Kevin Federline has found a job


Kevin Federline has finally found a job, and it’s to be the new face of Blue Marlin clothing. Britney attended an ad-campaign shoot in Los Angeles with him and a source says: “She and Sean Preston showed up, and she told all the paparazzi how proud of Kevin she was. The paparazzi went nuts – there was even a helicopter – and La Brea had to be shut down.”

I’ve never heard of Blue Marlin clothing before, and judging by their brilliant business moves I’m starting to understand why. If you’re going to appoint Kevin Federline as your spokesperson you might as well just declare bankruptcy now and start looking for a new job as a hot dog vendor. It’s not that Kevin Federline isn’t a beacon of fashion, I just don’t think society is ready for his radical styles. Jeans and a wife beater? Every single day? Slow it down, Mr. Federline, you’re blowing my mind.