Kevin Federline gives away tickets

November 8th, 2006 // 125 Comments

Because he had a pathetic 20% turnout in New York this weekend, K-Fed has dropped the price of tickets to his performance at the House of Blues in Chicago tonight to a whopping $0.00. That’s zero. As in free. As in he’s giving his tickets away for free. I’d joke that soon he’ll be paying people to see him perform, but the thought of him with any money after Britney divorces him is too ridiculous to even joke about.


  1. RichPort

    Brilliant stuff people, and proof that you can in fact squeeze blood out of a stone.

    If the cruise industry ever sees the benefits of having bad rappers instead of just bad singers in their itinerary of performances, Text-Dumped Earl may yat have quite a prosperous future. Of course that be open justification for the Coast Guard to gun down any ships not registered in the US, so choose your cruises carefully people.

    In fact, fuck it, he got dumped on his Sidekick? He is now officially Sidekick Earl.

  2. jrzmommy

    Big Jim–True Romance was an awesome film! The whole scene with Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken, when Hopper is explaining how the Sicilians are decendants of the Moors? And Gary Oldman as the wigger pimp? One of the most quotable movies ever made. dude, watch it again, it’s a classic.

  3. NotANiceGirl

    OK so this morning I heard he gets to keep the Ferrari (who’d want anyhting else with his name on it) and Jewelry.

    He is ballsy going for spousal support & full custody. Either his lawyer is dillusional as he is or there is a loophole in the pre-nup.

    Oh and she’s planning to do her comback in Vegas.
    Sorry if this is old news- I am still getting through yesterday’s posts.

  4. RichPort

    True Romance is among my favorites:

    Drexl Spivey: He must have thought it was white boy day. It ain’t white boy day, is it?
    Marty: No man, It ain’t white boy day.

    It ain’t ‘white boy day’ for Sidekick Earl either…

  5. jrzmommy

    Rich: We got ourselves a motherfuckin’ Charlie Bronson! A real cru-say-dah.

    and Brad Pitt as the stoner smoking out of the Honey Bear. LOVE IT!!!

  6. RichPort


    Marty: He’s askin’ about Alabama.
    Drexl Spivey: Where the fuck is that bitch?
    Clarence Worley: She’s with me.
    Drexl Spivey: Who the fuck are you?
    Clarence Worley: I’m her husband.
    Drexl Spivey: [Laughs] Well, that makes us practically related.

    I repeated that last line for years…

  7. jrzmommy

    Most awesome fight scene ever?….James Gandolfini v. Patricia Arquette…hands down. And when I say ever I mean EVER!!!

  8. LaLa Ballsac

    So sad that he’s even tainting the HOB with his presence.

    If we all give him $2 will he go away?

  9. BigJim


    Sorry, but Slater and Arquette make me wants to kick puppies. I do vaguely remember the Dennis Hopper scene as being cool:

    “So your great great great great great grandmother, fucked a nigger, and had a half nigger kid, which means that you, are part eggplant.”

  10. BigJim


    Thanks a fucking lot. I laughed so hard that coffee came out my nose and now I’ve got it all over my shirt.


  11. Cruzadas

    It’s the fall of Vanilla Ice once again. I’ve seen it already, I’m changing the channel now.

  12. PrettyBaby

    BigJim, Hi, I must say the at movie True Romance has one of the hottest sex scene ever. When he does her in the phone booth, I thhink my panties were just a little bit wet. I wish to be tagged in this way.

  13. RichPort

    Jim & Jrz – I think the biggest point being missed is that all the Black people, even the blonkey, died quickly in that movie. Sam Jackson lasted about 17 seconds… In fact, even the guy that brought up Black people, Dennis Hopper, became a cantelope… coincidence???

  14. sexybitch

    Why do men always blame their drinking problems on women?

    Wet t-shirt contest going on at BigJim’s!

  15. KimberWolf

    True Romance is right up there with Reservoir Dogs and Boondock Saints.

    And Fedex only filed for full custody so BS will triple her settlement offer and make him go away. It’s a ploy.

  16. commissioner

    Awwwww. I watch True Romance every chance I get. I loved Val Kilmer as Elvis, giving Clarence advice in the bathroom.

    Classic movie.

  17. commissioner


    He lawyered up, which was a huge mistake. He’s only going to end up with what he agreed in the pre-nup; nothing more, nothing less; except he’ll end up giving it to his attorney. He’ll end up pawning shit and selling “his story” to the tabloids to finance a no-win legal battle.

  18. PrettyBaby

    I am trying to look for the words to “Popozao” cuz one of the Bosses was telling me how horendously gay that song is and I don’t think I have grasped the magnitude of the horror that is Popozao.

    2 Questions that I wonder
    1. Does Fag-EX play Popozao at his “shows”
    2. Where can I find a breakdown of that song?

    I will hit google now

  19. PrettyBaby

    “Girl don’t worry about the dough, cuz a cat is comin straight outta the know”

    WTH?! Hahhahhhhhahahhah shit

    I don’t know how many of you all have read or seen this but it is hilarious. The stupidest, worst, gayest most ridiculous song ever has been written in our time. Popozao

  20. sexybitch


  21. RichPort

    I like the way Earl plays the air piano in his video… that’s fucking fire!

  22. sexybitch

    Shit, I thought it was a seizure. My bad.

  23. Tits_McGhee

    Wow, surprising his music career isn’t working out that well.


    K-Fed’s CD just went aluminum!

  24. He should of saw this coming. Making a mockery of himself, pretty much humiliating himself. At this point anyone who goes to those shows are there for sympathy support. Oh well.

  25. ha ha…guess he should stick to his bread and butter – freeloading!

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