Kevin Federline hates Britney Spears’ manny

June 7th, 2006 // 146 Comments

In Touch magazine reports that Kevin Federline is jealous of Britney Spears’ new manny. The manny was originally hired to be a bodyguard but somehow ended up doing chores that had been done by Federline, and was even spotted buying Spears flowers. A source says:


  1. Haroof

    Sup all?

  2. Kevin Federline hates anyone that doesn’t reek of failure.

  3. Kim

    Is she parked in a “fire vehicles only” spot?

  4. Iambananas

    That’s because the Manny and Britney are having an affair. Duh.

  5. jane's eyre

    Yeah, sure, Kevin, it’s the HOUSE’S fault that your music sucks…and if you’re jealous of this guy, why don’t you try being a DAD and actually participate in the raising of your child, instead of bithcing and moaning about it. Fag.

  6. Proteon


  7. Iambananas

    Did you hear Popozao? I think anything would be an improvement. Lets hope to gosh that it’s affecting his music.

  8. jane's eyre

    She looks like one of those stupid cabbage patch dolls.

  9. celebritywhore

    K-Fed is such an idiot. How can even hope to compete with a guy who actually likes to hang out with Britney and Sean Preston?

  10. Iambananas

    I think she looks good… jealousy… somebody???

  11. Binky

    I think he’s just jealous because this manny has like …a job.
    Of course the guy singing, ” a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down” around the house – could get on Kev’s nerves as well.

  12. Iambananas

    I like the manny… he’s dependable, always there, caught poor Sean when Britney dropped him… everything a father should be when accompanied by an inept mother.

  13. Iambananas

    And “In Portuguese it means bring the ass” isn’t annoying AT all.

    I prefer a spoonful of sugar.

  14. HollyJ

    She’s eating her mannywich

  15. Puppy Kicker

    It’s about time Britney comes to her senses and ditches that blood-sucking parasite called K-Fed. Of course knowing Britney and her impeccable ability to pick men, she’ll probably end up with someone much, much worse.

  16. BarbadoSlim

    Let’s break this down:

  17. Proteon

    You fuckers are supposed to be lynching her not defending her. Jesus christ good thing consistency doesn’t count for anything. Oh wait it’s an odd numbered day – nevermind.

  18. girltiffany

    I never thought I’d feel sorry for Britney Spears. I love her manny. I think it would be a great Hollywood love story if they got together, as opposed to the raunchy, Red Bull filled cheeto-fest that is her life with Kevin Federline. As for his music–my God, can’t we refer to it as something else? “Work”? No. “Art”? Absolutely not. I hope she puts so much girly stuff in the house that he can no longer function at all.

  19. ptprez

    why isn’t that child wearing a helmet???

  20. Spacedog

    Brit and K-Fed need to have a dance-off and set this thing once and for all.

  21. waterranger

    She is holding that poor child by his leg!! He looks like he is going to fall…. again. I hope that old guy’s reflexes are as quick as the manny’s!!

  22. Aimtrue

    What a surprise. Babies are like kryptonite to K-Fed. Well if he had any power that is. He gets a woman pregnant and then runs away. Didn’t BS see this coming. Sure she can get rid of him-You can get the k-fed out of hte house, but you can’t get the DNA out of hte baby. The manny in just filing the void. The void is huge- I mean K-fed is a black hole. But it would be easy to impress BS right now. I mean change a diaper, put your shoes away, and listen to her complain and you are in. Of course he has to put up with a few months of her carrying the devil seed and then a lifetime of K-Fed spawn being lazy good for nothings like dear old dad. It is amazing that BS stock can go up just just by losing K-Fed.

  23. suzy

    let’s see the manny is taking care of brit and sean p more than kevin… he’s a fucking idiot

    it’s her fucking house too.. she can do whatever the fuck she wants

    why has she let this marriage go on so long?? her first marriage would have been better than the shit she’s in now

  24. BarbadoSlim

    So,K-fed is having trouble coming up with Fitty-Cent quality lyrics for his “production” ’cause he’s living in a Whorehouse circa 1883?

    I suggest that he promptly take a bus to the nearest inner city and start “droppin” his knowledge, so that the brothas may give him inspiration straight from the street by beating him to death.

  25. M

    i’ve seen monkeys carry their children with more comfort.
    Natural selection skipped a couple of rounds.
    Also if she is dressed so… well not so dressed, why is the child wrapped in a heavy blanket? The poor kid.
    Id take him from her but I dont want the federspear genes infecting my child.

  26. Chicagoboy

    This gene pool needs a “no diving” sign. . .

  27. Fisher55

    ugh, pregnant women should not be allowed in public…what a piloh shitt

  28. M

    Very true Chicago Very true.

    or maybe hazardous substances.

  29. CoJo

    I love it – K-fed would still be living in his parent’s basement if it wasn’t for Brit and this talentless poser has the nerve to complain about how the mansion she lets him live in is decorated! Too much. Typical. He’s blaming paint colors on his inability to form a sentence or “think” in general. I wonder what he actually tries to “think” about!

    The simple rumor of her filing divorce papers increases my liking for her by 50%. I hope she’s fucking the manny, then she’ll get my true respect…and if the manny kicks K-Feds ass in public and starts making out with her in front of him, I may actually buy an album (her first one, of course).

  30. superstar26

    #21 My first thoughts too! What is wrong with her? Why can’t she hold her child correctly yet???

  31. BarbadoSlim

    Christ, she looks like a fucking Freightliner, you know who she reminds me of, that no good trash talking Wynona Judd. Perfect examples of the southern white trash gene pool that makes America, great.

  32. Pilarica

    K-Fed is just such an idiot!!… Blaming your house is just sooooooooooooo stupid!!! Man, you suck.. face it!

  33. kandyk0119


  34. M

    He has to blame the house. Otherwise he would actually be admitting to being a K-fucktard.
    His lack of talent has to be everyone elses fault. Not his. We just dont see it yet. Thats all.

  35. Jacq

    Kevin: Hey, manny, can you start fucking her for me, too? She’s a fuckin’ hog.
    Manny: Yessir.
    Kevin: While you’re in her, can you ask when I’m going to get my allowance?

  36. Boo hoo, Britney finally got a clue and hired a real father for her baby.

  37. Alacran

    She is pregnant right? Bet that baby is….. manny’s!!

  38. Chicagoboy

    I will hand it to K-fed on one accomplishment, he managed to turn his no-talent-ass-clown self into tabloid fodder for all of us SF’ers. Would anyone even know this guy if he hadn’t gotten Brit to drop the box of ho-ho’s and play hide the sausage without a jimmy-hat?

  39. K-Fag just looks for excuses to his miserable existence. His music is shit that would make the deaf embrace their handicap, so he blames the decor?? I’m certain Picasso had his blue period due to the addition of a pair of loveseats and an armoir. And he’s jealous of the manny? What kind of man would be jealous of a manny?? I mean, what kind of man is a manny? How has someone not beaten this pathetic excuse for white trash into anonymity?

  40. IFuckingHateYou

    That’s some funny shit – K-Fed thinking.
    Thanks SF, my afternoon is gettnig better already.
    I’d fuck Britney, then tell everybody that I did. Of course I wouldn’t mention that it was fat, ugly Brit, I would let on that it was when she was hot.


  41. spatz

    has this woman ever heard of a baby carriage? seriously.

  42. gogoboots

    Sounds like she’s forcing him out of the place with her pink, apricot and feather decor, which sounds good to me, he shouldn’t be complaining, he can’t do shit, and as for the manny, he’s doing more for Brits then he EVER has…all he’s done is stick his wee-wee in her and impregnated her with his semen…YUCK!

  43. spatz

    kfed and paris hilton should do a duet. something along the lines of captain and tonei. that shit would be hot.

  44. spatz

    oops my bad. Tennille.

  45. pinky_nip

    “Fire Vehicles Only”? Is that where Lindsey Lohan parks her car?

  46. sweetcheeks

    I guess Britney decided against that leopard print couch (with purple accent pillows) and the black lacquer furniture that Kevin picked out.

  47. Satyricon

    Britney is making some actual smart decisions….Hiring The Manny…Divorcing K-Fag…and now harrasing him out of the house…

    Now…if she can learn to hold her baby correctly / use a stroller before the next one pops out…

  48. Alia

    Perhaps if Kevin had even paid for his “beloved” leather furniture he’d have a say but then maybe Brit will give it to him in the divorce so he will have some place to sleep and his beloved furniture at the same time…

  49. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I actually feel for Fed: My house was once taken over by a fat, knocked-up high school girl and her gay theater club friend. Fortunately I got that porblem taken care of. Thank you Terminex!

  50. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    porblems are a big problem where I’m from, in case you were wondering.

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