Kevin Federline hates Britney Spears’ manny

June 7th, 2006 // 146 Comments

In Touch magazine reports that Kevin Federline is jealous of Britney Spears’ new manny. The manny was originally hired to be a bodyguard but somehow ended up doing chores that had been done by Federline, and was even spotted buying Spears flowers. A source says:


  1. BarbadoSlim

    I fucking guarantee that kid’s gonna be a no good punk wigga like his daddy.

    kill them while they’re young, that’s my philosophy.

  2. sweetcheeks

    I saw her picking up some pretty awesome glass unicorn figurines and ballerina music boxes at “Thing’s Remembered” in the mall. They’ll go great with her new decor.

    Coincidently, she was wearing that very dress at the mall, only with a pair of gray sweat shorts on underneath. I thought maybe it was a hip new fashion trend, so I asked her about the shorts, and she said the shorts were there to help keep her thigh-chafing to a minimum.

    And then she glanced around to make sure the clerk wasn’t watching, farted, and shoved two of the glass unicorns in her diaper bag. Fuckin’ thief.

  3. pinky_nip

    Her bedroom is decorated in the “Hello Kitty” motif.

    True fucking story.

  4. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I always heard it was a “garbage and beer cans” motif with a hint of bacon flair in the wallpaper. That’s right, wallpaper. Fucking trailer trash.

  5. Italian Stallion

    @45 very funny…..Thats actually where they park Britney’s fat ass…..

  6. Chicagoboy

    Who wants to bet she has a velvet Elvis painting hanging somewhere in her house?

  7. BarbadoSlim

    She musn’t forget to pick up scent diffusers for the home in her favorite aromas: Kool 100′s, Marlboro Menthols and the ever popular Skoal.

  8. herbiefrog

    #16 lol :)
    no they used to have much more
    in them :)

  9. Jacq

    #53 – That’s funny. I would imagine the whole spread would look more like the recent picture of Whitney Houston’s bathroom.

  10. herbiefrog

    #26 i think the sign
    is there for all to see :)

    fire what ?…

  11. N. Visible Man Jr.


  12. ChickenScratch

    I have nothing witty to say because it’s all been said…except that I love this website, it’s such a guilty pleasure!!!

  13. ChickenScratch

    Oh and I’ve said it before and some of you have said it again. GET A FUCKING STROLLER!

  14. krisdylee

    My porblem is: are there 2 manny’s? One that looked like a 70′s porn star and the other that looked like Prince William on ‘roids?

    Please solve my porblem.

    Love me.

  15. Chicagoboy

    Not that there is anything wrong with that. . .

  16. cate


  17. Italian Stallion

    Did you hear that Ellen DeGeneres drowned? …

    She was found face down in Ricki Lake.

  18. Dr.Rokter

    I want to see K-Fed and that guy get into a Drunken-Frat-Boy fight: Acceptable club clothing and backwards white baseball caps. A lot of them calling each other “bitch” or, “fag”, and that thing they do where they sort of push/slap/shove each other with the palms of their hands. Then they lock with each other like mating octopi and roll around knocking poeple’s drinks over and toppling furniture, while girls plaintively yell things like, “No! Oh my God, you’re gonna hurt him! Stop!”


  19. Jacq

    Too bad he’s too young to remember the PSA or else I bet SP could get away with so much shit.. “I learned it from watching YOU, Dad! I learned it from watching YOU!”

  20. Chicagoboy

    Stupid is as stupid does. . . And Forest probably has more brain cells than these two nit-wits.

    Jaq – good call on the PSA!

  21. herbiefrog

    from new scientist :)

    The carbon-rich disc of Beta Pictoris will either evolve into a planetary system like our own or seed freakish planets with diamond mountains and methane skies

    …either they are feeling
    …what we’r efeeling
    …or i want some
    …of that shit too :)

  22. #6:



  23. Dr.Rokter


    Seed Freakish Planets
    With Diamond Mountains
    And Methan skies

    “She looks with kaleidoscope eyes”?

  24. pinky_nip

    @54: Wallpaper? Fuck that… fake wood paneling. Held together with duct tape.

  25. herbiefrog

    …and in unrelated news… :)

    LONDON (Reuters) – Parliament was briefly sealed off in a security alert on Wednesday after a man threw powder in a public area of the building, police said.

    “A man spread an unidentified substance in the central lobby. He has been detained at the scene while inquiries continue,” police said in a statement.

    Doors to the historic building were briefly sealed while police investigated, but the alert was called off within an hour after police decided the substance was harmless.
    One police officer said there had been fears the powder was anthrax but a member of parliament said later he had heard it was flour.

    “Somebody we think had a grievance threw some powder in the central lobby. No one is allowed in or out while we check this,” a uniformed police officer on duty at parliament told Reuters during the security alert.

    …an eyewitness later said
    …the only strange thing
    …about it, was that i could
    …see tony [bliar] on his
    …hands and knees
    …it up with
    …a straw :)

  26. pinky_nip

    @75: You reside in Jamaica, right?

  27. Fisher55

    “doctor my eyes cannot be disguised?”

  28. herbiefrog

    #76 i wish :)))

  29. No_Angel

    The girly decorations can only be an improvement on Papazao…ugh… Brit, I’m no fan of yours, but for your children’s sake, please grow up and be the adult you must be to care for your wonderful kids.

    Kicking K-Fungus to the far side of the street is a good start. Then put him on a train to someplace cold in South America.

  30. Nurse Kellie

    I can just see the pictures after she has her other baby, tripping over their arms as she carries them by their legs. I hope manny gets a raise, he’s going to be grabbing kids double time.

  31. herbiefrog

    totally [ot] but you shoudl be aware

    BEIJING (AFP) – Beijing authorities have revoked the licenses of six Internet websites and temporarily shut down 12 others during a 90-day city-wide crackdown, state press reported.

    …and it’s you next
    …hear what moby
    …is desperately
    …trying to explain

    thanks babe :)

  32. Fisher55

    on another topic, check out how bizarre lohan’s lil sister looks in this photo:

    damienda? damiendra? damienette? help me out here….

  33. herbiefrog

    #82 i thought she was looking
    much better just the other day
    maybe she doesn’t want to be
    in showbiz?
    maybe she could be smarter than you?

  34. diamondprynzez

    She’s taking away his inspiration. After all, he came up with those songs by plastering himself on his leather couches for weeks (naked), and every so often he painfully peels his cheeto, sweat encrusted body off the leather, and the first sound he makes getting up becomes his next song. How else could he have come up with “popozao” ??

  35. BarbadoSlim



    *cue drummer*

  36. herbiefrog

    …ignore if you don’t get it :)
    …another from new scientist

    Test will show if dark energy interacts with dark matter
    10 June 2006

    THE tale of Galileo dropping two cannonballs of unequal weights from the Leaning Tower of Pisa laid the cornerstone for a theory that explains the way matter behaves in a gravitational field. Now a test on a far grander scale, involving stars and galaxies, could determine how the unseen mass that makes up dark matter behaves under the influence of the unseen field known as dark energy.

    Mike Kesden of the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics in Toronto has a model for how the dark matter thought to make up 90 per cent of the mass of a galaxy interacts with dark energy, the force thought to be causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate. Because of this interaction, he thinks dark matter acquires an extra “mass” that attracts other dark matter. Normal matter, however, is immune to this attraction.

    Kesden, of course, can’t lob balls of dark matter …

    …so, do let us know
    …how that

    lol bitch :)

  37. radically4peace

    Ummm… yeah… he should just feel lucky that Britney lets him live in her house. Marrying her is like winning the lottery. He should be like “Pink Silk!!! YESSS!!!” Talk about an ungrateful brat.

  38. Fisher55

    is a dildo?

  39. lisad71

    Hey K-Fed – Rent-A-Center called and they want their black pleather furniture back.

  40. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    88 –
    wow bitches lol
    is a far out cat
    just maybe
    he should
    and die! :)

  41. bunnyhugger

    mommy, the frog-man is scaring me!

  42. i cant believe he has the balls to complain. he wouldnt even have a house if it werent for her!

  43. johnnywad

    Look!!! A baby driving a fire truck!!!

  44. Kevin fed is a goober.

  45. blackblackheart

    what a wiener..

  46. Does her kid seem abnormally large to anyone else? I think she didn’t like the one she got and traded him for a different model.

  47. Sheva

    Obviously this is all a plan she has for K-fag.
    Clearly she’s done with him because she already has ass.
    You can see from the picture she knows the ass she wants.

    And it ain’t K-fag’s.

  48. Binky

    My sources also tell me that K-Fed was k-fed-up that this manny kept taking off with all the umbrellas.

  49. HughJorganthethird

    The best part is dudes probably had training and shit and would absolutely destroy k_Fag if it ever came to violence, which I for one am hoping it does.

  50. HughJorganthethird

    Oh yeah and stop feeding the damn kid cheetos for fucks sake,or he aint ever gonna out grow that massive baby fat thing he has going on.

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