high school with are now – barefoot, pregnant dishrag whores with greasy dirtbag boyfriends/husbands.
    Good for you, Britney Spears, you go, Britney Spears. I still care, here, have some chips. And an ice cream cake.

  23. George W. Bush

    This poor little chunk makes me rethink my current, pre-election diversionary tactic.

    Instead of homosexuals, I think we’ll amend the constitution to ban marriage between vapid, shallow, delusional, inbred trailer trash. Oh, wait, that’ll REALLY alienate my base!

    Never mind. I think we’ll just torture the prisoners at Abu Ghraib with Papozao playing top volume in an endless loop. (Screw Amnesty International. I really don’t get their problem with cruel and inhumane punishment. Pussies)

  24. Who gives a shit. She can make a gingerbread house for all I care the shit is gonna come tumbling down anyway.

    With all the money spending these two are doing, she has no brains fuck maybe when I get my next paycheck I’ll Fed-X this dumblina a stroller.

  25. limper

    Maybe this will end well. Maybe K-Fed will lose it and take a swing at the manny, and the manny will beat K-Fed into atoms.

  26. Somnium

    I’m sorry….but what does Popozao means??!! Could someone explain me?!

  27. I think it was supposed to read: K-Fed hates being a tranny.

  28. TaiTai

    126 — it is Kevin Federline’s sad excuse for a “song.” It is the worst thing you ever heard. You’ve been warned.

  29. BarbadoSlim

    Hahahahahaha Tai Tai I swear that never gets old.

    Yet, for some reason, as the soothing strings and beats of POO POO POO POO ZAO play on and on and on and on and on, I snap out of the trance just as I’m about to pull the trigger on my Remington 1100 shotgun.

  30. Somnium

    I meant…what do the words mean? I ask this because I’m Portuguese, and I have read somewhere that Popozao was sth portuguese….What the hell?! :S

  31. Stirlang923

    Okay, has anyone seen the new US Weekly with Angelina Jolie on the cover? Well inside there is a picture of Britney Spears and OH MY GOD she looks HORRIBLE!!! And more horrible than usual. She has on a yellow dress with like flowers or strawberries on it thats far to short for her pregnant ass, stringy hair with like 1 inch of roots coming through, a big gawdy necklace, and BRIGHT red ipstick. You know those women who look like they are 53 and are trying to be 23 and are on Maury Povich THATS what she looks like…oh the horror!

  32. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    ‘Popozao’ is supposedly Portugese forshaking your ass or some such devil-worshipping act.

    I think it is really Bosnian for crusty shit stain, but I can’t confirm my sources.

    The More You Know!

  33. Somnium

    AH! REally? OK, always learning with these stupid bastards…especially my own language. There isn’t a word remotely similar to that one. Pls someone shot these sorry asses….

  34. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Si, like I, for example, am going to make up a word and it will be the newest dance craze: Nipapahobag
    It’s Peruvian for Douche-scented Pillow Stain, which has deep sentimental value to me, and therefore it will be all the more suitable to shake your ass to. Hail Satan!

  35. PapaHotNuts

    No new topics yet this morning. It will be so nice for everyone when there is a website that updates throughout the day. It’s coming soon, don’t worry.

  36. Flash to 2026 – Year of the K-Fed Offspring Family Reunion…

    Kid 1: Which one are you?

    Kid 2: I’m A.B. – After Britney, K-Fed’s Kid No. 26

    Kid 3: So the rumors aren’t true? There was no genetic mutuation after that unfortunate incident with Daddy and the pissed off radiologist?

    Kid 2: Unless you consider three testicles mutation, I’m alright!

  37. N. Visible Man Jr.

    @134 LMAO that is funniest thing I’ve read this year!

  38. TaiTai

    Papa stop teasing us and get it up already!

  39. Tetsuo


  40. English_Rose

    Ok whats k-fed waffling on about AFFECTING HIS MUSIC that shite he sings oh no im sorry “raps” what could possibly make that worse i mean seriously. he probably wasnt even doing one thing that manny is doing. he is only jelous because britney isnt at home playing adoring wife instead she is plannning to kick him out on his heiney

  41. chanel_bear

    i’m so waiting for the story “spears leaves k-fed for manny”. I mean how many times has the woman been left for the nanny? it’s time the tables have turned.

  42. Tikidoll

    My husband just guessed that Kevin Federline’s ‘music’ must sound like David Silver’s from 90210. I think he’s onto something.

  43. sissybelle

    God, Britney, PLEASE get it together, girl.

  44. nicholelibra

    According to Mama Taylor (Perry, the Manny’s mom) Perry has a girlfriend that he’s been dating for 2 years. Prime pickings for the country bumpkin who can’t keep her hands off of kept men.

  45. xx.deathcab.xx

    I’d love for the sign to read, “No fat chicks.” Thats why she looks distressed. Not because she’s a whore.

  46. xoxkimxox

    k first of all kfed is the fag here. don’t diss britney on how horrible she looks and how fat she is. she’s freakin pregnant and has had a kid already I’d like to see how you looked after that.

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